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 Sinsomnia's Comprehensive Starter Guide, Everything you need to know in one place
 Posted: May 11 2017, 01:00 AM






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Sinsomnia Rules one stop shop for everything Sin related.

To see all of the site information, you must first register an OOC account.

Guests, be aware that you don't have to go over all this information before joining. However please read our OOC rules and Plot thoroughly as a mandatory. Any character creation will require a thorough read of that species guide found in New Characters.

The Welcome, Basic, FAQ, and Plot tabs should be enough to get you started, everything else can come later. IC rules contain some in character terminology, pregnancy.

who we are
Welcome to our alternate universe of the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry RPG where we are a advanced-level, mature roleplay and social community. For a start, our site has a 300-word count minimum for in character posts but so long as they have some meat to them we are not word counting. We aren't going to check every single one of your posts and as long as it isn't just a paragraph response with spelling mistakes that of a grade 5 level we're good. We're always here to help with questions and open conversation. We also only take original characters, as the characters in either book series do not exist on this site.

Here in New York Sinsomia, IC events take place in the present day 2017 and RP time progresses at the same rate as real life time. This does not mean you cannot have more than one thread at a time with your character.

On Sinsomnia we always try and keep things interesting. Along with player driven plots we also have board wide plots curated by the staff for characters to participate in, group events run by the leaders of those groups, monthly contests for you to enter to win prizes, and a store where you can spend the points you earn from posting on powering up new or existing characters. More information points, plot, events, species plots etc in the links above.

Please Note: You do not need to have read either series to participate on this site. The information and guides here will be plenty to work with. We encourage character growth through our store system, events, prizes, and there are many different ways this can be achieved. Some of these topics will be covered later in the guide. We both encourage and reward people for high activity with their characters.

We don't claim Anita Blake or Meredith Gentry's universes as our own design.
Board Basics
Mature L3L3L3
Please keep mature or R-rated content off the main section of the board. We have a Mature board you can gain access to if you are 18 as well as our Discord R-rated if you request it. Threads posted in the mature board include but is not limited to gore, sexual content, and extreme violence. At no point will there be children involved with any of that listed even in the mature board. If your mature or even regular threads include possible triggers, please mark it in the thread titles. Communicate with your RP partners when posting in the mature board if you'll be threading or posting anything questionable in relation to comfort levels. Be respectful of your fellow members, ask them about their limits and mark threads with trigger warnings if you think it's necessary.

Word count
Okay, we have a 300 word count minimum for in character posts - anything less than 300 can go into the rapid-fire section. We aren't going to check every single one of your posts, the only time the staff will get involved is if we have noticed a problem or members are having a hard time replying to your posts.

Advanced Writing Level Expectation
All new members are on an automatic probationary-esque period for a month. During that time if you do not post a character application your account will be deleted and removed from Discord. If during that time we feel as though your posts are not meeting our requirements in terms of writing level, length, etc., we will point you in the direction of resources that will help you find a site that is a better fit for your writing style and level.

WIP profiles
Character applications that have not been completed three weeks after posting will be stamped with a notification post, tagging your OOC with a time frame to complete the application and respond to the thread. New members have a full month after joining to post a completed application, if it hasn't been completed during that time then you may rejoin once you have the time to finish the application.

In Character Consequences
The staff isn't responsible for how another character acts towards yours, this includes being punished for something they have done IC. Your character can be upset about being punished by their group leader or anyone else, but there are consequences for certain actions. Leaders have the laws of their group posted in their group's place of power; break them at your own risk.

Character Names
► OOC Player account name matches Discord name
► No same last names (unless siblings/married)
► First and Last name for charcter account

IC to OOC Drama
As a group, we are here to have fun and enjoy playing our characters. How a character behaves or what they say to other characters or your characters should not be taken personally. Just because the character dislikes your character or does something that otherwise makes you angry, does not mean it is directed to you in any way. If you feel like drama has traveled from IC to OOC, communicate with each other or come to an admin.

