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 Sinsomnia's Comprehensive Starter Guide, Everything you need to know in one place
played by SinStaffOmni42 posts
Infinite years
Judge Jury Executioner
828403 points
sinsomnia starter guide
18+ // 300 word count // no character limit // no activity checks

the one stop guide for everything sinsomnia - if in doubt ask the staff
Welcome to Sinsomnia, an Alternate Universe (AU), mature RP site inspired by the Anita Blake series. As we are an AU site, we do not accept canon characters from the book series or any other media, such as film or TV shows.

On Sinsomnia IC events take place in the present day 2018 and RP time progresses at the same rate as real-life time. Though, you can have as many threads at a time with your characters as you'd like.

On Sinsomnia we always try and keep things interesting; along with player driven plots we also have board wide plots curated by the staff for characters to participate in, group events run by the leaders of those groups, monthly contests for you to enter to win prizes, and a store where you can spend the points you earn from posting on powering up new or existing characters. More information points, plot, events, species plots etc in the links above.

Please Note: You do not need to have read the book series or have any canonical knowledged in order to participate on this site. The information and guides should cover everything you need to know, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

disclaimer: We don't claim either Anita Blake or Meredith Gentry's universes as our own design. These are and remain the product of their author; Laurell K Hamilton.

the site basics - these apply to all members
Mature L3L3L3
Please mark mature threads with an [M] in the title. We don't require trigger warnings, but if you feel like your thread is going to be particularly graphic you may put a trigger warning in the description.

We have a 300 word count minimum on our normal IC boards, but we also have a rapid-fire board you may post in and the posts there can be anything under 300 words (or more if you get carried away), but be aware that posts there do not go towards your post count or award points.

No Character Limit
We do not have a character cap on Sinsomnia you can make as many characters as you'd like, however, after creating your first 5 characters you must have at least one active thread for each one and they must all have at least 25 posts before you can make another one.

WIP profiles
To ensure that character applications don’t sit on the WIP board for months at a time you have 3 weeks to finish a character after creating the application. You will receive a reminder after that time and if the application isn't completed within the time frame given it will be moved to the unfinished character board.

Face Claim Reservations
We don't have a typical face claim reservation system here - instead we use our WIPs as face claim reserves. When you post the application that reserves your face claim, you only lose the face claim if the application has sat for longer than a month.

Points are gained through site participation and posting - you gain 3 points for posting a new topic in an IC board and 2 for every reply. Points can be given as special rewards for those who take part in certain events or win contests. You can check out the store by clicking the link in our navigation, you must post in the store thread and be approved for your purchase before actually buying it in the store

► OOC Player account name matches Discord name
► First and Last names should be unique - however, in the case of common last names such as Smith or Jones we will allow multiples.
► First and Last name for character account

IC to OOC Drama
As a group, we are here to have fun and enjoy playing our characters. How a character behaves or what they say to other characters or your characters should not be taken personally. Just because the character dislikes your character or does something that otherwise makes you angry, does not mean it is directed at you in any way. If you feel like drama has traveled from IC to OOC, communicate with each other or come to an admin.

We have no activity requirement for regular characters, however, characters who are taking up limited spots such as masters should be active by posting at least a few times a month. Leader characters are also expected to be active with at least one post a week. Inactive leader, alpha, or master characters will be in danger of losing their position (this excludes special circumstances such as illness, hospitalization, family emergencies, etc.).

Sign ups
We hold events, plots, and site-wide mayhem on the site for our members. If you sign up for these you're giving us permission to put your characters in positions where they may be injured. All sign-ups for events that may include injuries will have a section for you to fill out about hard stops and injury limits and we will respect these. When you sign up, you are fully accepting the fine print and the danger it brings to the beloved victim you've given us.

chat guidelines & graphics
Discord Link

Names in Discord
Please use your OOC name in the discord server - it's just less confusing that way.

Chat Behavior
We are all adults here, but please keep pornographic links, insulting, derogatory slang, political and religious views out of discord. We also ask you to be aware of other members' comfort levels when talking about mature or sensitive topics.

Mature content (within reason) can be shared in the R-Rated channel on our discord server. This channel is automatically blocked for new members and you must ask for permission to see this channel. While this channel is R-rated, some things just shouldn't be shared in a group setting so please, use common sense here.

Pestering Prodding Poking
Please be patient when waiting for responses to threads or for prizes or prompts. If it seems like the member or staff member forgot, you may ask them, but don't do it repeatedly.

