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 Point Store
played by SinStaffOmni41 posts
Infinite years
Judge Jury Executioner
828401 points
sinsomnia store
this is where you can spend your well earned points on whatever you'd like
how to buy
in character - out of character
what to buy
new - upgrades - special
creation rules
member - staff
waiting period
staff approval needed
time to spend those points





PURCHASE AND LEAVE - DO NOT USE ITEM - more info read below

When you want to make a purchase all you need to do is follow these simple steps so that your purchase can be approved. This must be done BEFORE you use the points OR apply any of the changes that would result. You may Transfer Points from any account to another using the store - You need to use the full name and beware of symbols in the name.

Using the code below, (deleted as applicable) post a reply to this thread using either the character you are applying your purchase against OR your Out of Character (OOC) account if it is for a new character.

Wait for approval. Admins will tag your OOC account when the purchase has been approved or denied, usually pending amendments but please remember ALL purchases can be denied at the discretion of the Admins. As a result of this it is very important that you Do not purchase first, always wait for approval.

Once approved by the staff, you should then go to the store and purchase the item while logged into under your Character account Or OOC if its a new character buy to purchase. Do not 'Use' the item' as this will cause it to vanish from your Inventory and invalidate the whole purchase.

Finally, you need to go and UPDATE everything, from your application to the necessary amendments in the site census as well. If you are confused or have questions, please ask a member of the staff for assistance. Do not forget to claim any additional award badges as well, that thread is located here

available items

When making any new character you can apply any of the following to that character, in order to start with a specific species, ability or power level in order to begin with those attributes or with the wanderer species, shapeshifter species and/or the yokai species which must always be purchased unless gifted by the Staff during events.

Necromancer, Alpha, Master, Siren & yokai

All of these character types must be purchased either when making the new character OR through actual play and power development. Every player is entitled to make up to one master vampire, and three alphas, which can be made up of a necromancer, siren and any lycanthrope species OR consist of any combination of those three options; so you can have an alpha lion, alpha wolf and merrow siren as an example. Once you have filled the alpha slots you may purchase additional extra slots at the discretion of the Staff.

It is also, at the discretion of the Staff, for you to purchase additional slots for yokai, this includes dragoon as well. It will always be dependant on approval beforehand and on the successful creation of a yokai concept in the case of those characters.


100 points

Siren 1

100 points
extra slot

400 points
Necromancer, Alpha or Siren
extra slot

extra slot

400 points
Yokai (inc. Dragoon)

Rare Bloodline, Wanderer, shapeshifter, Yokai & Banned

At the moment there are three rare vampire bloodlines; marmee noir, vittorio and the member created bloodline novaline. In order, to start with a character from one of these bloodlines you must purchase them first and have it approved by the Staff. All of these vampires are non-master at the time of their creation and are subject to the same rules as any other vampire bloodline, any over the age of two hundred cannot grow into a master vampire level of power.

When making a lycanthrope who is not from one of the established groups on the board (which are currently werelion, wereleopard and werewolf) they are classed as a wanderer and must therefore be purchased, you can either make a beta 1 level who will have THREE powers, OR an alpha 1 level who will have FIVE powers. These powers are written by the member making the purchase and are subject to revision and final approval by the Staff.

You can also make any new lycanthrope with a beta 2 level or alpha 1 level, neither of these comes with any additional powers but is merely an upgrade in strength.

It is possible to make shapeshifters as a new character, these are not lycanthropes but are either born or cursed to change. They are allowed FIVE member written powers at their creation, one of which should be how they are able to change form.

The rarest species on the board are the yokai, all of these must be purchased (unless won or gifted by Staff). However, due to the rare natures and complexities, you must submit a concept form here and have it approved by the Staff before making the purchase. Yokai are allowed five member written powers at the time of their creation.

It is also possible to make a character with an otherwise banned trait, which are included on this list and again this must be approved by the Staff.

Marmee Noir Vampire

90 points
Vittorio Vampire

90 points
novaline Vampire

wanderer (beta 1)

70 points
only lycanthrope species
wanderer (beta 2)

100 points
only lycanthrope species
wanderer (alpha 1)

120 points
lycanthrope (beta 1)

only lion, leopard or wolf
lycanthrope (beta 2)

60 points
only lion, leopard or wolf
lycanthrope (alpha 1)

120 points
only lion, leopard or wolf

120 points

140 points
banned trait

90 points
available items

locations, personal plots & twists

These are for the purchases that will affect your character's own development on the site, in the case of the subforum this can be for a business or when they decide to get their own place. When asking to purchase this particular item please make sure you add a description for the forum you want to have added to the site. If it is not used (no new threads or posts) for six months the Staff will remove it from the site forums; you may appeal this happening but the final decision rests with the Staff.