Away messages
Here on Sinsomia we are a tight-knit group, and we do notice when you are away. We miss you, please come back to us. So if you're going to to be away, especially if you have a leader, please let us know so that we don't do an activity check and shelve your Alpha Leader causing them to lose their rank. Life happens, it gets to the best of us, so please let us know.

If you wish to have a Leader or Alpha or Master Vampire, we do expect a level of activity to be up kept in order to keep your position.

Sign ups
We do events, plots, and site-wide mayhem on the site for our members. If you sign up for these you're giving us permission to put your characters in positions where they may be injured. All sign ups for events that may include injuries will have a section for you to fill out about hard stops and injury limits and we will respect these. When you sign up, you are fully accepting the fine print and the danger it brings to your beloved victim you've given us.

The dimensions for avatars is 250x400. Also please keep these images with no flashy sexual parts. Nudity that hides all those pieces is fine. This includes any and all suggestive sexual parts.

Requested graphics or templates
We have free to use templates for posting on Sinsomnia provided by the amazing Renoir, Gian Avur , Yvonne, and some other members; you can find these free to use templates here. When requesting graphics or templates from members please be patient and don't badger them - also never remove the credit from anyone's work.

Discord Link

chat guidelines

Names in Discord
Please use your OOC name in the discord server - it's just less confusing that way.

Chat Behavior
We are all adults here, and as such, there are certain times that we joke around, and things get a little mature. Please keep pornographic links, insulting, derogative slang, political and religious views out of discord. We ask for respect for our other players and those that will be browsing the site in passing to keep a reputation. Also, it is important to know that some of our members have known each other for quite a while so they are comfortable with certain things being said to them by these people, but just because they are okay with something coming from one person does not mean the same will be for another. Basically - know the boundaries with members and make sure you don't cross any lines and make anyone uncomfortable.

If someone is making you uncomfortable in discord you reserve the right to tell them straight up or to come to the staff to let us know there is a problem. PLEASE come to the staff if there is a problem or a situation you don't think you can handle on your own or if you think an uncomfortable situation might get worse. We are here to help you and make sure our members feel safe and comfortable.

PM chatting
This should also go without saying but unsolicited pictures of a sexual nature or pictures of yourself of a personal nature are not tolerated (in the cbox, PM, or personal messenger like skype). Put simply - don't send pictures you aren't asked to send, and never ask or pressure members into sending

PM chatting/R-rated
Anything r-rated with taste, can be shared within our discord R-rated channel and in there you run the risk of running into sexual/adult/violent content. This channel is automatically blocked for new members and you must ask for permission to see this channel. While this channel is R-rated, some things just shouldn't be shared in a group setting aso please use common sense here.

Pestering Prodding Poking
Please be patient when waiting for responses to threads or for prizes or prompts. If it seems like the member of staff member forgot, you may ask them, but don't do it repeatedly.

Passive Aggressive Comments
Keep the discord a fun place to hang out when you aren't posting (or even when you are) and not pollute it with negative comments and attention seeking behavior. It's okay to have a bad day every once in a while or be angry from time to time and want to talk about it - but try to keep the negative stuff in PMs and not in the general chat.

Basic Character rules
Original Characters
When you make a character on Sinsomnia they should be of your own creation. Stealing characters from other people or other sites is not okay because they put a lot of hard work into making those characters. If you are having trouble coming up with a character idea there are people on the site that write roulettes and also check out the want ads on the General Chatter board. There is no excuse for stealing someone else's work. First of all, it's totally no cool - at all. And secondly, it goes against the copyright rules that are mandated by Jcink.

Age of Characters and Playbys
All characters must be at least 18 years old, we are a mature site and that means we have mature content that would be 1) inappropriate for a minor to participate in and 2) creepy. The same goes for face claims, all playbys must be at least 18 years old as well - for reasons see above - it's creepy, and we might be twisted but we arent that kind of twisted.

No Fae
It is in the FAQ but we're putting it here too. Our Yokai will be a stand-in for Fae. They will not be called Fae, Fey, or Fairies. Their lore should not mention being fey or faeire as it brings in some rules from the universe we don't want to have on this site.

