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 Water Reservoir, opening/finale
played by SinStaffOmni25 posts
Infinite years
Judge Jury Executioner
972275 points

user posted image

There is a hush over the city... a quiet that starts with the rolling of black clouds and thunder heard in the distance. A dark and rainless night that sends shivers down your spine... A tug of sleep.. the need so deep that its difficult to stay awake. That darkness while terrifying is very peaceful and those that in cars... or cooking at their stove... or eating... somehow at least manage to not cause accidents or fires in the need to sleep... and pull over, or at least have the common sense to make sure they are safe before sleeping. It seems mortals are more than easily subjected to this pull and the city that never sleeps... is for the first time ever, dozes off in silence.

Not you though... no. You knew this was coming, somehow and shaking off the spell was no easy task but its done and now... you are the ones to watch in horror as that swirling mass of clouds opens up.

Eerie, quiet. Dark

A shimmering glow is in the distance.. how? Its not sunrise, no where near in fact... but its spreading over Manhattan... its slow in progress... and you have an hour to make it there before it closes off. Thank goodness there is no traffic but there is sleeping people everywhere.

Your first task.... get to Central Park.

Post in your tagged threads, you're not fighting anything until prompts come out. You don't have to read other threads, just your own.

This thread will be updated with happenings for others to follow if they don't wish to read each individual thread.

Happy Hunting
played by MeGoddess338 posts
Old years
126 points

For those of you following along...

The Mount 3 - All participants has arrived
Great Hill 3 - All participants has arrived

There are still some trickling in on other threads...

The dome has now sealed all our participants in. They have arrived to a gloomy scene, quiet and eerie. A path is before them and a direction set but they have the option of a shortcut off their path. At the moment, they are on their way to their beacons of light to stop the spell. They can see other pillars across the Central Park and they best hope there are others to handle those other ones.

played by MeGoddess338 posts
Old years
126 points


For those of you following along...

It appears that shortcuts are bad, lingering is bad and generally walking it bad... huh. All four groups have triggered traps to hold them from getting further into the park. Each one a ghostly thing to cut, scrap and bruise... fighting back is not always easy and sometimes running is better but then... what are they running into?

Thanos has seen them up on high and is amused at their bumbling about... he had no concern for their interference.

played by MeGoddess338 posts
Old years
126 points

For those of you following along...

Thanos has seen you from up on high, sneering he thinks very little of your attempts to thwart him and with each passing hour, his power grows from the souls being used as his fuel source. As such, he now has reach into Hell where he was not so strong before... The Hellgates are being opened!! Dark swirls of mass has opened up before their path to block them from getting to their goal. Killing them is the hard part.The main map has their locations if you wish to follow along.

A beholder that nulls magic

Imps that are giving our people a batty time and just won't die

An ooze that is acidic and trying to play grounders in a playground

A cyclops that is beyond strong and stinks like the bog of stench

played by MeGoddess338 posts
Old years
126 points

For those of you following along...

Beasties are defeated and the battle is won. Our Heroes have to make it to their mini domes. Each creature has dropped an ARTIFACT to use to stop the witches spell... it merely breaks them from their protection so they can be killed. The cowards will run or fight as they have weak magic form fueling the protection circle... They are now being killed or ignored by the rescuers and what lays before them is the hundred of bodies, all asleep with glowing crystals hovering above their bodies. Upon inspection, the crystals contain their souls and shattering them releases the soul trapped inside back to their body. This is how the mini dome that is maintaining the larger one in the sky... is broken. Can our heroes awaken their slumbering members? There is a familiar face in each collection of people...


For those of you following along...

The mini dome has fallen. The pillar of light shooting up into the sky vanishes, making the Large Dome of magic flicker with it's power source no longer keeping it strong...

(depending if all domes are down.) It the finale... all fighters come here to post your entrance, but no prompts will be given out as it's the bear event.
played by DanteN/A40 posts
3000+ years
9 points
After witnessing the show and fireworks that came with destroying the soul shards, and freeing those that were under it's influences at less in this location; Micah started back on the path Bakari, Cash, and himself used to get here. The dragoon didn't go far, just far enough that none of those awakening or the other two males he fought beside could over hearing the conversations he was about to have. Fishing out his cellphone, which to his surprise was more or less intact. He went through his contacts in his phone, no names were attached to any numbers that were saved in the device. It was a safety precaution Micah has used since cell phones were invented; including not have anyone on speed dial.