With respect to the personal plot & plot twister; these are invariably created by the Staff for your character. Who must already be created on the site, the plot may be large or small and the more information about what you'd like and not like will help us create something unique for your character. The plot twister allows for an explanation of events, abilities and even some unknown heritage that has been revealed or become apparent in gameplay. These will affect the history of your character.

personal subforum

50 points
personal plot

100 points
plot twister

200 points
character surprises & pregnancy

Should you buy the surprise pack; expect that to happen. It can be anything from a change in looks to a new ability or even a curse.

Finally, pregnancy this is fairly self explanatory and applies to all species on the board. If you want to thread out an unsuccessful pregnancy you do not need to buy this from the store and can instead simply thread out the events on the site.

If your female character is a human, psychic or witch then you do not need to do anything more than carry on in the normal course of events. If your female character is a lycanthrope then you need to confirm that there are no other current pregnancies within your species as only ONE per lycanthrope species is allowed. This is due to the inherent difficulty of lycanthrope women managing to succeed in holding onto a pregnancy due to the stress of shifting each month. You will also need to provide a solution for how the pregnant lycanthrope is able to avoid losing the baby.

For merrow females they must decide if they are in merrow or human form during conception as they will be stuck in that for the duration of their six month pregnancy.

surprise pack

150 points

100 points
available items

For the most part this is where you can come to purchase a new level for your lycanthrope as they grow and develop. None of these power upgrades come with additional powers at the time of purchase and are about the growth in strength and capability not the number of powers that the character actually has to use.

You start as Omega and can upgrade to Beta 1 for free. No, this is not power buying, but STRENGTH buying. It's a leveling system within the Lycans to identify whose more powerful than another. This does not mean that because you have more powers that you are more powerful than that above you.

Omega ► Beta 1 ► Beta 2 ► Alpha 1 ► Alpha 2 ► Alpha 3

All the alpha 3 are the leaders of individual groups and under certain conditions they can be challenged for their role and your character would then advance to that level providing they are successful and pending a successful application for the plot to the Staff team for approval.

You cannot buy any species powers which are not your own, for instance a werewolf cannot but the species powers of a werelion; the exception to this is if your character as a dual infection and can then purchase from either species group pending approval from the Staff.

No psychic power can be bought for your lycanthrope, only when turned from human on site to keep their psychic power, after making the appropriate purchase to do so. In addition, the mix of lycanthrope and witch is also exceptionally rare and therefore it has a limited availability, if you should wish to purchase a witch option for your lycanthrope then you need to make the appropriate shop purchase pending approval from the Staff.

It is very rare for a lycanthrope to contract a second (dual) infection, it is therefore both a costly purchase as well as having limited availability. At this time panweres are solely a donor award and are also limited to the discretion of the Staff pending approval.

beta 1

beta 2

40 pts + 25 posts
alpha or siren 1

80 pts + 50 posts
alpha or siren 2
100 pts + 75 posts
dual infection

300 points
For all species powers brought in addition to the ones chosen at creation, must be paid for and approved by the Staff, there are two prices depending on whether it involves a regular power or an alpha or siren ability. So, make sure to choose the correct pricing scale at the time of purchase. All of the powers must be written out fully when applying to purchase them showing that have personalised them for your character and allowing the Staff to see that you understand the power in question.

When it comes to a TRUE MATE bond between two individuals of the same species, you can gain and develop a unique and FREE power, please claim below and go to the SITE STORE in order to make the purchase, please then head to the AWARDS and the RELATIONSHIP TRACKER to make sure you both get the badge and each other's names added as well.

species power

40 points
species power (alpha)

50 points
species power (siren)

50 points
species power (true mate)

available items

The term soudre de sang means literally 'fountainhead' and is when a master vampire has grown in sufficient power to act as the head of their own bloodline. This is exceptionally rare and as a result has a limited availability on the site. Any approvals are subject to the Staff and a conscious level of plot and character development will need to have been seen on the site beforehand.

You are able to purchase an additional animal to call, providing your character is a member of Padma's bloodline, this does not allow your character to have more than one animal servant.

soudre de sang

400 pts + 150 posts
It is possible under some circumstances for a triumverate to be created between a master vampire, human servant and animal servant. It is rare to happen, and is more common to see it merely as a threesome rather than any metaphysical bonding. As a result of this the number available on the site is limited and any approval is at the discretion of the Staff.

When purchasing the first mark of a human servant, the master vampire must have the my servant power in their character application as well as a minimum of thirty posts. The master vampire then has to spend the point requirement for the first mark and the same point amount for each additional mark; three more, until the servant is fully marked. You do not have to fully mark a servant within the same thread, in fact we activiely encouraged to have this occur over a period of several threads. It can happen over an extended period of time.

