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  • FEB 22 Announcing the Non-Master Incentive Program! Take a look at the details here!
  • FEB 05 February contests have been posted! Get in on the fun here!
  • FEB 04 The Annual Sinsomnia Smut Contest has started! Information on the contest can be found here. With the lust prompt in effect in Manhattan you have plenty of canon and non-canon options.
  • FEB 04 Get your votes in for January OTMs here!
  • JAN 21 Voting for the GIF inspired contest is up! Read the entries and vote here.
  • JAN 08 Our new, fully customized skin is done! We're so excited for our new look!
  • JAN 08 Vote for the yearly superlatives here!
  • JAN 08 please remember to fill out the census recount here.


Sinsomnia latest news: Non-Master Incentive Program
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News from the front lines, straight from the admins themselves!
Non-Master Incentive Programby Samantha
on Yesterday at 06:00 pm
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Powerbooks, guides, the store, and the city census can be found here.

Point Storeby Samantha
on Yesterday at 06:52 pm
Character Repository 1 topics & 39 replies
Finished character application are sorted into the appropriate subboard, the character application and needed and banned species list can be found here as well.

Character Applicationby Samantha
on Nov 2 2017, 10:32 PM
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