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  • JUL 14 We have 17 days left of the post push - we need 1,107 posts to meet our post goal and release the new species! So get those fingers moving and let's get these posts knocked out!
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  • JUN 16 There's 46 days left until the post push is over! Work hard to reach your goals, and if you haven't signed up for it you can still do that here! We also only have a cumulative 3,833 posts until we reach the site post goal and if we reach the goal we'll be introducing a Sinsomnia Original Species to the site!!
  • JUN 3 The board wide plot is up and running and magic is officially lose in the city. So fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night!
  • May 4 Sign ups for Sinsomnia's next Board Wide plot have been posted! Sign ups will close May 20th! Get your characters signed up and buckle up for one hell of a ride!
  • Apr 14 The Vampire event is under way! A silent auction with real bidding along with a twist of murderer mystery. This will lead into the Vampire plot for the species that will have prompt throughout the year as well. Those that signed up, we hope you have fun in the event. Thank you!!
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 Point Store
played by SinStaffOmni42 posts
Infinite years
Judge Jury Executioner
828403 points
sinsomnia point store
please remember to wait for approval from the staff before making a purchase

please ask the staff if you are experiencing any difficulties
When you want to make a purchase all you need to do is follow these simple steps so that your purchase can be approved. This must be done BEFORE you use the points OR apply any of the changes that would result. You may Transfer Points from any account to another using the store.

Using the code below, (deleted as applicable) post a reply to this thread using either the character you are applying your purchase against OR your Out of Character (OOC) account if it is for a new character.

Wait for approval. Admins will tag your OOC account when the purchase has been approved or denied, usually pending amendments but please remember ALL purchases can be denied at the discretion of the Admins. As a result of this, it is very important that you Do not purchase first, always wait for approval.

Once approved by the staff, you should then go to the store and purchase the item while logged into under the right account to purchase. Do not 'Use' the item' as this will cause it to vanish from your Inventory.

Finally, you need to go and UPDATE everything. If you are confused or have questions, please ask a member of the staff for assistance. Do not forget to claim any additional award badges from here

Within the STORE is a category marked, award badges, these are badges that you can award to the appropriate account on your own. Go here select the right badges BUY and then USE to make sure they appear on your profile.
purchase only species & banned traits

120 points

140 points

140 points
banned trait

90 points

These allow you to make one of the three PURCHASE ONLY species, these are shapeshifters, wanderers (see below) & yokai (inc. dragoons), at the time of purchase you DO NOT need to write out their powers merely request the species. More information, including the number of powers, can be found here for shapeshifters & here for yokai (inc. dragoons).

Finally, we do not like to restrict creativity, but sometimes we need to limit certain traits/species/other and on this, list are all the BANNED traits, however you can purchase this item & make a character with one.
starting upgrades & additional slots
This allows you to START with a character who is either a BETA 2 or ALPHA 1 from among the available lycanthrope species, either werewolf, wereleopard or werelion.

(beta 2)

60 points
only lion, leopard or wolf
(alpha 1)

120 points
only lion, leopard or wolf

This allows you to START with a character who is either a Necromancer or as a Siren 1, instead of waiting to upgrade them on the site, using the upgrade option.


100 points
Siren 1

100 points

This is for purchasing an additional slot in addition to your original allowances for the types and/or power levels. If you are unsure just ask the Staff.

extra slot

400 points
Alpha or Siren
extra slot

400 points
(inc. Dragoon)
Available by purchase only bloodline(s)
Marmee Noir

90 points

90 points
These are one of purchasable-only species, instead of choosing from werewolf, wereleopard or werelion you can make your own lycanthrope species; for more details check their powerbook.

wanderer (beta 1)

70 points
only lycanthrope species
wanderer (beta 2)

100 points
only lycanthrope species
wanderer (alpha 1)

120 points
magical item (member)

40 points
magical item (staff)

70 points
magical weapon

80 points

All thesew require that you write out in detail the nature of the item, including weakness and/or drawbacks. You do not need to do this for Staff-Written Items, though you can tell us about what you'd like to see along with the reason behind the purchase.
powers & features
swap &/or change
All the options below require that you write out in detail the nature of the item, including weakness and/or drawbacks. You do not need to do this for Staff-Written Items, though you can tell us about what you'd like to see along with the reason behind the purchase.

unique power (member)

45 points
unique power (staff)

70 points
unique feature (member)

40 points
unique feature (staff)

70 points
These allow you to change a power for a power OR to change the species of your character (see below).

power swap

20 points
species change

250 points

As far as species change goes, this is not about turning/infecting but swapping the species. This needs to be explained, and in the case of a yokai, you will also need to submit a concept form as normal.
All the options below require that you write out in detail the nature of the pet, including weakness and/or drawbacks.

unique pet (member)

70 points
unique pet (staff)

90 points
subforum & surprise pack
personal subforum

50 points
surprise pack

150 points
post waiver

250 points

The subforum this can be for a business or when they decide to get their own place. When asking to purchase this particular item please make sure you add a description for the forum you want to have added to the site. If it is not used (no new threads or posts) for six months the Staff will remove it from the site forums; you may appeal this happening but the final decision rests with the Staff.