Character applications
Post your application in WIP under your OOC account, once approved, admins will move it to its proper place once approved.

In Character Posting Rules
Double posting
Please don't. Unless it is a one shot thread of the past thingy you really want to write up, please don't back to back post in events or threads with other people. If there is an order, please stick to it and show your fellow players you respect them.

No godmoding
Your character cannot breeze through a minefield unscathed nor come out of a car wreck without walking funny. You can be hard to hurt but not invincible. That being said, you also cannot hurt or kill another character unless explicitly given permission by the opposing player. There is a catch to this part of the rule in the next rule.

No metagaming
This basically comes down to keeping your knowledge separate from your character's knowledge. Your character cannot know what others are thinking (and even with telepathy this walks a fine line here) nor can they know something about the other characters past unless prearranged by the other player.

Need to know
Vampire's cannot get pregnant or father children (there is the possibility for this in AB lore, but as the conditions are hard to meet and it's incredibly rare, we're just going to say no vampire pregnancies). Lycanthropes have a very hard time carrying to term as shifting will terminate the pregnancy and considering that lycanthropes must shift with the full moon every month, carrying to term is difficult, not to mention that shifts can be brought on by emotions or situations.

Leader characters can buy the power to help a group member carry to term, only one pregnancy can be supported to term with this power, so only one pregnancy per group. If the leader of your character's group does not have the power to take your character's beast we have a loophole that is pricey but if you're determined for your female lycanthrope to be pregnant you can purchase the Lunar eclipse potion every month for the 9 months your character will be pregnant. Babies born to a lycanthrope mother can inherit their mother's strain but it will be dormant until they reach puberty - they can also be born human.

Pregnancy must be purchased within the store and played out for the full term or six months for Merrow.

Being a rogue might get your character attacked, so be ready for conflict. Whether they are tolerated in the city depends on what species your character is as it is the leader of their group who decides whether rogues will be allowed in the city or if they must join the group. Some groups may operate under the rule that as long as your character doesn't cause trouble, they can stay, but your character should also know that they probably won't have the protection of their group to come back to if they don't join.

Shifting/killing in Public
Is widely considered a no-no. Kill on sight by the local authorities. Best not to. Same with killing in a bar in the public. Use common sense with these as those of police or leaders can catch wind of this through other characters and this can create trouble for your characters. You have been warned. Unless you like that sort of thing but you might be reached out to by the leader for some reprimanding actions. This is all for fun, don't take it heart as this is all IC. The leader or Alpha will communicate to you what could or might happen and what you both want out of it. We don't go around just beating up characters. Communication is key here.

Evil or Criminal Characters
On Sinsomnia we have no problem with you creating an evil or criminal character or turning one of your existing characters down that path. However, as this RP is based on the Anita Blake universe which still has laws (and strict laws against using magic to harm or kill) there can be IC consequences to these actions if they are caught. This is not saying that there will be an immediate death warrant on your character the first time they do something evil, what this is saying is that we have characters on this board who are cops, who work specifically to catch the perpetrators behind preternatural crimes. If your character leaves a trail of bodies leading right to them then they will be caught. Colluding with evil forces or using magic to kill people in a time where you can be executed for it requires the user to be secretive about what they are doing.

It is also worth noting that you may not kill any player character without the player's express permission - this also means that you will be warned if your character's actions are putting them on the path to be killed and you may choose whether or not you are going to continue down that route.

ranks and leader positions
Members can only hold one leader position, though they can hold ranks in other groups with other characters. If you take on a leader position you are expected to be active with that character, not just for events, and speaking of events, leaders are responsible for running their group's event. Group events are not run by staff, though we will be there to help if you need it.

Limited Alpha/Master Characters
Starting off you can have up to a max of 3 alpha characters (this includes necromancers) and one master vampire. The exception to this rule is if you are given a voucher or a roulette by a staff member. You may buy extra slots for alphas and master vampires in the store.