Pausing for the briefest of moments on who he should call first, his wife or the house number. In truth he should have called his wife awhile ago to check up on her as well, but events were unfolding too swiftly to allow him that courtesy. Besides his wife like himself could protect herself from majority of anything throw her way. Unlike his daughter, and the baby sitter watching over her. With that in mind, the decision was made for him to try the house phone again. If this was all over, then the baby sitter won't have a problem answering. The phone simply rung, and rung, and rung, with each ring the pit in his stomach grew deeper and deeper. The answering machine kicked in about the fourth or fifth ring. Micah took a deep breath attempting, and failing to smoother his raising anger, worry, and fear that his daughter was still in danger.

Next he tried his wife's cell phone and got the same results; which didn't bode well with the papa Dragoon. This ritual or whatever it was become less of a nuisance and more of a actual danger to his family. A danger that was still on going, and a danger he could not tolerate. Putting away his phone, Micah close his eyes, and let his other senses expand. Searching and feeling out for a magic or power similar to the barrier and shadows he and the others had come across. Sure enough he got a ping. Opening his eyes, Micah turned in the direction of where he felt the beacon of power. Over the city's buildings he could spot a faint golden light in the distance.

Micah started back in the direction of the others he help rescue. He stood in a spot where he could see more or less everyone there and he believed they could see him as well. "Yo," he projected his voice to make sure everyone could hear him. Micah paused waiting to gain his audience attention, and when he believed he gained most of their attention he continued to speak, "Whatever is going on its not over. I going on ahead to confront whoever the hell is running this shit show," Micah turned to the side extended his hand and a black orb appeared floating behind him. The black orb begun to spun, as it did so tendrils of shadow begun to expand from the orb until a thick oval shaped of darkness floated a couple of inches off the ground. "I opened a portal that's taking me there. It's probably going to be a hell zone by the time I'm done there, so if you don't have the stomach for violence, or can't fight don't come," Micah stood there examining those that heard him, studying their faces, body language, and the murmurs that followed. The dragoon didn't do this for long, he didn't really care if anyone followed him or not. He would go confront whoever is pulling the strings.

Not wasting anymore time just standing around and chit chatting. Micah went through his portal first. It would take the briefest of moments to travel to the nearby shadows where he felt the ping of power he felt earlier. Micah took extra care to form this portal as well. There was a singular path, that connected solely to the other end. It was a precaution for anyone that followed him not to be lost in the realm of darkness Micah used to travel between locations. Micah even went as far as to wait for the others on the other side of the portal to guide them across. Seeing how the realm of darkness was exactly as the name suggested, a realm of darkness. He could see perfectly in this realm since he was a magical child of darkness itself. He won't know how the others would fair.

Once those that wished to utilize Micah's portal joined him on the other side. He guided them safely across and exited the realm of darkness. They arrived to the main event, no pun intended ready to rumble. Each more or less with there own reason to be there to confront the mastermind behind all their troubles tonight.

Memories tend to just pop up
Drunk pre-meds and some rubber gloves. Don't think I'll ever get enough
Made by Samantha


*Moved to the side where he made some calls
*No one picked up
*Felt around and found the remaining dome
*Made an announcement his going to confront Chronos
*Opened a portal for anyone that wants to join him fight
*stepped through the portal and waited to guide the rest over
*Stepped out to the other side

@Vander @Stefne @Soulo @Yvonne
played by YvonneMember131 posts
130 years
6 points
Even if Anya had wanted to she couldn't have kept herself from running to him, and, to be quite frank, she had absolutely not wanted to do that. In all of her life Anya had relied on three people, two of whom were long gone, and one of whom she had lived without due to her own stupidity. Seeing him there after she had woken had been like a switch that someone flipped, and she had rushed to him without realizing what she was doing, her arms winding around him, her face in his chest. It hadn't mattered that he smelled of blood, or that he'd been attacking people. She needed the comfort, and for just a moment she was allowing herself the selfish want and need that had her burying her face there and sobbing softly. Fear was the main emotion, relief another. Fear mostly because she knew what was happening, how she knew she had no clue, but she knew...and she had been utterly helpless before.