The dimensions for avatars is 250x400. Also please keep these images with no flashy sexual parts. Nudity that hides all those pieces is fine. This includes any and all suggestive sexual parts.

Requested graphics or templates
We have free to use templates for posting on Sinsomnia provided by the amazing Gian Avur, Vee, and Samantha, and some other members; you can find these free to use templates here. When requesting graphics or templates from members please be patient and don't badger them - also never remove the credit from anyone's work.

character only
Original Characters
When you make a character on Sinsomnia they should be of your own creation. Stealing characters from other people or other sites is not tolerated.

Age of Characters and Playbys
Sinsomnia is a mature site as as such, all characters must be at least 18 years old and the same goes for face claims: all playbys must be at least 18 years old as well.

Character applications
Post your application in WIP under your OOC account, once approved, admins will move it to its proper place once approved. Before your character can be approved you must create your character account and complete all the required profile fields.

No godmoding or metagaming

In Character Consequences
The staff isn't responsible for how another character acts towards yours, this includes being punished for something they have done IC. Your character can be upset about being punished by their group leader or anyone else, but there are consequences for certain actions. Leaders have the laws of their group posted in their group's place of power; break them at your own risk.

leadership, lycan pregnancy & limited characters
    ► Members can only hold ONE leader position. Though they can hold ranks in different groups with other characters, should they wish.
    Activity; Leader characters are also expected to be active with at least one post a week. Inactivity can mean losing their position (this excludes special circumstances such as illness, hospitalization, family emergencies, etc.).
    Events; Leaders are responsible for running their group's event. Group events are not run by staff, though we will be there to help if you need it.
    Missions & Prompts; Leaders are expected to run and manage the missions and/or thread prompts for their species. These can be based on rank determinations, random fun or lead into further plots. This is about promoting the activity of the group.
    Maintainence; Leaders are expected to update and/or maintain their species HQ page, the available prompts and/or missions and if applicable species residence & roulette threads. If you need help with the code. Please just ask.

Limited Alpha/Master Characters
Starting off you can have up to a max of 3 alpha characters (this includes necromancers) and one master vampire. The exception to this rule is if you are given a voucher or a roulette by a staff member. You may buy extra slots for alphas and master vampires in the store.

Lycan pregnancy
Due to the difficulty in lycanthrope women carrying a pregnancy to term we currently allow ONE per species at a time on the board. There can be exceptions made at the discretion of the Staff; these will generally be dependent on the number of lycanthrope species currently in play.

Shapeshifters, Wanderers & Yokai
These are species that must be purchased (unless won), they are limited in respect of the species types allowed on the site, for instance only THREE of the same are allowed for Wanderers (such as cobras) and only FIVE of the same for Shapeshifters (such as swans), and then only TWO of the same for Yokai (excluding Dragoons), after they are banned and you need to purchase the banned trait.
how to make a character
Register an OOC account & read the rules then it's a good idea to check out the Needed/Banned species. See if there's something you'd like to make from the needed species list first for incentives.

Character accounts should be First and Last name only (unless they don't have a last name), please do not include middle names.

Go to our City census that contains the Playby Tracker and Character Names please do check because we do not allow duplicate names. Also under 411 is the Point store threa for our store, award claiming.

All the current species on the site can be found here, the Powerbooks that apply to each species. You can make vampire, werewolf, wereleopard, merrow, humans & psychics, and witches without needing to make use of the point system.

Link New Character sub account to your main OOC by returning to your OOC account, going to the 'my controls' page. From there, you will need to hit the 'edit sub-accounts' link. You will get a page that asks for an account name and password. Input the information for the character account and hit the 'link' button.

Once the New Character sub account is made you can go to the award badge section of the store and buy any of the badges the account needs, such as bloodlines and power ranks for lycanthopes as well as some other options.

Use the character application provided Here and post it in the WIP board . If it's ready for review, please mark it with a GREEN post box. If its still under construction, post it with a RED box.

Wait for approval, this generally takes less than 24 hours (slightly longer if you're making a yokai as they also need a concept to be approved).

You'll notice that there is a little code you filled in during your character sheet application. Please ensure that is filled in correctly as the staff uses this to update the City Census when your character is approved

We have a relationship tracker and a Job Directory under our The 411 Board as well as our City Census. None of these are mandatory to fill in, they're just meant to be helpful.

boardwide, group & player driven
There are three primary types of events on Sinsomnia: Board-wide plots run by the staff, group plots run by the leaders, and player driven plots.

Before an event there will typically be signups and all the species included in that event will be listed there. You may sign up as many or as few of your characters as you'd like for an event unless otherwise stated in the signups.