Character Creation
    ►Register an OOC account
    ►Read the rules which have Character Rules as well.
    ►Check out the Needed/Banned species here. See if there's something you'd like to make from the needed species list first for incentives.
    ►Check out Playby Tracker here and the Character Names when you are checking faces because we do not allow duplicate names.
    ►Got your character name chosen? Good, now make an IC account character accounts should be First and Last name only (unless they don't have a last name), please do not include middle names.
    ►Link New IC Character sub account to your main OOC by returning to your OOC account, going to the 'my controls' page. From there, you will need to hit the 'edit sub-accounts' link. You will get a page that asks for an account name and password. Input the information for the character account and hit the 'link' button.
    ►Make character. Use the character template provided Here and either post if unfinished in the WIP board or if you make it in one sitting, right in the character creation board.
    ►Wait for approval and once your character is accepted...have fun!
    ►Visit the Member List here to add your name to our site roster. Add your character's playby to the tracker here as well. Lastly, add your character to the catalogue so they can be recognized with their group here.
Character not-so-much Limits

We do not have a character limit on Sinsomnia – we feel that as long as you can keep up with the characters you have you can make as many as you’d like. We don’t want to stifle your creativity. However, we have noticed that sometimes the creation of characters is more alluring than actually playing and plotting with these characters. Because of that we’ve seen that there are many characters who have been forgotten or aren’t played very often. Because these characters can be taking up ranks, alpha statuses, and desirable playbys we want to make sure all the characters on the site are active.

We don’t want to institute a harsh activity requirement because we feel like these are rarely fair, especially since we all know that real life gets in the way sometimes and it prevents us from posting as much as we would like. We (the staff) feel like we have come up with a solution that is fair to everyone, while also keeping the amount of unplayed characters to a minimum.

The solution is this: After a member has made 5 characters they must be active with all their characters in order to make a new character. We will measure this in two ways: posts and recent threads. For characters with under 50 posts you must have at least one active thread or two recently closed threads when you post your new character bio (this means in the same calendar month you post your new character. For existing characters with over 50 posts you must have at least one active thread or one recently closed thread before you post your new character bio.

If you do not feel like you can continue being active with a character and wish to make a new one, that character must be vacationed before you make a new character and you can bring them back once your new character has reached 25 posts. So to break it down, to make a new character after you have reached 5 characters you must (have):

  • At least 1 active thread or 2 recently closed one (in the same calendar month as when you are posting the new character) for characters with less than 50 posts.
  • At least 1 active or 1 recently closed thread for characters with more than 50 posts.
  • Vacation your inactive characters before you post your new character application

These activity requirements are for all your characters.


Here is a list of the species that are available here on Sinsomnia.
Merrow are Mermaids

vampire - Guide
werewolf - Guide
wereleopard - Guide
werelion - Guide
werefox - Guide
Merrow - Guide
psyhic - Guide
witch - Guide
animator - Guide
Necromancer - Guide
wanderer - Guide
yokai - Guide

Species Headquarters

Bronx - 41st Precinct - RPIT
NYC Kiss - Vampires
Eye Eater Pard - Wereleopard
Nemean Pride - Werelion
Bone Cave Pack HQ - Werewolf
Atlanic Pod - Merrow
NYC Collective Coven - Witch

Sinsomia is a site that has a character driven plotline. Because of this, we do not have a comprehensive plot as many sites do. Instead, the complex nature of the different groups and their political machinations creates a dynamic writing experience which allows for writers to partake in an immersive world in which a character's choices directly effect not only their development, but potentially the site as well. As part of this, we have a wide variety of different plot movement devices which are used to help influence the growth of a character over time.

Thus, the plot on Sinsomnia is constantly evolving. A person might join and find their character thrown into conflict. Or they might one day find their character the leader of their very own species group, should the right effort be put into play. Really it just depends on a person's dedication, their character, and the growth they plan for said character.

Due to the varied and complicated nature of the ties between different species groups, the faction standings was created to give an 'at a glance' look at what to expect from whichever group you make a character for.