Should you buy the surprise pack; expect that to happen. It can be anything from a change in looks to a new ability or even a curse.

We know the joy of character creation is strong and so we allow the waivering of the post requirement (so long as only ONE of your characters is under 25 posts) that is necessary after your fifth approved character. You can also only do this once every TWO months.

plots & twisters
plot twister

200 points
personal plot

100 points

With respect to the personal plot & plot twister; these are invariably created by the Staff for your character. Who must already be created on the site, the plot may be large or small and the more information about what you'd like and not like will help us create something unique for your character. The plot twister allows for an explanation of events, abilities and even some unknown heritage that has been revealed or become apparent in gameplay. These will affect the history of your character.
lunar eclipse, pregnancy and true mate
Only female lycanthropes need to make a purchase in respect of pregnancy. This is based on difficulty & restrictions. All players may purchase and/or use the True Mate power, it is applied to both characters and must be written out for approval but otherwise, there is no cost or restriction for this power.
(1 per species)

100 points
species power
(true mate)

Lunar Eclispe

40 points

One of an incredibly experimental (and potentially dangerous) series of potions developed by some of the elder witches from the old Coven before it was destroyed over a year ago, these grant any lycanthrope the ability to repress their beast during the three day period when the moon is full.

This is not a widely known secret and generally speaking lycanthrope females in particular who purposefully become pregnant need to rely on a powerful alpha (usually) being nearby in order to take their beast if that is an option for them. That is by far the safest option for lycanthrope women and it still comes with some risk.

When using this potion for a prolonged period of time (say nine to ten months) the user will become progressively weakened and sick. In a sense, they are more fatigued, as well as an overall dampening effect on their enhanced abilities, like speed, strength, and healing along with experiencing a disconnect to their animal.

As a result even after finishing taking this potion the user will need to work are restoring that inner sense of balance and many find themselves returning almost to a state akin to being a newly made lycanthrope. This is a very dangerous and even potentially fatal option for a lycanthrope female to use during pregnancy and most witches and doctors would be unlikely to recommend it. This is not the easy option.

As always when making any purchase, it remains subject to the approval of the Staff before it can be used.

additional powers
These are RANK upgrades, none of them will come with any additional powers, they must be purchased separately. lease, remember both POINTS & POSTS can (and do) apply to these purchases and must be completed beforehand.

beta 1

beta 2

40 pts + 25 posts

When it comes to alpha and/or siren there are limited slots available and this is handled on a first come, first served basis.

alpha or siren 1
80 pts + 50 posts
alpha or siren 2
100 pts + 75 posts
This applies to the non-alpha/siren powers of each species. You can pick from GENERAL and/or SPECIES-SPECIFIC for your particular character. You need to write out the power.

species power

40 points

This applies to the alpha/siren powers of each species. You can pick from GENERAL and/or SPECIES-SPECIFIC for your particular character. You need to write out the power.

species power (alpha)

50 points
species power (siren)

50 points
It is very rare for a LYCANTHROPE to contract a second (dual) infection, it is therefore both a costly purchase as well as having limited availability.

dual infection

300 points
bloodline upgrade
soudre de sang

400 pts + 150 posts

The term SOUDRE DE SANG means literally 'fountainhead' and is when a MASTER VAMPIRE has grown insufficient power to act as the head of their own bloodline. This is exceptionally rare and as a result, has a limited availability on the site. Any approvals are subject to the Staff and a conscious level of plot and character points will need to have been seen on the site beforehand.
master & servants
additional powers
This also requires your character to be under 200 YEARS OLD, you are expected to be active with these characters or you may lose this status and have to earn it back.

master upgrade

80 pts + 50 posts

You must have the relevant power purchased BEFORE you can mark either an animal/human. These are my servant and animal to call, you also need to be a MASTER vampire as well.

human servant mark

80 pts per mark
animal servant mark

80 pts per mark
This applies to the non-master powers of each species. You can pick from GENERAL and/or BLOODLINE for your particular character. You need to write out the power.

species power

40 points

This applies to the master powers of each species. You can pick from GENERAL and/or BLOODLINE for your particular character. You need to write out the power.

species power (master)

50 points
Rare Power (master)

100 points
This consists of a MASTER VAMPIRE, HUMAN SERVANT, and ANIMAL SERVANT. It is rare. As a result of this the number available on the site is limited.


