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 [M] The Real "V" in Valentines, Orion & Savvy
24 years
120 points
♥ Would you be my ♥

She'd been thinking about it for awhile. Ever since she'd first met Orion months ago and the pair had spent more and more time together. At first it had been casual. Just hanging out and getting to know each other. Then there'd been actually dating and Savvy had become undeniably even more smitten. Orion was attentive and funny and accepting of everything she was. From her geek, nerdy snorting to the fact Savvy was poly amorous and would never likely settle into just 'one' relationship now would she choose between dating men or women. Not to mention, he hadn't pushed her to have sex. Sure, they'd shared some super sexy hands and mouth time all over each others bodys and Orion had dry fucked her so hard though his pants she half wondered if he hadn't sanded his dick down to a stub (if it weren't for the fact that he was till very readily hugeeee in her hand).

So when he'd asked her out for Valentine's Savvy's heart had galloped with excitement. It would be the first time in forever she hadn't spent the dreaded hallmark holiday alone and single. The first time where she had someone she genuinely cared for at her side and she was excited to spend it with him - even if the holiday was in a lot of ways wrong.

Checking her 'outfit' one last time in the full length mirror, Savvy slid into her coat and ankle length jacket she'd chosen to wear and slipped easily into the pair of black high heels. Inside her chest her heart was jack hammering with nerves. She'd made the decision to ask him two things tonight. Two things she desperately hoped the answer was yes. So she took a deep breath and dashed her eyes up to the clock. Double checking herself in the mirror. Her make-up was subtle and sensual tonight. Not to heavy on the eyeliner and her lashes had curled perfectly.

Waiting for the knock on the door, Savvy took a deep breath when it came and opened it with a small, blossoming smile. "Hey there handsome..." She whispered, finding it very suddenly hard to speak and warm in her apartment. "I Uh..I'm just...about ready." She said, tripping over her words nervously as she backed up and opened the door all the way. "Would you mind coming in for...just a minute...I just...there's something um" Savvy huffed, laughed snorted like she did when she was nervous and curled her fingers around the floor length jackets cuffs. "I mean...before we go, could you come in? there's a thing...well two things I wanted to ask you..."

|| @Yvonne ||
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