There are three primary types of plot moving mechanisms: Events, species-specific plots, and player driven plots.


Events tend to be broken down into three categories, those being player driven (which is given its own section below), site-wide, and species run. Site-wide events are generally the variety that facilitate more character development and are effectively used as ways to add history to each character by giving them unique experiences. These events may drastically alter the way that the site is run by changing the dynamic of power for or between groups. They are highly likely to heavily impact the characters involved.

Species events tend to be smaller, and are usually restricted to one group or a group and their allies. Examples of species events include full moons, which each shifter and lycanthrope gets throughout the span of a year. Generally, these will be smaller in scale than site-wide events and may take on many forms such as parties or masquerades. But do not let the subtly tamer nature fool you - they can be equally impactful. Events are always marked months in advance in the calendar. There will also likely be announcements in the c-box when events are about to go up, and the 'ongoing events' area at the top right of every site page will have a list of things currently happening.

For clarification on what is considered an event, anything over 4 to 5 characters in a thread is considered high and we request that personal/species threads involving more than 5, be adjusted around the fullmoons Events. Meaning before or after within a week of the Fullmoon. Fullmoons last a week long, so don't expect your 6 person thread to be replied to often during that week. Anything below 5 is allowed up to a maximum of 3 in a month. If you have an idea, run it by the Admins and you can book it in the Calendar. You are allowed to book things here and ask for reminders that this thread is out in the calendar. You may also Tag in the Discord about it as well as shoutbox.

Species Specific Plots

Because there are so many different and diverse groups, it is almost impossible to make a single plot that comprehensively covers all of them without leaving some out. Because of this, each group usually has its own obstacles it is attempting to overcome at a particular time. Sometimes a faction may be trying to build alliances. Other times they may be forced to band together to handle an outside threat. Whatever the case, plots for specific groups can be found here.

Player driven

Sinsomnia is unique in that we allow for roleplayers to come up with events and plots, which can be added to the calendar, planned, and set into motion by the member base or individual members (with help from staff if/as necessary). This is heavily encouraged. So if you would like to run an event of some kind, I would suggest speaking to an admin.

Original Plot

Welcome to Sinsomnia. (scroll down for most recent events - Hellgates)

It's been over two decades since the Supreme Court judge - in the case of Addison v Clark - declared that vampires are legal citizens of America and are entitled to the same rights as the living. Following vampires being declared legal, a movement has risen up to try and create a better understanding for themselves, as well as lycanthropy, which has now been given the time and examination into the viral strain that causes those infected to shift under the full moon. It's nothing new to the populace, but in the growing years' acceptance of those living in the supernatural community is becoming widely met normalcy rather than toleration.

As such, this new age of thinking, it has come to attention that a police force is needed to provide something of a safety net between the growing population of those that go bump in the night. RPIT was funded and is run strictly by the humans that demanded policing of the preternatural community in a changing world of uncertainty. Vampires, lycanthropes, mermaids or known as merrow within our setting and some new twists on species give the options for further creativity and development for our players. A chance to increase your rank, strength, and power to withstand the player driven plot we have here.

Welcome to Sinsomnia, a setting that is based on the Anita Blake Vampire Hunting book series. It is an AU - 'Alternate Universe' where we do not have any canon characters as per author request, but the general theme is changed to encompass some details of the book series. If you haven't read them, that is perfectly fine. Our world is made to come comprehensible and based on real time ratio of 1:1, meaning its day to day setting. We make the plot as we go, nothing is concrete which makes it easy to jump right into writing. Our guides help you every step of the way.

You will find many a helpful member, great staff and a variety of ways to get involved in Sinsomnia. Events that are out staff create to drag your characters through the supernatural world, a points store to purchase upgrades in powers and ranks, along with contests that give further chances to winning something extraordinary. Come in, join the fray and have fun. Feel free to check out the Archive News for our monthly Newsletters on updates, plot events and happenings within the Sinsomnia.

