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  • JUL 28 We hit the site goal! Congratulations to everyone who contributed to completing the post push goal! As a prize for getting 5,000 posts in two months our first ever Sinsomnia Original Species has been released! The Muses! all of the information on them can be found in the PowerBook and the Parnassus Apartment Block in Manhattan.
  • JUL 14 We have 17 days left of the post push - we need 1,107 posts to meet our post goal and release the new species! So get those fingers moving and let's get these posts knocked out!
  • JUL 13 The Board Wide Plot continuation is in full swing! Thread invasions will be coming periodically and they will continue until next year when this BWP comes to an end. Remember to mark your threads with the orange post box if you don't want your thread invaded.
  • JUN 16 There's 46 days left until the post push is over! Work hard to reach your goals, and if you haven't signed up for it you can still do that here! We also only have a cumulative 3,833 posts until we reach the site post goal and if we reach the goal we'll be introducing a Sinsomnia Original Species to the site!!
  • JUN 3 The board wide plot is up and running and magic is officially lose in the city. So fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night!
  • May 4 Sign ups for Sinsomnia's next Board Wide plot have been posted! Sign ups will close May 20th! Get your characters signed up and buckle up for one hell of a ride!
  • Apr 14 The Vampire event is under way! A silent auction with real bidding along with a twist of murderer mystery. This will lead into the Vampire plot for the species that will have prompt throughout the year as well. Those that signed up, we hope you have fun in the event. Thank you!!
  • Apr 10 Our bi-yearly board cleanup is underway. You can find the list of the boards to be deleted as well as a detailed explanation here. Any board not claimed will be deleted on the 14th!
  • Mar 21 Early sign up for the Vampire Silent Auction in April. Want to meet vampires? Become a Pomme? Win some prizes? Sign up and get your character in, all are welcome to this public charity event run by the vampires
  • Mar 11 OTM winners have been posted! And the Leopard event is well under way!
  • Feb 28 OTM Nominations have been posted here and March contests have been posted here! Make sure to get your nominations in by the 7th and enter the contests for prizes!
  • FEB 22 Announcing the Non-Master Incentive Program! Take a look at the details here!


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 Calendar of Events, See what's going on!
played by Mother of SinOverlord428 posts
24 years
1029 points
Calendar of events keeping up with Sinsomnia.

On Sinsomnia we usually always have something or another going on or in the works. Check here to find out what events are coming up and contact samantha if you want to organize your own event to be added to the calendar!


Events are primarily run by leaders and staff on the site, however members are also allowed to organize them as well as long as they don't interfere with any previously planned or ongoing events.

Here you'll find not only what events are scheduled, but also what happened in the events that have already happened this year. This will give you a decent idea of what kind of events happen on the site, though be aware that there is no set formula to how events are run or what types of events are run so there might be a curveball event every now and then. But that just makes it fun, doesn't it?

Blind date event
Run by Yvonne

Morgan enterprises held a special dating event in the month of January, allowing people to sign up to be paired in a blind grouping. The company paid for an evening at TRATTORIA L'INCONTRO, an upscale Italian restaurant, booking the entire building for two nights in order to accomodate the pairs. With several witches in their employ, Morgan enterprises treated the couples to an illusory adventure. While the evening went off mostly without a hitch, someone in the group thought it would be funny to throw food over the edge of the illusion, but when it smacked into solid wall it prompted a food fight to erupt among the patrons, drenching the building and everyone there in various food products from mashed potatoes to pork chops and salad bits. Needless to say, Morgan Enterprises is considering a more interactive activity for the next round.

Merrow Event Recap

run by Gian

There is a sickness among the undying, the source unknown but perhaps suspected in the wake of recent circumstances. More luck than design has secured a method to stave off the symptoms but there remains no permanent cure (for now); how the merrow will cope with the knowledge of a weakness that can kill is anyone's case but none of them are happy. On top of that, their lagoon is being guarded by some great beast of the deep, along with other smaller matters and it has isolated them - so that will need to be dealt with eventually.

Leopard Event Incoming!

The Leopard event this year was a party on a yacht! Free drinks were served, free food and music. It was a great time for all, meeting brand new people, making all new friends... that was until the boat was suddenly hit by mysterious creatures in the water. Titanic-Esque Style the boat sank, and there weren't enough lifeboats so some managed to grab a spot whilst others had to swim! Thankfully enough, there seemed to be some rather... unexpected help. The merrow made their public debut, helping out those in the water as the kelpie revealed themselves! Turns out they were just mischevious water horses, not deadly tentacle monsters.

But what does this mean for the merrow who have just outed themselves to the majority of the supernatural community of New York?

Vampire Event Incoming!

The vampire event will be run by Sakaira and will take place in March, a recap of the event will be posted here after it ends. Until then, keep an eye out for signups!

No event planned

Currently. there are no events planned for May, if you would like to host an event you may contact the staff to have it added to the calendar.

Board Wide Plot

The conclusion of our open Hellgates plot will take place in June and will give way to the next board wide plot that will last until 2019. The plot will be run by the Staff and will be open for signups to the entire site.

No event planned

Currently. there are no events planned for July, if you would like to host an event you may contact the staff to have it added to the calendar.

Coven Event Incoming!

The Coven event will be run by Slapshot and will take place in August, a recap of the event will be posted here after it ends. Until then, keep an eye out for signups!

Anniversary Celebration!

September of 2018 will be Sinsomnia's second birthday and we're going to celebrate with a completely OOC event where the staff will shower the members and their characters in gifts and special events! It will run for the entire month of September, featuring a different event each week!


Samantha will be running the Halloween event for 2018, it will take place for the entire month and hopefully it will be soemthing everyone will enjoy! Signups will take place during September.

Pack Event Incoming!

The Pack event will be run by Leelan and will take place in November, a recap of the event will be posted here after it ends. Until then, keep an eye out for signups!

Pride Event Incoming!

The Pride event will be run by Vander and will take place in December, a recap of the event will be posted here after it ends. Until then, keep an eye out for signups!

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