He wrapped his arms around her, and Anya's body trembled at the contact as she fought to reign in her emotions, her breathing, unneeded as it was, was ragged and shuddering. It wasn't until he spoke, and that all to familiar brush of calming touched her mind, that she was finally capable of reigning herself in. He was there, and whether or not they had fallen out, had been away from eachother for so long, Anya knew that meant she was safe. IT was a feeling that came with his presence, whether or not he knew it, and even after all of these years it was the first one to settle on her as she seemed to relax finally.

As the calming took her over someone nearby suddenly called out for their attention, and her head lifted finally to pull her face, tear stained and tired, from where she'd been pressed into Bakari's chest, her fingers still clinging to him for a moment longer before she slowly forced herself to peel them from her grip on the man in front of her. Even though her hands shook, and her fingers trembled, Anya's face was already full of determination as she lifted one to wipe at the tears leaking from her eyes to turn and pay attention to what was being said.

"He's right." She turned to look at Bakari, a frown on her lips and her eyebrows knit together. "He's trying to kill us all." At least that was what she deciphered from what she knew, and if she were asked how she knew...well she had no god damn clue. Which she nipped in the bud before it could be asked. "Don't ask me how I know, I just...know. It has something to do with the Rebirth and the Warrior...two souls, two people." To be honest she felt like she was spewing nonesense, but this was what she had gathered from her dream, and from the one that had collided with hers at the end. She shook her head. "I'm going."

The last bit was said loud enough to make her intentions clear to everyone, and, as she finally pulled herself away from Bakari, a last touch she knew would likely be the last she'd ever received from the man she'd once been in love with, she turned her body entirely and with determination towards the portal that had been opened. Anya wasn't a fighter, she knew this. She'd never been a fighter, and had never had any type of training, but she was there...and this affected everyone. Turning tail and running now because she was terrified wouldn't help anything, and if this failed at least she would fall knowing that she had done everything in her power to make a difference.

Sparing a glance for Bakari, Anya stepped through the portal with her eyes closed firmly and her hands balled at her sides in tiny fists. Something that changed quickly was her eyes closing, they popped open as she shot her hands out in front of her, blindly stepping through pitch black for the other side. It was probably pure blind luck that she stumbled through and right out of the other end...but luck was good enough an explanation for her. The moment she stepped out on the other side she stumbled out of the way, her eyes darting around herself to peer at what was before her.

Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

-Clings to Bakari like her life depends on it crying.
-Finally pulls away a bit from him.
-Tells Bakari a bit about what she knows, but tells him she has no idea how she knows it.
-Determines she is going, and steps away from Bakari
-Looks to him one more time before being the second to step through the portal
@Soulo @Vander @Stefne @Dante @
played by Mr. Nobody86 posts
32 years
46 points
Out Of The Frying Pan
Consumed With Fire

A hole in the fabric of reality, wreathed in flame, created a passageway into the dome around the reservoir. He had no idea where in the area his target was, but Dorian was determined to find him. Perhaps it was more accurate that Jinn would find him, for Dorian had willingly handed the keys to the human vehicle over to that part of his being.

No answer had come to the question he had asked, but looking around at all the various domes that made up the spellwork around the park, Jinn had concluded that this was the center of all the events; that his target would be there, somewhere.

Still as naked as the day he was born, he pushed onward, uncaring. Dorian was the one that cared about keeping his tattoos concealed, Jinn did not. Dorian wasn't ashamed of nudity, nor was Jinn, but at the time, scars and tattoos alike were on display, along with other things. And with the heat from the fire blossoming around his body, blood was flowing and causing other things to be shown off as well. Still, Jinn did not care.