Board wide plots are planned and executed by the staff and generally have lasting effects for the board when they're finished. For these plots, members are typically randomly placed in groups for threads and the events can last anywhere from a week to a month. Prizes will be given out at the end of every board wide plot event and these prizes are generally geared towards encouraging character and plot development.

Group plots are planned and run by the leaders of the species groups on Sinsomnia. These events are generally open to the species running it and allies. These events may include prizes for activity, but whether or not prizes are given out or what prizes will be given is up to the leader of the event.

Player driven If you aren't a leader and you would like to run an event come to staff and let them know. However, please do not plan to have an event just before, during, or immediately following a board wide plot or species event.

Click here to see the full history of the site including board wide plots and group histories.

Welcome to Sinsomnia.

Sinsomnia is based in present-day New York City where lycanthropes, shapeshifters, vampires, psychics, witches, and other species both born human and not make up the preternatural community. It's been over two decades since the Supreme Court judge, in the case of Addison v Clark, declared vampires legal citizens of America and were therefore entitled to the same rights as the living. Following vampires being declared legal, the preternatural world had a new light shed on it and many states revoked varmint laws which made it legal to kill lycanthropes regardless of reason (thought it is true that some of the western states still uphold varmint laws). It's true that many citizens still actively protest the rights of vampires and lycanthropes still face discrimination in life and the workplace but in the growing years, acceptance of those living in the preternatural community is becoming widely met with acceptance or, at the very least, tolerance.

Changes to the laws and citizenship of the vampires brought attention to the fact that a police force was needed to provide something of a safety net between the growing population of those that go bump in the night and the humans. RPIT was funded and is run strictly by the humans that demanded policing of the preternatural community in a changing world of uncertainty.

Welcome to Sinsomnia, a setting that is inspired by the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book series. It is an AU - 'Alternate Universe' where we do not have any canon characters as per author request, and some changes have been made to the lore and basic to make it more RP friendly. If you haven't read them, that is perfectly fine, our guides cover everything you need to know to familiarize yourself with different species and overall lore of the site, but if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

You will find many a helpful member, great staff and a variety of ways to get involved in Sinsomnia. Come in, join the fray and have fun.

all questions welcome
Q: I’ve never read the Anita Blake novels can I still join?
A: Most definitely! We’re an alternate universe sit so there's no need to be familiar with canon and our guides cover anything you need to know.

Q: Can I make a fey?
A: While there were mentions of fey in the AB books we aren’t allowing them on the site like they were in the books. We do, however, have a yokai character type which allows you to make almost anything.

Q: How steadfast are you sticking to the books?
A: For the most part, we use most of the lore from the books most of our species are canon and the laws in the AB universe still apply here. If you’re familiar with the series and don’t see something you were expecting to see in the guide feel free to come to the staff and we’ll be happy to explain why it isn’t there or why we aren’t holding to that rule.

Q: How long does is take for a character app to be approved?
A: Not long at all, as soon as you’ve activated your account and a staff member is around we generally get to it within 24 hours, but if you need validating, drop us a line in the discord server and we'll get you approved.

Q: I think I’m done with my character application, where do I post it?
A: Click here scroll down to where you picked up your template. You will then go Here to our WIPS, click on new post and post it there under your OOC.

Q: Can I change the application template to fit me, like a free-form app?
A: Unfortunately, no. It confuses other members that might use yours as an example and our powers sections tend to be tricky for the newly joining. We want to keep all our applications consistent.

Q: Can I make a character that is a Yokai or Wanderer as my first?
A: Unfortunately, no again on this one. We have these listed as special species that have to be won or “bought” with points. This means if you decide to join up and you’re around long enough to participate in plots and challenges you’ll be eligible to grab one.

Q: I have a pretty powerful character can I bring them over?
A: You can, but, they will most like be stripped of anything that makes them an alpha/master and you’ll have to work your way up to being that powerful. You can buy powers and status though our points system though.

Q: Can I bring canon characters from the Anita Blake/Merry Gentry series?
A: No, we aren’t accepting canon characters. We don’t accept any kind of characters that have in some likeliness to any in the novels, we respect Laurell far too much to butcher her characters.

