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Wayland Scordato
  • Werewolf
  • Eros
  • Beta 2
  • 59
  • Male
  • Research Scientist
  • Single
  • No Information
  • 2 points
played by Gian Avur
  • joined 10-February 17
  • last active Feb 16 2018, 12:57 PM
  • 162 posts
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Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment
Originally it was his father who became infected, after attacking both his Aunt and sister, Wayland had to watch him being shot and killed. The same fate that then followed for his sister as well

Wayland has a thing for wearing shirts with logos on them and sayings. It is his personal fashion statement and preference and he isn't ashamed about it, not that he comments on it either

He works for himself by and large, though he does contract himself out in order to make sure that he gets extra money

Recently he hired a werehynea to work for him as his assistant and she is making sure that Wayland has slightly more free time to dedicate to the pack

He hasn't had any really serious or long-term relationships
Wayland is a man who has to balance being a scientist with being a wolf as well juggling in the balance of needing to help out the pack as the Eros. He is not casual in his lovers or anything like that and is in fact very selective about these kinds of things.

Draven Slade
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Kimberly Waters
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Dot Ward
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