In the case of purchasing the first mark of an animal servant, the the master vampire must have the my servant AND animal to call power in their character application as well as a minimum of thirty posts. The master vampire then has to spend the point requirement for the first mark and the same point amount for each additional mark; three more, until the servant is fully marked. You do not have to fully mark a servant within the same thread, in fact we activiely encouraged to have this occur over a period of several threads. It can happen over an extended period of time.

The overall cost for marking a servant does not have to be earned solely by the master vampire but they should be the account purchasing the marks so it is possible to keep track of the marks.


450 pts + 50 posts
human servant mark

80 pts per mark
animal servant mark

80 pts per mark
It is possible to upgrade your character to a master vampire, you must have sufficient points as well as a minimum of fifty posts and your vampire also needs to be under two hundred years old; if any of these are not applicable it will mean that is unlikely your character can become a Master. As always it remains at the discretion of the Staff for final approval.

For all species power brought in addition to the ones chosen at creation, must be paid for and approved by the Staff, there are two prices depending on whether it involves a regular power or a master ability. So, make sure to choose the correct pricing scale at the time of purchase. All of the powers must be written out fully when applying to purchase them showing that have personalised them for your character and allowing the Staff to see that you understand the power in question.

master upgrade

80 pts + 50 posts
species power

40 points
species power (master)

50 points
Rare Master Power

100 points
(includes master only powers for Padma, Traveller, Vittorio, etc.)
available items

It is possible to upgrade your character to a necromancer, you must have sufficient points as well as a minimum of fifty posts. As always it remains at the discretion of the Staff for final approval.

For all species power brought in addition to the ones chosen at creation, must be paid for and approved by the Staff, this applies to witch and psychic powers, any additional unique powers are separate from this. All of the powers must be written out fully when applying to purchase them showing that have personalised them for your character and allowing the Staff to see that you understand the power in question.

witch power

40 points
psychic power

40 points
necromancer upgrade

80 pts + 50 posts
When going from a psychic to a lycanthrope or vampire, you are only allowed to keep three psychic powers if you have amounted several on a human. Be prepared to lose some as now they will be taking from the new species they have been turned to. If they are a witch you may keep your magic but will generally lose all but the basic abilities. These are both rare and as a result are limited in availability, they are subject to approval by the Staff before being accepted.
changed on site

90 pts + 30 posts
If you should wish to, instead of picking from the available list of witch types available on the site, you can submit your own type. This is subject to approval by the Staff and you will need to explain the concept to the Staff along with any particular abilities they possess. These are limited in number and availabliity.

unique witch type

50 points

The witch ranks are explained in the witch guide

The way witches grow in power is different to the rest of the species on the site. Psychics, lycanthropes, and vampires don’t learn new powers so much as figure out they have them or grow into them. Witches, on the other hand, have to learn and practice their craft to hone it and get better. In order to gain a witch type or rise in rank you must fill out the petition form for either rank or witch type or both. If your petition is approved you may go to the store and buy the rank or witch type.

Fill out the peitioning code under the purchasing code to apply for a petition

Ranks must be ascended in order, a witch cannot go from a rank 1 to a rank 3.
Lycanthrope witches are limited to one witch type and the highest they can gain is rank 3
If a petition is denied you have to wait a month before petitioning again with that character. You may petition another character in the same month, but not the same one.
Rank Requirements

Rank 1 - Non-witch learning witchcraft
Rank 2 - Witches advancing for the first time
Rank 3 - Common stopping point for most witches
Rank 4 - Extremely skilled witch, rare
Rank 5 - Mastery level witch, takes years to attain this level, if ever

Rank 1

+ 25 posts
Rank 2

75 points
+ 25 Posts
Rank 3

150 points
+ 50 posts
Rank 4

250 points
+ 100 posts
Rank 5

500 points
+ 200 posts
Witch Type Requirements

First witch type is for non-witches becoming witches and includes rank one.
1st Type

100 points
+ 25 posts
2nd Type

250 points
+ 100 posts
3rd Type

400 points
+ 150 posts

Petitioning for Rank

In order for a character to move in up ranks they must have shown some sort of IC growth that would contribute to a rise in power level. This can be anything from joining the coven, to becoming an apprentice to a witch, or finding themselves in difficult situations.

You must be able to explain why it makes sense for your character to advance in level.

You must already have the required amount of posts with your character to obtain the rank they're going for.

You must be active with your character, you must have at least three active threads in the last month and at least two at the time of posting.

Petitioning for Witch Type

Just as leveling up, your character must already have the required amount of posts and be the correct rank to get a new witch type.

Your character must be active when petitioning for a new witch type, they must have at least three active threads in the last month and two at the time of petitioning.

You must be able to explain why they are branching out to a new witch type and how they learned it.

Fully explain the witch type (even if it is a witch type on the board and not a unique one) how it works, it’s limitations, the specialties of the witch type and what your character will be focusing on. (For example: a white witch might choose to focus on healing.)


