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 It begins, Plot Prompt 1
played by SakairaCouncil22 posts
Ancient years
10000035 points
It Begins

Neither of you recall anything... and its most certainly not where you last were laying your head down for the day either. LAWRENCE, whom is not known to RATRIDEVI being that she missed his arrest at the silent auction and thus are blissfully unaware of such circumstances, find yourselves in a rather odd predicament. You're both handcuffed to a pipe within a what appears to be a basement of an abandoned building.

Coming to as you normally do when the sun sets, what greet your eyes is the empty space that had nothing in it but the sound of dripping water from the ceiling. You're both hungry, as if you haven't had blood in some time and you recall the last time you fed was within your normal span of couping with the thirst... you both know your limit to withstanding this which gives you a clue to how long you might have been away from your beds. Lawrence being you don't stay at the Kiss would find this not abnormal ...well... more than usual to connect the dots... Ratridevi... you were at your office working late. A big early 4 am meeting had kept you there longer than anticipated from your board of directors. You barely made it to your panic room in the office to rest in before the sun came up once the meeting was over and the groggy humans could leave you alone.

There is a flickering light above you, just enough to let you see there are stairs, old and creaking with the wind howling outside. It sounds like it's thunder-storming out there. Glancing about you can see the keys to your silver lined cuffs just out of reach, as if tossed and left there for you to get out on your own. Both your powers are seemingly drained... you feel it, it's a struggle to use them as if the length of time without blood has taken them down a notch.... or perhaps its the burn at your wrists that seems to pull on your powers.

The pipe is too thick to break in your weakened state, and the cuffs have burned your wrists where they contact. It hurts with a sizzling but not as bad as pure silver so its somewhat lined from what you both can gather. You don't have your phones, but your'e both dressed in clothes that are from your wardrobes. Jackets and the like that are somewhat damp, which suggests this rain has been going all day from when you were last outside... which... you don't remember.

There is a way to escape.... and it looks like you have to because no one it coming for the savings. First things first.... get out of the cuffs.

Tag in 4-6 posts depending on where you get to in this.

@Locke @liannis
played by LockeMember25 posts
812 years
CEO | Entrepreneur
28 points
wisdom is living in the present, planning
for the future and
learning from the past
Consciousness came suddenly, as it always did when the sun finally dipped below the skyline. Vampires did not "sleep"; they died with the rising sun and so there was no gradual awakening, no soft creep back to awareness. There was nothing and then there was simply... was. The return of what essence or 'soul' that encompassed who and what she was.

Yet when Ratridevi opened her eyes, she felt as though she had woken in one of those Hollywood horror movies. Should she now expect a masked man with a machete to venture down the creaking stairs. With the howling wind and weather storming outside, it was certaintly... atmospheric. She was certainly not in the panic-room adjacent to her office. In fact, she suspected that it had been some time since that board meeting had wrapped and she had laid her head down for her daytime rest. She hungered in a way that suggested to her that it had been several days since then - or perhaps it was the silver burning at her wrist that was making her feel so out of sorts?

More worrying was that she had no knowledge of how she had come to be where she was. Or who she was with. Still, one problem at a time - she was more concerned with the handcuffs than the young vampire at the other end of them.

Eyes drawn to the keys on the ground, it was quickly established that they were out of mere arms' reach and that, in their weakened states, neither of them were in a position to break the unfortunately robust pipe. Ratridevi really despised silver. Not being the sort to panic in a crisis, she twisted to remove one of her shoes and then, stretching as far as her arms would allow, she used the heel to hook the keys and drag them toward her across the ground.

Whoever said that high heels couldn't be practical and beautiful?

