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Central Park 20 topics & 114 replies
Boasting an impressive 843 acres this touch of green in a metal city is an icon. It's a hub of activity with hikers, bikers, joggers, and people enjoying food or feeding the birds.
witch way to the witches?by Rhys Thorn
on Jul 18 2018, 04:59 AM
Times Square 3 topics & 48 replies
At the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue sits this area known as the Center of the Universe. It is the hub of the Broadway Theater District and an entertainment icon.
Radio City Music Hall 2 topics & 12 replies
Concerts, world class performers, comedy, and much more can be found within this building for up to nearly six thousand people at a time. All manner of entertainment can be found in its halls.
New York Presbyterian Hospital 1 topics & 7 replies
A world class institute dedicated to providing excellent care and cutting edge treatment. Boasting over twenty five thousand beds and twenty thousand employees this hospital is in the top care centers currently available.
Silver Eyed Talesby Abigail Storm
on Jul 17 2018, 12:43 AM
Carotid 4 topics & 17 replies
A Nightclub owned and operated by the NYC Kiss. It's interior could only be described as upscale, clean, but with a darker atmosphere. Mood lights sometimes shift along the dance floor. The bar is lined with stools and the far wall from the door with booths. A small lounge area rests at one end and there's a set of stairs beside the bar that leads up to the overlooking VIP rooms.
Sorry Not Sorryby Quinn Cole
on Jul 16 2018, 08:20 PM
Rhapsody 16 topics & 145 replies
The Rhapsody is a functioning, upscale hotel, that serves as a front for the daytime resting place of the New York Kiss - a fact the vast majority of the city and supernatural community, does not know. A restaurant on the ground floor, Trubeya, hosts a five star chef and there are sunlight proof rooms for visiting vampires. Below grounds the access is passcode and key card protected, and security guards are generally stationed at the elevator doors on the lower floors, to prevent from any uninvited vistors. Stairwells and elevators going down require this code.
youth is cured with timeby Hugo Burke
on Yesterday at 10:11 pm
Residences 9 topics & 31 replies
Manhattan housing can be pricey. A lot of people in this area rent but that rent can be in the two to three thousand dollars a month range. The view for most of these places is magnificent and they are considered upper class.
Living Historyby Gareth Kane
on Yesterday at 10:50 pm
Cat house 11 topics & 109 replies
The two, large four bed apartments nestled into the hub of Manhatten take up the top floor of an eight-story apartment building, only two blocks away from the Rhapsody hotel. Both apartments are clones of each other with open plan and spacious rooms, and recently remodelled to fit modern standards in New York. Not to mention both boasting balconies facing opposite directions so the cats can watch over the city. The building itself has a doorman and security who are aware of the situation on the top floor, but the rest of the building are none the wiser, open to public living. Not that they'll ever know- you need a specific key-card to enter the cat floor, making it a secure paradise for the cats to lounge.
outta the asylumby Veronica Sterling
on Yesterday at 07:49 pm
RAPTURE 4 topics & 19 replies
Rapture is a new, high end adult entertainment bar (Strip club) owned and operated by a partnership between Conall Gregor and Castro Priest. A place where gender doesn't matter and female and male entertainers are employed. Uniquely to RAPTURE, it is geared specifically to the Supernatural communities and the multi-level floors serve different purposes for different kinks. The place is clean, the employees are safe and overall the building is guarded both for protection and for the privacy of the clients.
For Your Entertainmentby Quinn Cole
on Jul 7 2018, 08:19 PM
The Last House of the Silver Moon 22 topics & 119 replies
Owned by the Coven - It was a nice renovated Victorian gothic era styled house painted in a stunning shade of wine burgundy. Situated off the main grid in the outskirts of Manhattan and settled upon roughly two acres. The second story had four medium sized bedrooms with conjoining bathrooms between the two on either side. In addition to the library and sitting area there was a rear second story balcony that was covered in a vined canopy during the warmer months. The lower level had been completely opened up all but the kitchens for the store front.It had once been the dining area but now served as the cash register. Complete with an old fashioned typewriter styled tiller.Behind a securely locked and ward sealed metal door lead the stairs down into the two lower levels buried deep in the underground of NY where potions bubbled and brewed and healing was performed.

meeting the new bossby Rhys Thorn
on Yesterday at 02:30 pm
Badass Bones 1 topics & 10 replies
The shop is in lower Manhattan, the owner, Harley Carpenter, and his employees work on motorcycles of all kinds. regardless of age. The older the better in Harley's eyes. The storeroom itself is pristine and always has a few bikes on display. Somehow the shop holds a modern feel while also having London sort of vibe. Various photos of motorcycles in London dot the walls as well as pictures of Harley himself in White Castle straddling motorcycle. Outback surrounded by a fence (off-limits to customers) is the garage where all the magic happens. Motorcycles are restored from trash to treasure and put up for sale or the occasional auction depending on the age of the bike. The lot itself is large, so Harley is forever expanding to increase his sells and restoration. Because if there's one thing this man can't say no to besides blood and Keira, it's motorcycles.
"Trouble" With Spots!by Keela Kent
on Jul 6 2018, 11:51 PM
Glazz 2 topics & 15 replies
State of the art lights & sound star at this 3-level club with DJs, VIP room & bottle service.

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