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 Moving House
played by GianMuse465 posts
36 years
3235 points

So, I have just been told that I will/should be getting the keys to my new house on Monday (23/04) this means my availability has basically gone down to low-nil and depending on that happening, I will be losing the net shortly afterward as I need to get it connected again and that usually takes up to four/five weeks depending.

That will be fun. Basically, I will do my best to wrap up all current threads and will likely bow out of the vampire event as I need to organize everything in order to make this move happen.

I am very excited! Although my net presence will understandably be diminished until everything settles down again and things are connected. I will do my best to keep you up to date etc. However, with only limited mobile connectivity, my options will be very limited. So, after this weekend I will be taking on no new threads and will do my best/appreciate your help in closing out the threads I do have so no one is waiting for me.
played by Nac Mac FeegleLockeness Monster100 posts
27 years
pain in the backside
571 points
Yay for new housie! Very exciting! All the best for the move and we'll try and not burn the site down in the meantime. <3
played by z o m b i i ❥Member13 posts
26 years
Crazy Person
71 points

-hides the matches-

I was doing absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

Also - congrats on the new house! I offer support from my side of the pond!
played by GianMuse465 posts
36 years
3235 points
update #1

- movers booked! Next Tuesday (24/04)
- So, net will go down at that point...
- Engineer is booked for the 1st May; so around SEVEN days I will be without

I will continue to do my best to get posts up/wrap up the rest etc. so no one is waiting and ultimately see about getting everything back up to speed as quickly as possible. Please bear with me ....

Tomorrow onward I will be packing, most of it should be done before the weekend, I've already sorted out the disposal of unnecessary items. So, I am on something of a roll in that respect.Although there is more to come *mops brow*

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