The staff reserves the right to deny petitions based on stagnant character growth and inactivity. Have three threads in the last month with only one reply from your character does not meet the activity requirement, nor does starting two opens right before you posted your petition.
available items

When considering the species change option, you must remember this is not in relation to the human to vampire or lycanthrope (including wanderer speices who are not shapeshifters or cursed), this is instead about completely altering the species of your character. So, for instance a vampire becoming a merrow or a werewolf becoming a yokai. This needs to be explained, either in character or more often out of character and is designed to help when you have lost the muse or feel that the character has developed into a something not in keeping with or related to their original species choice.

If this involves swapping between vampire to lycanthrope you are able to do an ability like for like, so three lycanthrope powers become three vampire powers. You do not get the ability to upgrade them to alpha, master or siren or necromancer on changing. That needs to be purchased separatey and is subject to the approval of the Staff, along with the rest of the change.

Should you decide to change to a yokai, you must first submit the concept form, located here and have it approved first. You will also lose all your other abilities when swapping over.

species change

250 points
All the options below require that you write out in detail the powers at the time of purchase so that they can be reviewed and approved by the Staff, the exception is when it comes to the Staff written options and that is why it is a higher cost. As usual all purchases are not final until approved by the Staff whatever they are and you are encouraged to be detailed and explain all the nuances of the purchases you are making, including the weaknesses.
power swap

20 points
unique power (member)

45 points
unique power (staff)

70 points
unique feature (member)

40 points
unique feature (staff)

70 points
magical item (member)

40 points
magical item (staff)

70 points
magical weapon

80 points
unique pet

90 points
available items

Speciality Potions

There are other potions which can be made or created on the site and generally speaking it is the New york city coven who will supply these, along with various shops. You can purchases various strengths of the potion here and then explain what specifically the potion is able to do or not do. These are however single-use (with exceptions, at the discretion of the Staff) items and would need to be purchased again.
Weak Potion

10 points
Average Potion

40 points
Strong Potion

80 points
One of an incredibly experimental (and potentially dangerous) serios of potions developed by some of the elder witches from the old Coven before it was destroyed over a year ago, these grant any lycanthrope the ability to repress their beast during the three day period when the moon is full. This is not a widely known secret and generally speaking lycanthrope females in particular who purposefully become pregnant need to reply on a powerful alpha (usually) being nearby in order to take their beast if that is an option for them. That is by far the safest option for lycanthrope women and it still comes with some risk.

When using this potion for a prolonged period of time (say nine to ten months) the user will become progressively weakened and sick. In a sense they are more fatigued, as well as an overall dampening effect to their enhanced abilities, like speed, strength and healing along with a experiencing a disconnect to their animal.

As a result even after finishing taking this potion the user will need to work are restoring that inner sense of balance and many find themselves returning almost to a state akin to being a newly made lycanthrope. This is a very dangerous and even potentially fatal option for a lycanthrope female to user during pregnancy and most witches and doctors would be be unlikelty to recommend it. This is not the easy option.

As always when making any purchase, it remains subject to the approval of the Staff before it can be used.

Lunar Eclispe

40 points
The staff will now have access to the a library of available items; including former potions, which can be rewarded during events as well as via the character surprise packs which are available for purchase via the store.