"Where is he?!" he asked with more fervor in his tone. Having no clothes, he had no weapon that he would otherwise usually be carrying, so it was entirely up to fists and magic at this point, for him. Jinn would use both, and it would not matter that his foe was a demon. All that mattered was the anger and power funneling through him, and the need to relieve pent-up frustrations. And so the storm clouds rolled in...


- Dorian burns his way onto the scene.
- Not much to say, just a simple question
- Eager to paint the ground and sky with blood and flame
played by SouloSpirit Wolf57 posts
226 years
Personal Trainer/Bodyguard
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better to fight for something
than live for nothing
They were having their small moment of calm, Anya and Bakari. He hugged her close. Stroked her hair. Didn’t really care that there were others there. He even let that familiar feeling of someone else’s stress flow through his own body, immediately letting his mind stamp down on that stress, locking it away to be released later one when he had to let his spiritual energy out for rejuvenation. Right now, he just did not have the time; Bakari knew it wasn’t over. The demons, they were hard to kill but by no means were they the climax of the problem. The witches, they didn’t even put up that much of a fight. No, he was headed towards something that should top the night off. And he wasn’t one to run away from something like that. That would go against who he was; no, he would help finish this off.

Bakari cast his eyes to the others to see that Cash was with the other person who was connected to a soul shard for this…ritual, or whatever the hell it was. Bach spotted Micah a little ways off, on his phone, though he didn’t catch any words that may be exchanged. Bakari had his phone in the pocket of his shorts (probably cracked for all he knew), but considering he had seen people falling asleep outside of the dome, making any calls was put out of his mind. Since the grand dome was still up (though it didn’t look as bright) and Bakari knew that the peak has yet to come, he doubted that his Ulfric would receive his call. Until then, they would keep it pushing.

Micah announced that whatever this was, it wasn’t over and he would be going onward. Bakari, as well. Then, Anya filled Bakari in a little bit about what happened. Sounded like something had been going on for centuries. Bakari wanted to know who he was, but he trusted that he would find out really soon. So, the question that concerned him most was: why she had been one of the people used for a soul shard? But, he didn’t ask just yet. That could come later. Anya made it clear that she was coming along. Bakari wanted to object. Given that she had just seemed torn apart after having been disconnected from her soul shard, Bakari wasn’t sure if it was all-around good for to jump into this. But, he battled with whether or not it was his place to say anything or if he could even talk her out of it.

He found himself silently agreeing that he would keep watch of her until this whole debacle was finished. And only then, did he find himself jumping to his feet to catch up to the others, stepping into the portal alongside them to step out at what would be another battleground. The final one, his gut seemed to say.

words: 488 | tag: @Vander @Dante @Yvonne @Stefne | notes: Outfit

OOC Notes:
  • Looked around at the others, took them into account.
  • Debated on objecting to Anya being involved in the fight.
  • Silently agreed to just shut the hell up about and just keep an eye on her.
  • Stepped into the portal.
  • To the final battleground!
played by LiaRank 361 posts
31 years
owner of Black Cat Curiosities
8 points
[QUOTE=Alexis Summers,Aug 14 2017, 12:30 PM]
Only rainbows after rain
@Locke @Dominant @sakaira @Mr. Nobody - Take that, tall dark and ugly!!
Alexis | Fidget | You
the sun will always come again
The shadow portal appeared out of nowhere, surprising Alexis just a little bit. Perhaps the events of the evening were coming to a close. But then she noticed there was still a remaining dome and an exasperated sigh escaped her lips. She didn't even know what was going on, but whatever it was must be far from over. Drawing herself up to her full height, Alexis stepped through the portal. It wasn't as smooth a ride as a glass portal, so she was a bit dizzy when she came out the other side.

There were quite a few people here, leading her to believe there must have been other groups like hers. Scanning the faces, she saw only one she recognized. Dorian?? But there he was, naked as a jaybird and not the slightest bit self-conscious about it.


-Is it over? Nope.
-Takes shadow portal to reservoir.
-Looks for someone familiar, is surprised to see naked Dorian
played by VanderDragon Knight348 posts
27 years
239 points


Once he'd determined that Ori was going to be mostly alright (given that the wereleopard was still rambling about pop culture that Cash had zero idea about), he'd glanced back at Micah as the other man spoke, noting the glint of light in the distance, and announced his intentions of to go confront whomever it was that was running this whole affair. While the swordsman had a good idea of what was going on, it didn't really matter; Thanos or not, he was going to have someone's head by the end of the night to make sure this didn't happen again.

