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  • Vampire
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  • a href"http://sinsomnia.net/index.php?showtopic=504&view=findpost&p=1919">Dimissie
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played by Saka
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It is blood that calls me, lust that seduces me and pleasure that I give back.
She's a blind Vampire of the Belle Morte line.

Survivor of the Jack the Ripper but not on file as being attacked.

Her master turned her to save her, a whore of WhiteChapel District until then.

She was caught several years later and tortured in hopes to cure her by the Church and was thus blinded by holy water.

She changed her name from Novaline to Nova within the making of the new law and hasn't looked back.

She is now Master of the city with a Human servant and making her way up in power.
Personal Plots

Sleep with some vampire

Kill Dimissie's Sire

Call a lion or two.

Leader Relations

Dean || Allies || Pard

Hannah and Ricco || WIP || The Nemean Pride

Draven || Allies || The Bone Cave Pack

Keaton || Unsure || NYC Coven

Benneit || Unknown || The Atlantic Pod

Rodrigo || Allies || Furry Coalition
Calls Lions

Logan Downing || Human Servant

Lydia || Pomme

Quinn || Second || Most trusted Friend

Connall || Partner

Santino || Partner

awards [ 6 ]