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Central Park 4 topics & 20 replies
Boasting an impressive 843 acres this touch of green in a metal city is an icon. It's a hub of activity with hikers, bikers, joggers, and people enjoying food or feeding the birds.
Meeting a Super Heroby Aidan Parks
on Feb 11 2018, 12:00 AM
The Met 0 topics & 0 replies
Opening to the public in 1870 from the Dodworth Building on Fifth Avenue The Metropolitan Museum of Art now boasts one of the largest and most comprehensiveness collections of American art. It also boasts twenty five hundred European works beneath its roof.
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Times Square 5 topics & 42 replies
At the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue sits this area known as the Center of the Universe. It is the hub of the Broadway Theater District and an entertainment icon.
The Devil made me do itby Cash Ryker
on Feb 16 2018, 10:26 PM
Radio City Music Hall 0 topics & 0 replies
Concerts, world class performers, comedy, and much more can be found within this building for up to nearly six thousand people at a time. All manner of entertainment can be found in its halls.
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New York Presbyterian Hospital 0 topics & 0 replies
A world class institute dedicated to providing excellent care and cutting edge treatment. Boasting over twenty five thousand beds and twenty thousand employees this hospital is in the top care centers currently available.
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Carotid 2 topics & 17 replies
A Nightclub owned and operated by the NYC Kiss. It's interior could only be described as upscale, clean, but with a darker atmosphere. Mood lights sometimes shift along the dance floor. The bar is lined with stools and the far wall from the door with booths. A small lounge area rests at one end and there's a set of stairs beside the bar that leads up to the overlooking VIP rooms.
Rhapsody 33 topics & 300 replies
Only Kiss members and Allies allowed: Ask Sakaira for outsider entry. This fifteen story building sits on top of a labyrinth of underground tunnels. It is the daytime resting place of the New York Kiss - a fact the vast majority of the city and supernatural community, does not know. A restaurant on the ground floor, Trubeya, hosts a five star chef and there are sunlight proof rooms for visiting vampires. Below grounds the access is passcode and key card protected, warded with spells and a security system to stop anyone from wandering in. Stairwells and elevators going down require this code.
[m] After the aftermathby Kimberly Waters
on Yesterday at 03:33 pm
Residences 12 topics & 109 replies
Manhattan housing can be pricey. A lot of people in this area rent but that rent can be in the two to three thousand dollars a month range. The view for most of these places is magnificent and they are considered upper class.
The awakeningby Manuchar Basra
on Yesterday at 01:59 pm
Cat house 6 topics & 63 replies
The two, large four bed apartments nestled into the hub of Manhatten take up the top floor of an eight-story apartment building, only two blocks away from the Rhapsody hotel. Both apartments are clones of each other with open plan and spacious rooms, and recently remodelled to fit modern standards in New York. Not to mention both boasting balconies facing opposite directions so the cats can watch over the city. The building itself has a doorman and security who are aware of the situation on the top floor, but the rest of the building are none the wiser, open to public living. Not that they'll ever know- you need a specific key-card to enter the cat floor, making it a secure paradise for the cats to lounge.
Ghosty Gossipby NPC Leopard
on Feb 16 2018, 03:22 PM
Chinatown 1 topics & 16 replies
This is a compact row of houses, streets and businesses all containing the culture of the Asian descent. Reds, statues and gardens adorn this area that has scents wafting of foreign foods and cheap knock offs. Yet you'll find beauty in the gardens and architecture of temples, and buildings made to look like a little bit of old school China.
RAPTURE 2 topics & 4 replies
Rapture is a new, high end adult entertainment bar (Strip club) owned and operated by a partnership between Conall Gregor and Castro Priest. A place where gender doesn't matter and female and male entertainers are employed. Uniquely to RAPTURE, it is geared specifically to the Supernatural communities and the multi-level floors serve different purposes for different kinks. The place is clean, the employees are safe and overall the building is guarded both for protection and for the privacy of the clients.
Stripped to the Boneby Nikita Lefevre
on Jan 30 2018, 03:14 PM
City Vineward 0 topics & 0 replies
Restaurant and Wine Garden. Open rain or shine and all year long, the unobstructed Hudson River views are fantastic, the wine flows and the seasonal menu from our Executive Chef does not disappoint. The city's shimmering lights are in full view as leather seating and oak tables complete the rustic, elegant wine country decor. The elevated culinary menu can be enjoyed outside in our wine garden when weather permits, allowing guests to sip on their favorite libations waterfront beneath live sweeping grape vines.
on --
The Last House of the Silver Moon 17 topics & 95 replies
Owned by the Coven - It was a nice renovated Victorian gothic era styled house painted in a stunning shade of wine burgundy. Situated off the main grid in the outskirts of Manhattan and settled upon roughly two acres. The second story had four medium sized bedrooms with conjoining bathrooms between the two on either side. In addition to the library and sitting area there was a rear second story balcony that was covered in a vined canopy during the warmer months. The lower level had been completely opened up all but the kitchens for the store front.It had once been the dining area but now served as the cash register. Complete with an old fashioned typewriter styled tiller.Behind a securely locked and ward sealed metal door lead the stairs down into the two lower levels buried deep in the underground of NY where potions bubbled and brewed and healing was performed.

I can do it on my ownby Taylor Brown
on Feb 12 2018, 02:01 PM
Black Cat Curiosities 3 topics & 16 replies
This antique and magic shop is for both humans and supernaturals alike. Witches can find a variety of reagents, potions, enchanted jewelry, and even grimoires. Just don't ask for a love potion. You won't get it, and with good reason. The ones who lack magical ability can take advantage of the enchanted items or the antiques that Alexis has a number of special sources for. The shop itself is a safe space, and no one can be attacked within its walls due to the elaborate warding established by the previous owner, Guinevere.
Deliveries!(Past Roleplay)by Savannah Allen
on Jan 30 2018, 02:42 PM
The Elysian Casino 1 topics & 46 replies
Built in similar fashion to the New York Public Library, The Elysium lives up to its name with its Grecian style. Open to Natural and Supernatural alike, the Elysian is a grand casino with ample variety in games of chance, full open bar, 5 star dining, and much more. Visiting the city on holiday? The Elysium is still a place to see, with multiple theaters offering stage performances by comedians, singers, and dancers known all across the country. Fun for the family, too, there are multiple kid-friendly choices for entertainment including educational interactive performances on a variety of historical topics. Any questions regarding performances, reservations for parties and other gatherings, can be directed to staff, but if it is your desire, both owners of the casino are also available for such concerns.

My Perfect Rock Bottomby Evie Belgrave
on Dec 15 2017, 02:56 AM
The Den 18 topics & 114 replies
Home to the lions of the Nemean Pride. Lions can claim rooms here by commenting in the pinned thread.
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