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 Cheers~, @Stefne
played by EchoesKitsune4 posts
Bounty Hunter
22 points
She felt down. Not an uncommon feeling in her life. She could be so good natured, and so loving that sometimes people didn’t realize that her job honestly took a toll on her. But if you asked anyone who went out and murdered people for a living, what did one think their response would be? That they enjoyed it and they did it because it relaxed them? She snorted into her cocktail. A dry martini with two olives. Oh yes, she was picky specific about the things that got her drunk. She sighed softly before turning around on her bar stool and looking around the venue.

There were enough people, although she doubted that this was what the bar called busy. After all, it was only Wednesday. She sighed again and took a long drink, draining the remaining half of the drink. If the taste was strong downing it the way she had her face did not reflect this. Instead she popped both olives into her mouth and turned back to the bartender, ”Hey, can I just start a tab? Here’s my credit card.” The bartender nodded and offered her another, which the kitsune eagerly agreed too. She had to stop moping, perhaps alcohol was the way to get there.

She looked around the room again, looking to see if anyone caught her eye, sure enough a young, beautiful blonde was at the bar as well. Not quite in the flirty mood, the kitsune at least thought she could offer company. Lest some man come up and hit on the beautiful woman before she worked up the good nature to do so herself. As soon as the thin stem of her drink was in her hand she moved over to her, ”Hey, care if I keep you company?” She sat down anyways, self-inviting herself. ”I apologize for being rude, I’m Mirror though. You can tell me to shove off if you wish.”

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