450 pts + 50 posts
necromancer upgrade

80 pts + 50 posts

You can upgrade an animator into a necromancer on the site, as soon as you have the available points and posts available to do so. You then have access to the Necromancer powers and need to write them out.
additional powers
witch type
These allow you to purchase new psychic, muse and/or witch powers as seen in the Powerbook. You need to write out the power.

witch power

40 points
psychic power

40 points
muse power

40 points
If you should wish to, instead of picking from the available list of WITCH TYPES available on the site, you can submit your own original type.

unique witch type

50 points
changed on site

90 pts + 30 posts

This allows you to change from human/pyschic/witch to vampire or lycanthrope. If psychic you can keep upto THREE abilites and if witch, you can keep ONLY the basic abilities. This is the ONLY way to have a lycanthrope who is both witch and/or pyschic.
introduction & disclaimer
The way witches grow in power is different from the rest of the species on the site. Psychics, lycanthropes, and vampires don’t learn new powers so much as figure out they have them or grow into them. Witches, on the other hand, have to learn and practice their craft to hone it and get better. In order to gain a witch type or a rise in rank, you must fill out the petition form for either rank or witch type or both. If your petition is approved you may go to the store and buy the rank or witch type.

DISCLAIMER: The staff reserves the right to deny petitions based on stagnant character growth and inactivity. Have three threads in the last month with only one reply from your character does not meet the activity requirement, nor does start two opens right before you posted your petition.
how it works
Ranks must be ascended in order, a witch cannot go from a rank 1 to a rank 3.

Lycanthrope witches are limited to one witch type and the highest they can gain is rank 3

If a petition is denied you have to wait a month before petitioning again with that character. You may petition another character in the same month, but not the same one.

In order for a character to move in up ranks they must have shown some sort of IC growth that would contribute to a rise in power level. This can be anything from joining the coven, to becoming an apprentice to a witch, or finding themselves in difficult situations.

You must be able to explain why it makes sense for your character to advance in level.

You must already have the required amount of posts with your character to obtain the rank they're going for.

You must be active with your character, you must have at least three active threads in the last month and at least two at the time of posting.

Your character must be active when petitioning for a new witch type, they must have at least three active threads in the last month and two at the time of petitioning.

You must be able to explain why they are branching out to a new witch type and how they learned it.

Fully explain the witch type (even if it is a witch type on the board and not a unique one) how it works, it’s limitations, the specialties of the witch type and what your character will be focusing on. (For example: a white witch might choose to focus on healing.)
Please remember you can start at either RANK 1 OR 2 when making a new witch character, you then progress from that point onward through the ranks.

rank 1

free + 25 posts
rank 2

75 pts + 25 posts
rank 3

150 pts + 50 posts

rank 4

250 pts + 100 posts
rank 5

500 pts + 200 posts
These are in addition to the original type that is picked out when making your witch.

type 1

100 psts + 25 posts
type 2

250 pts + 100 posts
type 3

400 pts + 150 posts
♥ vee

purchase code


[b]OOC:[/b] New Character designs/Boards (description, name, place)
[b]Power up:[/b] (IC power up purchases)
[b]Items:[/b] Approval needed

[b]Unique power/item name[/b] - Answer every question for making your own power.

- What does this do?
- How does it work?
- Who does it affect?
- Who doesn't it affect?
- How can it be defended against and? (and more than one please)
-  How does this affect your character when using it?

[u]Notes: [/u]
If this is for a plot? That you have this burning itch? Going for a rank? Tell why they need this or you want it and how it might have come to be about.

[b]Total points spent:[/b] [u]# of points[/u]
[b]Take Points from account:[/b] character name or OOC[/post]

witch petitioning


 [b]Character app link:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]App[/url]

 [b]Current Witch Rank:[/b]

 [b]Character Post count:[/b]

 [b]Peitioning for:[/b] Rank or Witch type

 [b]Explain why it makes sense IC for your character to advance in rank (or become a witch).[/b] Only Fill out if Applying for Rank
 [b]If approved, how will the rise in rank affect your character's powers?[/b]

 [b]If approved, what will your character's focus in this new witch type be and how will this affect their current powers?[/b] Only Fill out if applying for additional witch type or 1st witch type

 [b]Explain why it makes sense IC for your character to learn this new kind of magic (or become a witch).[/b] Only fill out if applying for additional witch type or 1st witch type.