purchase code
[post][title]Purchasing - post with Character account[/title] [b]Character:[/b] [b]OOC:[/b] New Character designs/Boards (description, name, place) [b]Power up:[/b] (IC power up purchases) [b]Potions:[/b] [color=red]IF YOU'RE [b]JUST[/b] USE YOUR POINTS, UPDATE YOUR PROFILE. NO NEED TO WAIT FOR APPROVAL.[/color] [b]Items:[/b] Approval needed [b]Unique power/item name[/b] - Answer every question for making your own power. [b]What does this do? How does it work? Who does it affect? Who doesn't it affect? How can it be defended against and? (and more than one please) How does this affect your character when using it?[/b] A few things to know - You either get magically or physically affecting. The mind and bodily take overs are being noticed that's being a 'thing' and we're watching for this... The greater the power, MORE it affects how your character uses it. Alpha's, leaders, masters are powerful for a reason and affecting them is difficult in these ways. Side effects are good to have, and we're asking for more detail other than just vague descriptors from here on in. [u]Notes: [/u] If this is for a plot? That you have this burning itch? Going for a rank? Tell why they need this or you want it and how it might have come to be about. [b]Total points spent:[/b] [u]# of points[/u] [b]Take Points from account:[/b] character name or OOC [/post]
witch petition code
[post][title]petitioning - [CHARACTER NAME][/title]  [b]Character app link:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]App[/url]  [b]Current Witch Rank:[/b]  [b]Character Post count:[/b]  [b]Peitioning for:[/b] Rank or Witch type  [b]Explain why it makes sense IC for your character to advance in rank (or become a witch).[/b] Only Fill out if Applying for Rank  [b]If approved, how will the rise in rank affect your character's powers?[/b]  [b]If approved, what will your character's focus in this new witch type be and how will this affect their current powers?[/b] Only Fill out if applying for additional witch type or 1st witch type  [b]Explain why it makes sense IC for your character to learn this new kind of magic (or become a witch).[/b] Only fill out if applying for additional witch type or 1st witch type.  [b]How would your character learn this new witch type?[/b] Only fill out if applying for witch type  [b]Link to tracker:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]Tracker[/url][/post]
staff only
[dohtml] <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abril+Fatface|Archivo" rel="stylesheet"> <style> .approved-contain {  position: relative;  height: 429px; } .approvedtext h1 {    font:100px 'abril fatface';     color:#d9e9f1;     margin-top: -330px;     margin-left: -130px; }       .approvedline {    width:260px;     height:2px;     top: 20px;     background:#7e9bab;     position: relative;     margin-left: 35px;     margin-top: -95px; } .approvedline h2 {    font:10px 'archivo narrow';     font-weight:700;     color:#fff;     letter-spacing:5px;     text-transform:uppercase; position: relative; top: 15px; left: 50px; width: 350px; text-align: left; } .links h2 {    font:10px 'archivo narrow';     font-weight:700;     color:#fff;     letter-spacing:7px;     text-transform:uppercase; position: relative; top: 190px; width: 80%; text-align: center; } .links a {    font:10px 'archivo narrow';     font-weight:700;     color:#fff;     letter-spacing:3px;     text-transform:uppercase;     text-decoration: underline; } .approvedline h2 i {    font-style:italic;     color:#868b9f; } .tag {    width: 400;    height: auto;    position: relative;    left: -5px;    top: -220px;    line-height: 110%;    font-family: 'archivo narrow';    font-size: 10px;    text-align: center;    text-transform: uppercase;    color: #fff;    padding: 3px;    z-index: 5;    background: transparent; } </style> <center> <div class="approved-contain"> <img src="https://i.imgur.com/Xhhv9GZ.jpg"> <div class="approvedtext"><h1>approved</h1></div> <div class="approvedline"><h2>By accepting this approval, I hereby understand the rules and my purchase will be done of my own volition. </h2> </div> <div class="links"> <h2><a href=http://sinsomnia.net/index.php?showtopic=1310>N.A.M.S Status Awards</a> ||  <a href=http://sinsomnia.net/index.php?showforum=9>Update Your application</a> ||  <a href=http://sinsomnia.net/index.php?showforum=85>Update HQ's</a> </h2></div> </div> </center> [/dohtml]
played by SlapshotSpathi | Enforcer71 posts
99 years
Trainer at Strikers
215 points
Updated - 5/16 @Gian Avur

Purchasing - post with Character account

Character: Kaleb Hoffman
OOC: Slapshot
Power up:
Kaleb is a hot blooded man, who is prone to bouts of anger and frustration. This has somewhat manifested into a power for him, unlocked through constant exposure to those angered and annoyed by his presence. He is able to somewhat unlock the secrets to what makes a person angry just based on looking at them, but it is a lot weaker than actually physically touching them. While feeding, he has sufficiently made that person hot headed enough, he is able to satiate himself for far longer than a normal feeding. He can also feed off of anger itself, and while it won't necessarily make him full, it can sustain blood feeding for a little while longer.

Soldiers in Arms
Through combat with other enforcers, Kaleb has gained the ability to share his physical prowess with others. This will last around 1-3 hours, depending on the fight and how many vamps receive this buff. Kaleb's own fighting is not diminished by sharing this power (as in he will not forget to fight or find his strength gone) but it will make him feel a little more fatigued. Two skills are shared with other vampires- hand-to-hand combat and archery. Archery is a little less useful as the vamipres around him need a bow and arrow (which isn't exactly common now-a-days) but hand-to-hand combat can prove life-saving. The vampires will also experience a little strength boost, but not significantly. After the 1-3 hours, the vampire(s) Kaleb shared his powers with will return to their normal fighting skill. There are no lingering powers. This can only be used on vampires.

This power states that the user will either have tougher skin or be more swift and evasive during combat. Kaleb favors the swift side. Through training and fighting in the field, Kaleb has gained the ability to become a master at evading attacks as well as become faster in combat. There is no real downside to this power, as his mastery has made it a lot easier to dodge attacks.

Items: Magical Item- Death's Harp -

Death's Harp is a bow blessed with the kiss of the Goddess of Death. Not only is it nearly imperious to breakage and very light, easy for the user to carry, but it is enchanted with dark magic. Arrows knocked onto this bow will receive the enchantment. It basically sends out either a leeching or disintegrating curse, depending on which type of arrow Kaleb knocks. The leeching curse drains a targets life force. It works over a period of a minute. The first thirty seconds, the target feels fatigued, starts to slow down. The next 30 seconds they will start feeling burns on their skin and by the minute they will faint. The only cure for this is holy water, or a period of 8 hours. The disintegrating curse will basically eat away at any material- including skin and bone, like acid. It can eat away the toughest of armor, although this can be negated by holy water/holy objects/blessings.

