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Nea Westbrook
played by Gian Avur
  • joined 15-December 16
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She had eyes like a storm and lightning in her blood. When she slept, I laid my head upon her chest, and heard no heartbeat - only thunder
Until this past year, Nea didn't know she had a twin sister and has attempted to learn more about and spend time with this sibling with only limited success

Nea has a natural affinity towards the spirits of the land, in particular she has a bond with the landvaettir of New York and his is guardian

She grew up in a coven and is far more experienced than is typical for someone her age, the kind of training and learning is fairly unique as they kept many of their very oldest traditions alive in isolation

Not a subject she is drawn on, Nea is actually expected to have magical children at some point and in spite of her decision to remain in New York she is worried about being forced to carry this out

She has an additional psychic ability that is tied very strongly to her emotions; so for Nea when she is sad it really does rain
Nea really wants to see the best. She had an isolated and sheltered upbringing and that has affected a lot of her personal outlook on the world and people in it. She feels that she has failed the most when it comes to the relationship with her twin but Nea remains hopeful.

Keaton Lawling
|| High Priest of the Coven

Mona Reynolds
|| Twin sister & witch

Amaris Bolivar
|| Coven witch

Dietrich Morgenstern
|| Boyfriend

|| Landvaettir
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