Q: Who is on the staff and how can we can get in touch with them?
A: As a rule, there's always someone floating around in the discord (we're all on different timezones) But they are Samantha, Gian Avur, Jo-jo and Leelan

Q: I want to join and make a character that is an alpha or leader as my first. Can I do that? Do you do "leader" auditions or anything?
A: "Leader" positions are generally taken because of how important they are for a group to function and stay active. On the off-chance we have one open up, it will be offered to existing and established members first. We realize some people may find this alienating, but we operate under a loyalty and activity reward system - every active player has an equal chance at titles and positions, but it is something you earn by playing.

the sin team
Sinsomnia had four creators but only one is still a member of staff currently. However, between the staff members, there should always be someone on to bother! If you find yourself needing the one that happens to be busy, though, don't fret! There are a few ways to get in touch with us. Below you'll find our different areas of expertise and some contact information. As always you can use the Private Message (PM) system if you like that best.

The admins

Sam is a 23 year old female from bumfuck nowhere who spends her free time being chased around by serial killers and making work for Renoir. She has three dogs, Harry Potter-themed tattoos, and houses a family of raccoon gangsters outside of her front door. Her taste in TV shows leaves something to be desired, according to Renoir, but everyone forgives her because she's super fast at writing literally everything.

She can be contacted by PM or via PM on Discord.

Gian Avur
Gian Avur is a 36 year old woman from the UK; she has three children and she is married as well. She is a stay at home mother and is the sort of person who is both highly organised but terribly spontaneous as well. She'll happily plot and thread with you and has lots of time for people who need help or ideas. She also codes and makes graphics, although she insists on her amateur status in respect of both, and is always willing to help with making somethig pretty.

She can be contacted by PM or on discord.

Jo is a GMT based 25 year old writing addict with 13 years worth of RP experience (but don't tell her original site that she lied about her age just so she could be on there) Jo usually can be found in an airport, or packing the car for the next adventure. She's always up for plots, for fun, and pretty much anything!

She can be contacted by PM or on discord

The moderating Team
Below are our Moderators who have specific tasks assigned to them. Issues and problems are not solved by our Moderators. Any and all conflicts should be brought to an Admin. All approvals are handled by Admins at this includes Board creation, Character approvals, Awards, points/store, changes to member status, Yokai and Wanderers.


Blurb to come....

Reconigtion for Co-Creation

Jenguin, Renoir & Sakaira
We want to thank them for their writing and all the work they put into for Sinsomnia.

There are a couple of different costs associated with running the site and keeping it smooth. We'd like to offer premium jcink status to our members. The total for that is $79.99 a year and gets us a higher rating. The PG-13 rating jumps to an R rating and allows us to have more mature content on the boards. It also removes those pesky ads.

We also pay for our custom domain. It's a domain name purchase and it's just under $15.00 a year. All these little things go into making the site a little bit smoother, nicer looking, and such. As you can see they aren't overwhelming yearly fees but when they all come do at once it can be a chunk of change.

Other expenses include things like commissioning our completely custom skin.

donation tiers
We don't expect you to donate for nothing, though! Below are some incentives to get you in the giving mood if you want to help us out.
- $1 - $5 -
  • 15 points
  • Supporter Award
  • - $6 - $9 -
  • 20 points
  • Supporter award
  • VIP discord group for one month
  • - $10 -
  • 25 points
  • Supporter Award
  • VIP discord group for two months
  • Sub-board
  • - $15 -
  • 30 points
  • Supporter Award
  • VIP group on discord for two months
  • 15% off voucher for store purchase
  • - $20 -
  • 35 points
  • Supporter Award
  • VIP discord group for two months
  • 20% off voucher for store purchase
  • - $25 -
  • 40 points
  • VIP discord group for three months
  • 25% off voucher for store purchase
  • - $35 -
  • 45 points
  • Super Supporter Award
  • VIP discord group for four months
  • Alpha Wanderer or Yokai voucher
  • - $40 -
  • 50 points
  • Super Supporter Award
  • VIP discord group for four months
  • Shapeshifter voucher
  • - $45 -
  • 55 points
  • Super Supporter Award
  • VIP discord group for four months
  • Staff written plot twister
  • - $50 -
  • 60 points
  • Hardcore Sinner Supporter Award
  • VIP discord group for five months
  • Banned species voucher
  • Staff written unique power for a character of your choosing
  • - $80 -
  • 80 points
  • Hardcore Sinner Supporter Award
  • VIP discord group for one year
  • Extra Alpha/Master Slot
  • Panwere Roulette/Voucher (limited)
  • Character Bundle (staff written item, power, and physical alteration)
  • how to donate
    We accept money through Paypal at sinsomnia.rpg@gmail.com (you can also click the button below to donate). When you are donating remember to attach your username and to let a member of staff know just so they can be on the look out.

    ♥ vee
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