Notes: To help him defend Kiss with his rank as spathi.

Total points spent: 200

Take Points from account: Kaleb Hoffman
played by GianMuse562 posts
36 years
3039 points


By accepting this approval, @Samantha @Slapshot hereby understand the rules and my purchase will be done of my own volition.

for slapshot

The above approval relates to Kaleb Hoffman at the moment (just checking over Amber) winks, so bear with me.

With respect to the item, we need a couple of amendments.
Given the nature (species) of the character, we would ideally like an alternative to holy water as the sole means of counteracting the effects. As well as more specifics in terms of the limits depending on the individual, it's used again and how long the effects will last.

Your powers are all fine as they stand and you can edit them into your application as soon as you like! Just tag again and we will look at the item once it's been edited.
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Purchasing - post with Character account

Character: Draven Slade

Power up: Surprise Pack

Draven Recently hit 500 posts! So to celebrate I want to give him shinies.

As part of this I'd really like this as a 'second' wolf 'hybrid' ish form for him.

user posted image

Total points spent: 150 of points
Take Points from account: Draven Slade
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0 points
Purchasing - post with Character account

Character: Melody Prescott
Power up: Magical Item or Magical Feature

[ Notes: Melody's been around for so long, I just thought she might have picked up something special along the way.

Total points spent: 70
Take Points from account: Melody Prescott
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165 points
Purchasing - post with Character account

Character:Yeong-Ja Yu-Jin
Unique power/item name - Gris Gris of magical energy -- Gris gris are magical utility items that majority of sympathetic witches uses in one form or another. This gris, gris is something that Yu-Jin has created with his own two hands. It fits perfectly to his upper bicep. The leather holds several enchantments etched into the insides of the leather, one of those enchantments is for the sole purpose of gathering magical energy around Yu-Jin in small doses. Nothing major to draw attention from those keen to such matters or to cause harm to anyone.

The jewel that is set inside the leather band is also holds an etched enchantment that stores said magical essence for later usage. What usage that is, is up to Yu-jin. He can use the stored magical energy to amplify the effects of spells or enchantments he has already casted. To use said magic to cast any spells or enchantments instead of using his own magic or the surrounding magic in the area; which makes for a good emergency source of power when his drained or there is no magical presence in the area.

This Gris Gris does have a couple of drawbacks. The first being it takes about three days to get the Gris gris a full charge. The gris gris can be used without it being fully charged, the number of spells it could create or amplify would be limited to a few. Speaking of number of spells the gris gris could amplify or create a full charge is at less five. Although a large spell that would consume a lot of magic would consume the full charge of the magic that has been stored in the jewel of the gris gris.

Another drawback of the gris gris is that if the jewel is damaged the magical energy is released, and that release could be a dangerous one. If the enchantments of the leather is damaged the usage of the gris gris is compromised as the enchantment for drawing in and accessing the magic in the jewel is no longer there until Yu-Jin can repair the enchantment.

Total points spent: 40
Take Points from account: Yeong-Ja Yu-Jin

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Purchasing - post with Character account

Character: Lucille Bathory
Power up: This is for the non-master incentive. Lucille hit 50 posts and so she is allowed a custom power.

Mother of Dragons - As a Queen, it makes sense that she would have the ability to not only have favorites among her animals to call, but also allow her to mark each one she deems a favorite much like a servant. However, it doesn't just extend to the animals, either. This ability doubles up with humans as well, or rather... other beings that Lucille deems "hers". Calling rare creatures is not an easy task, of course, but she is able to do it, and while it can be hit or miss if she is bonded with those she can call, they have no choice. It allows her to use their strength, and if she is bonded to one, one of their powers at a time although, the dragoon has to be consenting, if not... perhaps another will.

Those within the groups that are not marked by her, of course, have the option of showing up or ignoring. As well as the older members if they wish. Dragoons are stubborn creatures, but Lucille will not call them simply because she can. Another perk of this power is that it also allows her to calls unicorns, pegasi, and other equine species, though they have the option of ignoring her completely. She can mark them much like dragoons and others like a master, however... given that they are pure animals, the mark does not stick. Hence, being able to brush off the call. Lucille is not cruel, and would pamper those that she bonds with, or deems her 'favorite'.
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40 points

Character: Sorcha - black dragoon
OOC: New Character: Yokai
Total points spent: 140
Take Points from account: OOC Account

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213 points
Purchasing - post with Character account

Character: Morrigan
Power up: Siren 1
Unique power/item name - Promoting her to a higher rank given that she is the Pod's Enforcer.