Steeling himself for one last confrontation, he'd done the only thing sensible - sort of - in order to placate his temper and rage; after letting Una climb up to his shoulder, he took one last deep breath, stepping through the portal that Micah had created to get to their final battleground.

The swordsman wasn't terribly surprised to see others show up as well, people he hadn't seen while making the journey through the imp infested forest... but at least it increased their chances for success.

As if sensing his rage, or just the hellish presence of their "host," the blades in his hands began to glow softly. The golden light wasn't really bright enough to blind just yet, but it was calming, warming, and helped to keep his nerves from betraying him, giving him courage enough to stand with everyone else. Ready to fight... and oh so ready to win.

code: tori | image: vander

OOC Notes

> Angry? Maybe a little.
> Wants Thanos' head on a platter.
> Swords are glowing softly with warm, holy light.
> Oh... other people. Glad we're not alone.
> Ready to win!

@Dante @Soulo @Stefne @Yvonne
played by Mr. Nobody25 posts
42 years
Pet-Shop Owner
78 points
We have now left reason and sanity junction

With the artifact "in hand" it was up to Keaton and Nikki whether or not they would continue on to the final battle. Vayne, himself, was definitely pressing forward. His daughter was safe and sound, asleep in her car on the side of the street, outside the park. He'd expected worse, but it was more than the current events in this city that had prompted him to take part in this fight. There were many past events throughout the years that prompted him to head this way, to face his mother and her coven toe-to-toe.

He'd take slow, deep breaths. He'd take slow, steady paces as he walked through the portal and into the Reservoir area. And as he did so, his power would piece itself back together. His mind and body were weary, but he could not just give up now. Armor came together, in that blue-green light, around his body. Despite the 'orb of power' formed around that artifact, to hold it, a sword formed in one hand, a shield in the other.

He did not know anyone else around, coming through other portals to join in on the fight, but that was not a concern. More people to help, which was a good thing, but he wasn't dependant on them knowing him, to consider them allies. He would put less effort into looking to see who they all were and how many of them there were, as well. He would be more concerned with what demonic power his mother and her crones would have gathered in this central part of their giant circle of power.

Next stop Looneyville
OUTFIT :|: @Slapshot @Leelan :|: Music :|:
Get your second wind
At the start is a very simple, clear scent. It is an aroma that brushes past and is almost lost until the mind is able to latch into the bitter edge of pine which for him is frosted, frozen at the heart of winter and sending a chill straight down the spine. It is an unabashed and brilliant smell that only matures into the more masculine musk as you spend time with the man who owns it. It develops earthy notes, similar to the way the sweet grass smells in the spring time and yet it is deeper than that, less youth and more energetic.


- Vayne leads the way to the Reservoir
- Armors up
- Looks around to see the others about him
- What's mother's next trick?
played by StefneMember217 posts
30 years
Personal Assassin for Nova
84 points
Close my eyes before you leave
So I don't have to look at you in shame
Made by Samantha
So, yeah, mind control, taking over the world –of course!– and some weird freaking sleepover. Some weird sleepover with Inuyasha and Thanos from Avengers. “This is like in Bedazzled where Elizabeth Hurley gave Brandon Frazier a big Mac and a coke and tried to make it come off as a wish. It didn't work in 2000 and it doesn't work now. So, when I said stuff about the baby, and he gave me rugrats, he gave me literal rug rats, rats made out of Dean’s rug, and not that rug, but the rug on the floor, I have no idea what Dean’s personal maintenance is and I have literally no desire to ever know, ever, if you really need to know, ask Benji, not me, but Josh Brolin Wannabe over there turned the carpet into rodents because he wanted me soul or some weird thing like that and now I’m here in the middle of the night in Scooby Doo pajama pants with no desire to be here and yet here I am. There’s also a naked guy, which I’m not opposed to, but now I wonder if I should be naked too, but I know Cash would be embarrassed so, here I am, no weapons or shoes, forcing Josh Brolin Wannabe to hurry up and start Infinity War so that the teasing can stop.”