Calmly unlocking the cuff around her wrist, Ratridevi passed the keys to her fellow prisoner and carefully stood to replace her shoe. Brushing down her damp clothing, she rubbed her wrist where the silver had burned her skin and turned to face Lawrence, chin tilted up as she frowned slightly, "And whom might you be? Your face is not familar to me. Do you know where we are or how we came to be here?"

played by LiannisRogue40 posts
270 years
5 points
…and yet there are endless mysteries
under that clarity, behind those naked,
fairy-tale eyes
It was truly an odd feeling. One moment to be inanimate, devoid of life, and the next to be fully conscious. Though today, Larry knew he was not at his best. First, because he was not in the place he considered home and second, because his urge to feed was considerably stronger than it would normally be upon rising. The weather was something out of a gothic novel, with rain and wind raging. He was handcuffed to a beautiful woman who looked as confused as he was about their situation. Moving his arm caused the silver in the cuff to bite into his skin and he hissed briefly. Brit didn't hate him this much anymore, and he'd bloodoathed to Nova, so what was going on? Larry was still pondering the situation when his partner in whatever this was removed one of her classy heels, stretched, and managed to pick up the keys with the heel of her shoe. The impressed look in his eyes was obvious as she handed the keys over to him, and he unlocked his own cuff. Slipping the keys into his pocket, he idly rubbed his wrist. The mark left by the silver would seem to indicate they'd been held there for a little while.

When she spoke, head tilted to look him in the eyes, Larry smiled. "My name is Larry Underwood, and it is I who should be thanking you. The last time I had to break out of cuffs, my thumb ended up dislocated. You probably don't know me because I only recently joined the Kiss." He decided it would be best to leave the part out about it being under duress. "As far as where we are and why, I'm afraid I am as clueless as you are. The last thing I remember was going to sleep at home, but I daresay that was some time ago."

played by LockeMember25 posts
812 years
CEO | Entrepreneur
28 points
wisdom is living in the present, planning
for the future and
learning from the past
Ratridevi could say, with absolute certainty, that she had absolutely no interest in being anyone's damsel in distress. The universe helped those that helped themselves, and it wasn't in her nature to sit around and wait to be rescued when she was perfectly capable to trying to see to her own release. There was a time and a place to act the helpless woman but there was nothing to be gained by it here, so she simply took matters into her own hands. Nearly eight-hundred years old and a Master, she was not going to wait for the axe-wielding murderer to come down the stairs, if that's what was waiting for them. She'd rather face the situation on her feet - not tied up like the proverbial lamb.

"Larry," Ratridevi repeated softly, as though committing his face and name to memory. No, she didn't recognise him - by name or reputation - so she had no option but to take him at his word. "I have been out of the city on business recently, so if you have only just joined us then yes, I was not aware." She made a mental note to speak to Rajnish; she still desired a more detailed account of what had happened in her absence, and she trusted her sire to be more open with her than most. "I am Ratridevi. You have done this before?" Not meaning this precise situation but the implication that he had been, at some point, held against his will.

His summary of events ran parallel to her own suspicions: she could not remember anything beyond laying her head down in her panic room at the office, and this was not the following sundown. Despite her discomfiture, Ratridevi remained outwardly calm. Nothing was ever achieved by getting flustered over things you could not control. Instead, she focused on what she could control and actually do something about. It was a far more practical use of their time.

"I believe it has been several days, judging by my appetite," she said slowly, still thinking it through. She did not know how or why she could remember the past few nights. Absently, she patted her pockets. Her phone was missing, which was strange because she always had it on her person. She was always contactable by phone or email - as the CEO of her company, she had to be reachable at all times. "My phone is missing, and I doubt that anyone knows where we are."

Abruptly she switched to Hindi, an old dialect that she shared with her sire, hoping that its use in conjunction with his name would draw Rajnish's attention to her. Even if she couldn't tell him where she was or what had happened, it would do no harm to let him know that there was a situation. Rajnish? I do not know where I am. I am with a young vampire, Larry Underwood, in the bottom of an abandoned building. No phone, and I do not know how much time has gone by. Something or someone has interfered with us while we rested. How much of her message would reach him, she could not be sure but at least he would know that she was still among the 'living'.

Turning her attention back to Larry, she returned to English: "I suggest we head upstairs and see if we can establish our location but I believe we should proceed with caution. I cannot think of anything or anyone that can easily interfere with vampires while they sleep." At least nothing that she wanted to voice aloud - there was a fear, a small suspicion but she feared to speak of it. Ignoring the flickering light, Ratridevi proceeded toward the stairs, senses straining outward into the dark.

ooc notes:
  • Ratridevi and Rajnish both possess Consulting with the Dark (Marmee Noir power) - so I'm really just tagging @Gian Avur for reference, since Ratri can't actually tell him that much.
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