Important Events 2016

In March of 2016 the preternatural community suffered the loss of those in power, rank, and leadership. New York was recently struck by a Dark Cult Coven of witches that took out first the Master of the City and all the Vampires Masters afterward, leaving a drain of power from the city and drawing off the BloodLine Masters for the remaining Kiss member to stay afloat. For one group so large, it was a blow that left the other groups out in the open and vulnerable to attack. How this Coven was so quick and decisive in the act to take out so many, made the other supernatural groups vulnerable for a second strike to occur, taking out the Lycanthrope leaders and ranking Alphas. A mystery as to why just them if they were so powerful and cunning to wipe them off like that... Yet, those of lesser power were left to defend themselves. A plea to the surrounding cities for those that could spare Alpha's and Masters in the wake of their loss brings forth a new floodgate of those seeking a life within New York.

The Coven is quiet, vanished for now without a trace as investigations from the new RPIT police force building up and some way to control the rogue population that scattered to the winds upon this upheaval of power. Change is in the air, a new Master of the City as come to plant a foot down and take the reigns as those of the few groups of New York build up their ranks once more. Healing begins with now a shadow looming over them... is this over or will there be more to come? In the world of the supernatural, anything is possible.

The massacre of the alphas and masters in the city took place in March of 2016

2017 Board Wide Plot - Darkest Wish

Darkest wish Plot

Things seem to be settled within the city. Bears have moved in to join the population of the super community, leaders are have been chosen and Alpha's are finally filling in ranks that were lost in what's known as the 2016 Massacre. A new Master of the City has taken up resident and the power vacuum from the Dark Coven is being filled in. Its all too quiet...

Each group is recouping, and each has their own little problems to deal with. Don't expect things to stay silent for long... after all, the Dark Coven has not been caught, nor does anyone know what they were up to with killing every powerful super they could get their hands on. Whispers are of some unknown Dark force, a dread hanging over the city that keeps unrest... All will be revealed within the months to come as Darkness patiently stalks the shadows.

2017-2018 Board Wide Plot - Hellgates

Hellgates Plot

The city had a demon on the lose, granting wishes and stealing their souls. Putting him down was not easy, for by the time he had run amuck in the city, he had his cohort of Light - Talia and leader of the Dark Coven that freed him, cast a spell to put all in the city asleep but a select few able to break free, while the spell opened the Hellgates. It required the live souls of those he granted wishes to as a ground focus... while he was thwarted and presumed killed in the act after our rescuers stopped the spell... the Gates were already half way open by this time. The veil was thinned and now whats leaking out is not good just for the city, but the entire world! It seems the essence of the even deadly sins are leaking out to cause mayhem within New York! Watch out for parts of the city to just go banana's with the powerful hell magic leaking through.

Q: I’ve never read the Anita Blake/Merry Gentry novels can I still join?
A: Most definitely! It's AU here, no canon characters but powers, groups and such are based off it. Ask and we'll have the answer

Q: Are you doing Fae as the books are?
A: No, sorry. No Fae. We're not going to mention them in site although they are in the UK, but due to reason being of the powers that be... we're not alowing Fae.

Q: How close are you going by the books?
A: This is a good question because we deviate but much of our powers, bloodlines, species are from the books. But this an AU so there are difference's and similarities. If you're unsure, ask, but we're not wholly sticking to the books as much is our own creation too.

Q: How long does is take for a character app to be approved?
A: Not long at all, as soon as you’ve activated your account and a staff member is around we generally get to it within 24 hours, but if you need validating, drop us a line in C-box and we'll get you approved.

Q: I think I’m done with my bio, where do I post it?
A: Click here scroll down to where you picked up your template. You will then go Here to our WIPS, click on new post and post it there under your OOC.

Q: Can I change the bio to fit me, like a free-form app?
A: Unfortunately, no. It confuses other members that might use yours as an example and our powers sections tend to be tricky for the newly joining. Consistency is important.

Q: Can I make a character that is a Yokai or Wanderer as my first?
A: Unfortunately, no again on this one. We have these listed as special species that have to be won or “bought” with points. This means if you decide to join up and you’re around long enough to participate in plots and challenges you’ll be eligible to grab one.