Ori stood on wobbly legs, holding onto Cash’s shoulder for support. Oh, noodle legs were no fun, though he wasn’t sure if they were just asleep or if he really just forgot how to walk. Either one wouldn’t have surprised him too much. “Um, so, yeah, evil dude, wanting destroy the world, whatever like any other Roland Emmerich film, so the only thing that can save us with Will Smith and an epic speech from the President before he goes off into a jet to shoot aliens… but somehow I doubt Trump would be so bold.”

  • Babbles about Thanos, Dean and Benji
  • Stands by Cash
  • Independence Day reference insert
played by SinStaffHigh Demon17 posts
unknown years
0 points
Your Soul is mine
I'll be the one to give it to you, just how you like it
There was a snark on the lips of Thanos as those that dared to enter their domain, a sneer as eye turned in the direction of the inner sensory of mind that alerted him to the breach of barrier. How stupid these mortals be to think they could stop what was beyond their imagining. While he couldn't but leave his trade mark behind each wish granted, he was sure that none could handle the sleep that was issued over city. No matter, they would fall within moments for who could stand up to them now. A glimmer of smugness that was unconcerned shot over to his temporary partner. She must have known that her life was forfeit after this arrangement was complete… death would come to her and Talia would be the first to fall. How satisfying that would be the moment he held her beating heart in hand and ripped from chest… Oh he had been dreaming of ways to kill her and take his prize. To torture what had evaded him for so many centuries in the arms of another. His lust had turned to bloodlust, no longer caring for what should have been but on that revenge was now going to be deliciously served to him once Lexa was freed from her wretched binding.

The spell was progressing nicely, the power of so many souls that fueled it was a fulfilling resource to tap into. His full strength returning with each passing second as the Book and Key continued to feed Talia’s spell book, her lips reading the words without fail and taking not notice to their surroundings. All of them locked in floated circle as the water below shimmered with the golden color of ley lines beneath them. How images of both fated were like wispy golden mist floating from them… it was here why it was taking so long… over thousands of lives lived had to be unwound, such was the difficulty of this spell.

He grinned to the two awake from him. Turning endlessly in their silent knowledge that they were aiding their world's destruction. It looked pain as the runes were ripped from Rene, and all he could read as they fluttered to fill the pages of that book he thought so was coveted. No words were given, for his own power source was being funneled from those domes to him. A glorious sensation torn up through him as that power welled and he could feel his immortal strength reach its pinnacle, soon…. testing out his reach into the Hellgates as mind watched those that would attempt to take down his energy source… “Oh no you don't” It was almost too easy to call them forth, to summon them from the beyond however minor they were to kill those that ran through the park. “oops.” he shrugged as focus was returned to funneling the one above… minor gates to bring out minions to play with while his larger one swirled above them like a quiet storm brewing. Close… so close…

Talia stopped chanting… which brought had to snap in her direction, a snarling growl as eyes landed to the woman that had lived a thousand lives. “Something's wrong…” Was muttered to the space between them. He knew his demon had been sucked away to thwart that part of his plan… Nyxhalyian had given her hand too much and paid for it… but that shouldn’t matter for the spell now. “What? Why did you stop?” Upset wasn’t a word but he was slowly losing patience with how Talia wasn’t explaining. “She is with child… the binding cannot-” He shushed her then as one of their domes fell … winking out of existence for the entire spell to shudder and flicker. “No... “ Head turned to watch another fall behind them and their bodies dropped a foot in the air. “No, no no no…… No this can’t be happening. NOT WHEN I’M SO CLOSE!!!!!”

