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  • Apr 14 The Vampire event is under way! A silent auction with real bidding along with a twist of murderer mystery. This will lead into the Vampire plot for the species that will have prompt throughout the year as well. Those that signed up, we hope you have fun in the event. Thank you!!
  • Apr 10 Our bi-yearly board cleanup is underway. You can find the list of the boards to be deleted as well as a detailed explanation here. Any board not claimed will be deleted on the 14th!
  • Mar 21 Early sign up for the Vampire Silent Auction in April. Want to meet vampires? Become a Pomme? Win some prizes? Sign up and get your character in, all are welcome to this public charity event run by the vampires
  • Mar 11 OTM winners have been posted! And the Leopard event is well under way!
  • Feb 28 OTM Nominations have been posted here and March contests have been posted here! Make sure to get your nominations in by the 7th and enter the contests for prizes!
  • FEB 22 Announcing the Non-Master Incentive Program! Take a look at the details here!
  • FEB 05 February contests have been posted! Get in on the fun here!
  • FEB 04 The Annual Sinsomnia Smut Contest has started! Information on the contest can be found here. With the lust prompt in effect in Manhattan you have plenty of canon and non-canon options.


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 Board Cleanup, Responses due by the 14th
played by ToothlessOverlord358 posts
24 years
959 points
Board Cleanup

Every six months or so we do a board cleanup so we don't have a bunch of empty, unused forums taking up space on the board. We understand that many of these boards may be boards members have bought - but if they aren't used we don't like to keep them around. If they are deleted it doesn't take away the business or the place, it just removes it as a board. For example, if the Met board is deleted and you want to do a thread at the Met in the future you just post in the Manhattan board and specific in your post or in the topic description that it's at the met (this will work for any board being deleted.

We do not offer refunds for boards that are deleted - this is why we tell you before you buy a board to make sure there will be interest in RPing there. This also stands for the group owned boards - they can still be listed as group-owned businesses they just won't have a specific board - this is where having the location of the businesses your group owns in your HQ's is important.

If you see a board you own on the list and you wish to keep it you can tag an admin in discord or reply to this thread and you'll have a month to get some active threads in there - after that month if the board is still empty the board will be deleted.

We will be deleting the boards on the list the 14th of April, if your board hasn't been claimed by then it will be deleted.

- The Highstreet Gym

- The Met
- Chinatown
- City Vineward

- Queens center
- Glazz - Requested to be held by Leelan
- Kissena Park
- Prospect Cemetery

- Carpe Librum
- Tri-Fecta HQ (inside black cat curiosities)
- Prospect Park

Staten Island
- blue
- Freshkills Park

- The Lakeside
- Abigarrado Pelaje

played by LEELERSAWESOME163 posts
88 points
- Qlazz = Glazz = Castros please keep
played by 75 posts
27 years
52 points
The Highstreet Gym - Hold for the Pride, please.
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