Q: I have a pretty powerful character can I bring them over?
A: You can, but, they will most like be stripped of anything that makes them an alpha/master and you’ll have to work your way up to being that powerful. You can buy powers and status through out Points system though.

Q: Can I bring canon characters from the Anita Blake/Merry Gentry series?
A: No, we aren’t accepting canon characters. We don’t accept any kind of characters that have in some likeliness to any in the novels, we respect Laurell far too much to butcher her characters.

Q: Who is on the staff and how can we can get in touch with them?
A: As a rule there's always someone floating around in the cbox (we're all on different timezones) But they are Samantha, Sakaira, Gian Avur, Jo-jo.

Q: I want to join and make a character that is an alpha or leader as my first. Can I do that? Do you do "leader" auditions or anything?
A: "Leader" positions are mostly taken. On the off-chance we have one open up, it will be offered to existing and established members first. We realize some people may find this alienating, but we operate under a loyalty and activity reward system - every active player has an equal chance at titles and positions, but we do not give them to any new member who joins; it is something you earn by playing.

Sinsomnia has a variety of different features that create a unique experience for each roleplayer involved. Some of these features can be used to help develop a character either in power or by allowing a writer to explore said character in greater depth. One of the mentioned particularities is the player driven events, but as those were covered earlier in the guide - they are just getting a mention here.


First on the list are points which can be gained mostly through site participation. Specifically, points are given as special rewards for those who take part in certain events or through high activity. Once you have them, points can be spent in a variety of different ways. There is a list of prizes which can be purchased via points. Prizes include everything from power ups for existing or new characters, to OOC benefits such as colored name gradients in the c-box.


While many other sites have competitions for their member base, on Sinsomnia, each month we have new writing and graphic challenges, which are designed by staff and unique to the site. They may pertain to holidays taking place during the month, or any number of other subjects. We also sometimes have special challenges.

Site Map

The boards and what they contain:

We didn't link everything that is in the subboards but the board itself will link you to what's under them with a list beneath as to what you will find.

Subboards (sub==) are linked if they have other threads within them containing information and listed what they have within them.

Welcome to Sinsomnia!

Board - Announcements:
Plot intro to site
Sign ups for Events

  • Archived news
  • Calendar of Events
  • Monthly Newsletter
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    Board - The 411

  • Rules
  • Suggestion board
  • Board and Business Guide
  • Species Powers and Guides
  • Point store
  • Rank Collecting
  • Award Collecting
  • Character Catalogue
  • Playby Tracker
  • Member List
  • Job Directory
  • Relationship Tracker
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    Board - Character Repository:

      sub== Finished Character applications sorted by species
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  • Lupanar - Wolves
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  • Akbara - Rats
  • Lagoon -Merrow
    • (These are the Species HQ explaining ranks/group rules/businesses owned/leadership)

  • Rhapsody - New York City Kiss - Vampires
  • Bronx - 41st Precinct - RPIT
  • Sinsomnia had four creators but two are still members of staff currently. Between them there should always be someone on to bother! If you find yourself needing the one that happens to be busy, though, don't fret! There are a few ways to get in touch with us. Below you'll find our different areas of expertise and some contact information. As always you can use the Private Message (PM) system if you like that best.

    The admins


    Specializes in: Humans, Werelions, Vampires, and Wanderers

    Sam is a 23 year old female from bumfuck nowhere who spends her free time being chased around by serial killers and making work for Renoir. She has three dogs, Harry Potter-themed tattoos, and houses a family of raccoon gangsters outside of her front door. Her taste in TV shows leaves something to be desired, according to Renoir, but everyone forgives her because she's super fast at writing literally everything.

    She can be contacted by PM or via PM on Discord.


    Specializes in: Werewolves, Wereleopards, Merrow, and Yokai

    Sakaira is a 31 year old woman from She has a kid who is five and she's married (which is like having another kid). She's a banker that paints and is always thinking forwards. She's open for any questions and here to help. She's got the plots, ideas, twists, and is full of encouragement. There's always a way and she will make it happen. She's up for being contacted anytime!