Another flickered to fall and they started to descend to the ground. A finger jabbing a Talia, “Deal with this… or our arrangement is void.” He pointed to Lexa with a snarl as what power he had stored up for the hellgate was cut off… if he couldn’t open it he would reign terror on this earth and rip it asunder with his bare hands if he had to. “Finish the unbinding!” And he dropped from the sky to land in the water where the 5 still hovered in the air above him. Rage in his eyes… peering at those that were coming towards the reservoir…. At what he had gained from the freed souls was enough… and his form turned into that of a massive beast to shred them… “You will be the first of many…”

Made by Samantha

Final battle

user posted image

That's right... he's turned into a three headed Hydra.... you all come to about his knee there in height. He's in the water and swimming towards your position. There are construction equipment that was expanding the reservoir.... the worked left heir keys in them. There is a bulldozer, an excavator, a fork lift. There are electrical wires also running along the path that runs near the water...

He is upon the beach with swiping tail and three heads snapping at anyone too close. The five others are floating above the water about 70 feet in the air. Too far to reach but do you really have time to look up with a three headed dragon coming at you?

Heads rear back to snap at Bakari, Cash and Orin. That tail is lashing towards Micah and Vayne. A breath of fire comes shooting at Dorian and Alexis and Anya, it misses Anya though but that was a close one!!!

@Dante @Soulo @Stefne @Yvonne @liannis @Mr. Nobody @Vander
  • Rapid fire allowed... OOC notes if long
  • One post between Thanos posts
  • You get to gm hitting him - i decide the damage done but go nuts in doing damage - use your surroundings!!
  • remember you all agreed to hard stops? Ya, I'm using them. Fair warning.
  • Injuries, prizes, curse, all will become clear after the event
  • Attack him with all you got
  • If you still want to join in that's fine
  • if i'm missing something just ask

remaining Anchors

@RINOA @Dominant @Gian Avur

You're still floating in the air... Talia watches Thanos descends into the water below and turns her attention to those that are awake. "You... cut it from her" An a knife has been floated towards Ryuu, her command for him to be unmoving is lifted and instead takes heed in his mind to float towards the female laying face up in the sky still asleep.

Rene and Ryuu can speak and move now albeit they are hovering still, as the spell is weakened without Talia’s coven… She turns to Ryuu… to issue an order that he cut the babe from Lexa’s belly … a knife floating out to him out pure light… It is known by Rene, that Talia cannot touch mortals herself so ordering another to do it is her only way... Rene is able to move freely as the spell from those other domes is weakened.

You both can post but Ryuu is slowly moving towards Lexa with knife in hand

played by Lia----41 posts
26 years
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it's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive.

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The dream...the dream of love and loss had seemed to repeat endlessly. When Lydia found herself awake in the park, she had no idea what was going on. It looked as if there had been a battle. Someone grabbed her by the arm, dragging her through the shadow portal, and Lydia didn't even think to resist. Once there, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. A giant hydra swimming across the reservoir straight at them. 

Lydia didn't recognize the other two, but she did see Anya directly in the path of the fireball headed their way. Breaking into a run, Lydia grabbed Anya's hand, jumped,  and thought happy thoughts launching the two of them away from the fireball. What relief Lydia felt was tempered by the fact that she was ill-equipped for this type of thing, so the landing was a bit rough. Anya...what is....going on? Lydia asked between gasps of breath.

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The City that never sleeps
Through to the other side, Anya was just in time to watch someone drop from the sky and into the water...and that someone to go from "someone" to "Something" in the span of a few seconds. She wasn't even sure she was comprehending anything properly. This was probably why, when the head swung around and breathed a sudden flash of fire in her direction, her only actual response was to bring her arms up to cover her face and turn away from it. Which meant she'd be crispy ash in a matter of seconds. What she wasn't prepared for was someone to suddenly wrap their arms around her body and up they went. This left her blinking at Lydia and clinging to the woman like she was some kind of flying fairy.

"Where in the hell did you come from..nevermind, I don't care. Thank you." Laughing happily she shook her head. The landing was a bit rough, and she ended up sprawled on the ground laughing more or less happy to not be a crispy vampire. "Well aside from this guy trying to kill everyone? You know, I'm not entirely sure...but we should probably go and help a little." She wasn't a fighter, but she could at least try, couldn't she? If another vampire appeared she'd at least be able to copy a power they had, but she was fairly sure she was the only idiot vampire to get mixed up in this so far.

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