Siren Only Powers:

Blood Moon - Being what she is, it's not hard to imagine a merrow that can manipulate water, after all, they are born into it. However, while this power allows for her to manipulate water anyway that sees fit, it also allows for her to call water to her if she so wishes. But she can draw it out of anyone-- humans, lycanthropes and yes, even vampires. When she touches someone, it is extremely painful for the recipient. Depending on what she wishes to happen, she can choose between all of the blood, or separating the blood, plasma or blood gases depending on her mood and much the other party deserves such agony. Humans, she can do all four with, vampires she can only draw whole blood from because they are undead, lycanthropes and wanderers she can take red blood cells, white blood cells or plasma but not gasses and for the more mythical creatures, she cannot take anything at all. The amount she can take depends on her hold on the individual-- if it is just a couple of fingers, she can only get a few measly drops like beads of sweat or like a dripping IV or faucet. With vampires, she has no control over the amount and because of them being deceased the blood will ooze out of orifices much like molasses, slow and torturous. Lycans and Wanderers the blood would be sweat out. With Morrigan, like any other power she has, it does take energy away from her and depending on how long-- a few seconds or minutes would not cause that much of an issue for her but if she has to say, grab ahold of their arm much like twisting it, then it would take much more time-- of several hours for her to gain the lost energy back though, much like when someone has their blood drawn, sugar certainly helps speed the process if she's looking to use the power on more than one. If she were to ever drain someone of their blood completely this way, she would have to be on rest for several weeks. Although, it is very unlikely that she'll ever have to do that much. Just a touch, the pain, and the droplets will draw out what she wants or needs to know.

Chill of the Sea - It allows Morrigan to cause the temperature in any room to drop from normal to freezing as she needs for whatever reason, like Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat. It has a feeling of uneasiness and will send the hairs on one's neck or arm to stand up whenever she decides to use this power. It can be countered, of course, if there is a thermostat and someone were to turn it up or magic can block it and stop her from doing it. She has to focus her attention and that can cause the power to dissipate and the temperature goes back to normal. Morrigan can do either-- it can be a flash effect or, if she wants to just make someone uncomfortable, for example, she can control how cold the space around them gets. She's literally been able to freeze the air around her as well as use it to potentially kill if she has to as she can cause the temperature to drop to dangerous levels. While it's very useful in getting suspects to talk without letting on that she is supernatural, she has to be extremely careful of herself and anyone else she does not want to target. It is for that reason that if she ever has to drop the temperature to killing ranges, she knows that there is going to be the potential for her to have the power affect her, as well. Morrigan does what she has to in order to assure that she does not have to resort to freezing and killing a person, there are other options of getting information, she knows and therefore uses it to drop the temperature to get someone's teeth chattering and breath showing on the air.

Notes: Plotwise it would work well for her being a detective with the RPIT, she already has on record that she is hydrokinetic so it makes sense. However, there is more reason for her gaining this -- she is the Pod's Enforcer and as such she needs her 'B1' rank to reflect the change, so 'Siren 1' would add to it, perhaps adding more seriousness to it than before.

Total points spent: 180 of points

Take Points from account: Morrigan, please!

@Gian Avur Edited to include what you asked! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif <3

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By accepting this approval, @Wake @liannis hereby understand the rules and my purchase will be done of my own volition.

for liannis

You are a daughter of the sea. One of the children of Poseidon and this particular marks signifies that special relationship you have with the source of all life in this world. Melody is granted no great strength, no wonder that brings about breathless awe but it does mark her as being different and apart from the others of her people. She is a child of Metis, first wife of Zeus; well at least that is how the story goes. The truth? Well, that is entirely another matter and best left to speculation. What it leaves her with is the ability to bind herself to a physical body of water - for her, it must be salt water - and once bound Melody can draw on that life-giving energy of the ocean to successfully bring about healing upon one other person. This is once a day and will affect even injuries that are or would have been fatal. She cannot, however, restore the dead.
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Character: Kiran Huxley
OOC: Empathetic Manipulation
The additional part that has developed is far more focused. It needs that from him and Kiran really requires a direct line of sight and it is very much one to one when it comes to using this part; while the above is about a passive give and take this is actually imposing an emotion on someone else. It is harder depending on what he is trying to do, much like above with love and hate that would demand a lot from Kiran and likely leave him exhausted and drained for the remainder of the day and there is still the possibility of it just not working at all.

Kiran can also use this to communicate with others, He must have an emotional connection with the person though ahead of time and while not limited to a single individual it isn't like the more commonly discussed telepathy as he instead can share impressions of places, people, emotions and some images but not actual words. Whether that is something he could eventually progress too isn't anything that Kiran has thought much about.