 [b]How would your character learn this new witch type?[/b] Only fill out if applying for witch type

 [b]Link to tracker:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]Tracker[/url][/post]
played by LmmcgWereleopard35 posts
30 years
Private investigator
49 points

Character: Alecto O'Connell

Power up: Beta 2 rank

Total points spent: 40
Take Points from account: Alecto
played by CrystalCat9 posts
28 years
152 points
Songstress Power:

Where another elemental witch would be focusing on chants, spells or potions to form the basis for their Craft and bringing forth their magic it is for Ilya all about the right song. The right melody and the right words.
She doesn't always need to say words, humming a simple tune can work for little magics, such as being able to summon a breeze but the more complex and involved the spell is then the more complicated the music and songs needs to be in order to make it work. As might be readily inferred, silencing Illya would render her almost entirely useless if not completely defenseless. She can also work via the medium of an instrument but it is far more difficult and is very much hit and miss... tapping a rhythm on something, meanwhile, would be even more so and something she would do only in a moment of desperation.

Illya is more of an extension of the winter magic over ice, which has evolved through her song to blend with the wind magic of an elemental witch into something far more unique. It remains very much two types of witchcraft and she remains far more capable when it comes to the ice and the winter energy associated with it.

She would mostly use her magic for defensive purposes when needed-a snowstorm to blind and knock her enemies back, for example, or maybe a wall to separate herself from them that could also be used to hold her enemies in place while she waits for help to arrive. Illya personally and magically would not attack someone else without a very good reason, and even then, she would only attack if she felt there was no other choice.

Illya takes her magic seriously, and while there has to be a specific direction for her ice and snow to do something specific, if there isn't a direction in her songs it will simply become a gentle snowfall in the area where she's singing. In the summer, she especially struggles with the heat and is unable to use her magic to the same full extent as she can in the winter-a song that would produce an ice wall in the winter only produces a weak shield that lasts only a few blows in the summer. She combats this during her concerts by having it indoors in a space with a strong air conditioning system, which helps a little but she would still be unable to produce the large walls that she can in winter.

Her wind magic is also an elemental type of magic and will be petitioned for in game-until such time as she achieves it, she will have control only over ice, and her two magicks will evolve into each other in the game. This will aid and encourage character development, as she will need to learn how to control her wind and ice magic together at the same time-though her wind magic will never be as strong as her ice magic. @Gian @Samantha
played by GianMuse634 posts
36 years
2161 points


By accepting this approval, I hereby understand the rules and my purchase will be done of my own volition.

@Lmmcg @Crystalcat
played by Slap dat booty Mudblood144 posts
19 years
Resident Potato
2183 points

Character: Yasmine al-Halabi

Power up: Plot Twister - The Goddess of War

While this as little to do with her current profession, as her code name is "Athena", this is very much an important part of her past. After Yasmine was rescued by the British SAS from sex slavery to a deranged Arabic war lord, she was delivered to the Scottish government for a top secret program named "Project Valkyrie". There, at the young age of 15, she was groomed to become one of the deadliest, fiercest female assassins in the world. Thanks to a synthesized serum injected into her, she not only had enhanced speed, strength, senses and agility (on top of her lycanthropy) but a plethora of other powers. This past has only just come up in a series of nightmares and small, government print, as unbeknownst to her, she was brainwashed the whole 20 years she was a Valkyrie.

The Serum- Injected into her once, she was granted super speed, strength, reflexes, flexibility and agility. This has only enhanced her predisposed lycanthrope attributes, and she has the power of an alpha 2. She is also a lot more durable. Her bones had become two times denser, allowing her to survive falls of over 40 feet, and less susceptible to breakage during combat. Finally, her senses are heightened, more so than the average alpha werelion.

Top Fighter- The serum allowed heightened muscle memory, targeting the hippcampus. This made learning martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and weapon wielding a whole lot easier. Training at such a young age as well, it would be hard to match her in a single one-one-one fight. She is able to able to master different forms of combat, as well as learn new weapons, in a tenth of the time it would take a normal person, and can fluidly change between them in the heat of combat.

Brainwashed- "Praise to the Baron, Praise to the Mistress" - these eight words (unsure of whether this will be exactly the words, still working on it!) , and Yasmine will fall into a thoughtless state. Her consciousness completely barren. All that's left of her would be her physical shell and her motor skills. Her body will not be hers but those that uttered the words. She will follow any command they say, no matter how ridiculous, and will only stop until that command is fulfilled- even if it means death. She has no idea she's brainwashed, yet only recently started getting horrible nightmares and flashes of what had occurred during her brainwashed states.

Project Valkyrie Plot

Total points spent: 200
Take Points from account: Yasmine al-Halabi
played by Mother of SinOverlord428 posts
24 years
1029 points


Please see the below notes for changes that need to be made to your purchase and repost with your new purchase below.

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