    She can be contacted by PM or via her Skype: angela.takenouchi

    The moderators

    Below are our Moderators and Admins that have specific tasks assigned to them. Issues and problems are not solved by our Moderators. Any and all conflicts should be brought to an Admin. All approvals are handled by Admins at this includes Board creation, Character approvals, Awards, points/store, changes to member status, Yokai and Wanderers.

    Gian Avur

    Specializes in: Site Maintenance, Contests, Creative, Validating

    Gian Avur is a 35 year old woman from the UK; she has three children and she is married as well. She is a stay at home mother and is the sort of person who is both highly organised but terribly spontaneous as well. She'll happily plot and thread with you and has lots of time for people who need help or ideas. She also codes and makes graphics, although she insists on her amateur status in respect of both, and is always willing to help with making somethig pretty.

    She can be contacted by PM or on discord.


    Specializes in: Site Maintenance, Contests, Creative, Validating

    Jo is a GMT based 24 year old writing addict with 13 years worth of RP experience (but don't tell her original site that she lied about her age just so she could be on there) Jo usually can be found in an airport, or packing the car for the next adventure. She's always up for plots, for fun, and pretty much anything!

    She can be contacted by PM or on discord

    Reconigtion for Co-Creation


    Created and wrote the original lycanthrope guides and several other guides. We want to thank her for her writing and all the work she put into for Sinsomnia.


    Created and wrote the Vampire, Merrow, and Yokai guides, as well as coding the site. We want to thank her for her writing and all the work she put into for Sinsomnia.

    Why Donate?

    There are a couple of different costs associated with running the site and keeping it smooth. We'd like to offer premium jcink status to our members. The total for that is $79.99 a year and gets us a higher rating. The PG-13 rating jumps to an R rating and allows us to have more mature content on the boards. It also removes those pesky ads.

    Another cost for the site is the auto-refreshing super-spiffy premium chatbox (cbox) at the bottom of the site. A lot of our members, and staff, enjoy the quickness of conversing in the cbox and we'd like to offer the best service there that we can. It will run us about $20.00 a year to have the upgraded cbox.

    The last thing that we pay for is to have the jcink part of our URL taken out. It's a domain name purchase and it's like $15.00 a year. All these little things go into making the site a little bit smoother, nicer looking, and such. As you can see they aren't overwhelming yearly fees but when they all come do at once it can be a chunk of change.

    Donation Tiers

    We don't expect you to donate for nothing, though! Below are some incentives to get you in the giving mood if you want to help us out.

  • $1 - $5 – 15 points + supporter award
  • $6 - $9 – 20 points + supporter award + VIP group on discord 1 month
  • $10 – 25 points + supporter award + VIP group on discord 2 months + sub-board
  • $15 – 30 points + supporter award + VIP group on discord 2 months + single character plot
  • $20 – 35 points + supporter award + VIP group on discord 2 months + double character plot (your character and someone else’s)
  • $25 – 40 points + supporter award + VIP group on discord 3 months + small group plot (three characters)
  • $35 – 45 points + magical item + alpha wanderer roulette or voucher + super supporter award + VIP group on discord 4 months
  • $40 - 50 points + super supporter award + VIP group on discord 4 months + group plot (large group, can be species or just random characters; no more than 10 characters) with prizes
  • $45 - 55 points + super supporter award + VIP group on discord 4 months + plot character roulette
  • $50 – 60 points + Hardcore Sinner Supporter award + VIP group on discord 5 months + banned species token + help plot the next Board Wide Plot
  • $80 – 80 points + Hardcore Sinner Supporter award + VIP group on discord for one year + extra alpha/master slot + panwere roulette (or exisiting character) (limit 3 on-site) + TBA
  • How to donate

    We accept money through Paypal at (you can also click the button below to donate). When you are donating remember to attach your username and to let a member of staff know just so they can be on the look out.

    this guide was written for sinsomina ©2016

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