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 Superlative Awards!
played by SinStaffOmni25 posts
Infinite years
Judge Jury Executioner
972275 points
And the winners are

Best Couple : Deanji
Best Ship: Draven Slade/Kimberly Waters
Best Sense of Humor: Cyril Lewis
Best Character Arc: HASC - Toby Miller
Best Event of the Year: Thanos

Biggest Flirt: Draven Slade
Most Original Character: Manuchar Basra

Best Vampire: Quinn Cole
Best Leopard: Jenna Beaumont
Best Wolf: Draven Slade
Best Lion: Andy Ryker
Best Human: Cash Ryker
Best Witch: Keaton Lawling
Best Animator: Mairead Anderson
Best Merrow: Jesper
Best Wanderer: Gavin Walker
Best Yokai: Bakari

Most likely to - Never be single: Kimberly Waters
Most likely to - Quietly take over the world: Nova
Most likely to - Forced to see a Therapist: Orinosuke Ito
Most likely to - Always be the heartbreaker: Etienne de la Fountaine
Most likely to - Be a Drama Queen: Orinosuke Ito
Most likely to - Accidentally kill someone: Aidan Parks
Most likely to - Cause a fight: Pawlina Bosko
Most likely to - Be in a porn: Kimberly Waters
Most likely to - Kill their significant other: Manuchar Basra
Most likely to - Get arrested for public nudity: All Lycans
Most likely to - Always be happy: Minnie Soo Kyong

OOC - Best RPer: Jo-Jo
OOC - Best Writer: Samantha
OOC - Best Smutter: Sakaira
OOC - Create Unique Characters: Atraevus
OOC - Fastest poster: Gian Avur
OOC - Most Helpful: Staff
OOC - Most Creative: Slapshot
OOC - Most Active: Gian Avur
OOC - Most Funniest: Locke
OOC - Best Plotter: Leelan

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