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 Issac Hudson, Werewolf(Beta II) Firefighter- Survivor
played by LEELERSAWESOME181 posts
152 points
Issac Hudson

Species: Werewolf (Beta II)

face claim suggestion:Isaiah Mustafa

Age: 35

Connected character: Rylie Wilcox

type of relationship: Friends (like a big brother)

Activity expected: Medium - High

Basic History

Issac grew up on the streets of NY very much like Rylie and got into a lot of trouble with everyone. He was a thief and a crafty one at that. Being about ten years Rylies senior , they met before Rylie can even clearly remember and Issac became very much like a big brother. Protecting Rylie and taking care of her when her loser mother didn't

Issac got off the streets eventually, putting himself through training and college to become a firefighter. Getting a job in a station in New Jersey at 24, he moved there for work. Staying in touch with Rylile, though they naturally saw each other less often.

At 26 he was infected by a vaccine needle that was supposed to protect him from the virus and didn't. Turning to the New Jersey pack, he joined up and learned control. Taking 6 months off on leave from work to get his wolf under control before returning. He served as the NJ enforcer and loved his pack fiercely.

Recently, the NJ pack has been wiped out by HASC and those that survived have scattered. Issac himself has requested a transfer to NY and, especially after having found out about Rylies own recent infection, has contacted the NY Ulfric and joined up. He's presence is expected in the Bonecave anytime and will take on the position as Hati/Enforcer (for a probationary period first).


Issac has lost a lot. The destruction of his pack in NJ has taken a toll but he grieved and, though he mourns their loss, he tries to move forward into his new life. His chin up. His determination set. To protect and serve his new pack in NY with steel and grit.

Issac is a loyal and discipline man that likes to laugh and enjoys helping young kids and teens down at a local community center. He has a good heart. Is intelligent and respectful and knows how to speak his mind respectfully when people deserve. He has a bit of a protective streak and edgy temper when it comes to people he cares about but he's good man with a positive outlook.

Issac is more of a 'follower' than any kind of leader. Though he likes being a source of support as much as he can. A reliable person that people can depend on.

Flaws: He's a bit of an adrenaline junk, hence why he's a fire fighter and he has a dangerous edge from his years on the street that frequently surprises people.

he is about 6'3" and in full control of his wolf as a beta II and having been infected for just shy of ten years now.

He likes boxing and running.

Important details

- I'd like to see Issac take on his role as enforcer seriously and get heavily involved with pack members. - Issac will struggle with mourning for his former pack but his resilience from the streets has made him a survivor that presses through hard times and emotions. - is protective of Rylie, their friendship like a big brother/little sister duo from their time on the streets. - Perhaps find more survivors from the NJ pack and bring them into the Bonecave. Help them through that transition *Feel free to change the name!

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