Notes: IPersonal power development for the character
Total points spent: 40 of points
Take Points from account: OOC
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In respect of your powers;
Blood Moon
Can you please expand on However, by using this power it isn't easy to gain control of, but with time Morrigan will master it what is the specific difficulty/challenge?

Please explain how/why this is influenced by the species of the individual she is touching, as well as the means of the removal, does it come from where she is touching OR another location she chooses. We need to see some expansion on these along with more specific weaknesses in respect of her as an individual.

These can include... volume, type of blood drawn, is it the whole blood, is just the plasma etc? Does it matter to the individual's species in any way and if so, what and if not, why?

Chill of the Sea
With respect to this power, how low can she drop the temperature, what is the area effect range? Can - and if so, how - is it countered or dealt with? Bearing in mind that at -40oC your lungs will start to freeze solid. Is this a flash effect, as in instant or does it happen over time? Can you do both, none, one or the other? What is it restricted by in terms of her concentration, focus, and attention? How specifically is this growing to mature and develop?

Just tag me in the original post once the edits are made. Any questions, please hit me up!
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By accepting this approval, @Gian Avur hereby understand the rules and my purchase will be done of my own volition.

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Purchasing - post with Character account

Character: Astraea and Takoda Rei (@Soulo)

Yin & Yang -
Yin & Yang are a pair of twin red pandas with a telepathic ability that projects to whomever they are bonded with. Since birth, they had been inseparable and bonded with the same owner almost instantly. Between each other, they share a special telepathic connection that allows them to communicate with each other. It's unknown of that connection of what is communicated. However, what is known is that when they bond with someone, that person then shares a telepathic connection with them. What does this mean? Well, it means that the pandas can share images with the one they are bonded to. Red Pandas symbolize gentleness and patience; in dreams they urge you to let off that worry and to simply relax. This is what those images are intended to do – when you're simply having a bad day, they put you at ease and help you to relax. So, they share images of what they find to be happy or what they know makes you happy. There's no type of power boost with this bond whatsoever, just a healthy relationship with pretty pictures!

Notes: Yin will be bonded with Astrae and Yang with Takoda - I am making the purchase for both of the characters. Astraea and Takoda have been separated for a long time, their newly found panda friends are going to be the bridge that brings them together. So this is plot driven in that sense. The pandas can only bond to one person at a time and stay bonded until their own dies. Or someone with magical abilities breaks the bond. There is no other perk outside of companionship and the sharing of images telepathically.

Total points spent: 180 points
Take Points from account: Astraea
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By accepting this approval, @Dante @Vee hereby understand the rules and my purchase will be done of my own volition.

With respect to the powers; they read fine, thank you very much for the edits. With respect to the ascension to Siren; you will need to wait until your character as 50 POSTS - you only need 15 more posts - so if you'd like to save the powers and reapply then we can see about getting her approved with the powers and level increase. Obviously, until then the powers will need to wait as they are Siren specific.
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By accepting this approval, @Leelan hereby understand the rules and my purchase will be done of my own volition.

for draven

Normally, it's one or the other. Wolf or man. However, Draven has discovered the possibility of another option. It is an outgrowth of his strength as an alpha and the determination of the man as well. Now, Draven can, two times a week take on a hybridized form of the wolf and man, merging both into one. It leaves him only a few inches taller than the human would be; it's mostly the ears (winks) but far more muscular as the body takes on the mass of the animal. It is a furred shape and clearly aggressive given the long muzzle full of teeth that his wolf is more accustomed to and just like then Draven will have the same trouble talking as he does in that form. There are claws and even greater strength than if he remained human. There are, however, some serious drawbacks. This form is far more allergic to silver and even the presence of it within six foot of him will start to make him sick and push Draven back to the human form again. It also takes longer to recover from a shift to this form needing around eight full hours and if he shifts to either wolf or human it will slow the process of recovery down.

This looks like a very early cell phone - it's pretty big and has a number of qualities that could be best thought of as being brick-like. This might be a good idea given the strength of the owner. While Draven wouldn't be aware of the original owner or how it was constructed. Discovering it in the attics of the pack house certainly proved to be incredibly fortunate. You could use it like an ordinary phone but then Draven would miss out on the advantage of this item, namely that by typing in the names of the person rather than the number, and it rings the telephone nearest that person. The phone is untraceable (without magic), now isn't that a lovely bonus?!

At first, this iPod seems to be broken, not in the cracked screen sense though, no rather it is impossible to turn it off or to select any music on it. Frustrating right? The songs all appear to be on some infinite and random loop that just selects without warning. However, it is far from random. It actually plays music appropriate to the situation. Therefore, should your love interest walks into the room, it plays romantic music. If something is sneaking up behind you, it plays thriller music. In battle, it plays big, dramatic music. Obviously, Draven will now never be surprised by sharks - was that likely to happen? Maybe.
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