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It had been quite some time since Eros first fell for him. The man that he realized now was the same kind as those that had tormented him his entire life. At first, he felt betrayed, terrified, but it only took a few seconds to come to terms with what he had known deep down the whole time. It had been foolish to think that Kaleb was no vampire, the smell that clung to him too strongly and too familiar to pretend to think that it was because of vampire friends that hugged him. He had been faced with the irrefutable truth one day and he was forced to choose whether or not he would let his fear overtake him and make him abandon one of the few people he could say he genuinely loved, a word which in and of itself was rather foreign to him until Dae had saved him on that fateful day.

Eros looked up at the ceiling of the room, arms tucked under his head as he laid there, thinking about how far he had truly come. He was adjusting well to being around people and had started to do burlesque at a club, he had done great training his wolfdog Hypnos, and he had overcome his fear of vampires, at least when it came to Kaleb. Because he knew that Kaleb would never hurt him. There had been so much time and trust built up over their time dating before Eros learned the truth, that he knew in his heart that Kaleb wouldn’t do anything that the Kiss who had kidnapped him would do. Even on that day where Eros had to give Kaleb some of his blood to keep him alive, there had been all the fear and terror of doing such a thing, only for Kaleb to be so gentle, even when in pain and need, that he was almost able to relax despite the all too familiar sensation of blood leaving his body. Something about that moment, where Kaleb drank from him, rebuilt that trust that he was worried about, it proved that Kaleb was different, and it was enough to make Eros try to move past his fear, for Kaleb. And so far, it was working out alright. The only hard times were when Eros had a nightmare about his past, and it would take a few moments before he’d be able to shake off his nightmares enough to let Kaleb cuddle him like he always wanted after waking from them. He sat up only when he heard noise nearby him, letting him know that Kaleb was back from whatever he was doing and stretched before moving to stand with him on the balcony, looking out at the night air. Not much was said between the two of them, not much needed to be said as sometimes silence was perfect, and tonight it was that perfect time to just hear what was around them. He turned when Kaleb gestured to him and grinned when he saw he was offering a cigarette and moved to take it, dipping his head down a bit to let him light it before looking up at him, taking a drag, and turning his head to blow the smoke away from them. “I missed you.” he said softly, leaning up against his boyfriend and feeling a smile tug at his lips as Kaleb’s arm snaked around his waist to hold him close. “I know.”


user posted image


"Tell me why we're doing this again?" Areum eyed the teeth in the mirror doubtfully, lifting a hand and tapping one bright golden fang with a manicured fingernail. Not that they weren't cool, mind you, they were brand new, bright shining gold, very heavy. What she wasn't so sure about were the vampire fangs attached to either side.

"I told you, you can't get into this club without them, Arrie." This earned her friend an odd look, as she finally stopped tapping the teeth in her mouth and opted to try and figure out how to settle her lips over them in a way that wasn't awkwardly duck lipping. "Oh jesus, stop that, you look like you're donkey lipping hay."

Both girls fell into laughter, and Areum she shook her head, pulling the brand new baseball cap over her head. With it she tucked strands of hair aside from her face, letting the straight sheet of hair tumbled down her back. "You're sure about this?" Her friend nodded, flashing her own more well worn pair and tapping it with her own fingernail.

Getting to the vampire and groupie club was one thing, down a steep set of stairs, and into a dark space, only to knock on a heavy door. This was where they had to flash their gold fangs. After which each female received a stamp on the inside of their wrist that proudly, in bright red labeled them "Groupie", a word that made Areum frown harshly as she eyed her friend. What the hell had she just gotten into?

Inside the club was a whole other story, a plethora of vampires out to show off, fangs on display as they flashed them at everyone who would look their way. Areum found herself skittering to the side on multiple occasions as someone approached, fingers grabbing for her friends arm in an attempt to keep her close to her. However, the further into the club they went, the more her friend pulled away from her, and within minutes she was left standing awkwardly in the center of the dimly lit underground club, her hand pulling roughly at the sleeve of her shirt in an attempt to hide the bright red label stamped against pale skin.

"Long way from home, pretty thing." The words were deep, almost guttural, and they immediately made Areum's skin crawl, her head jerking around to find herself practically nose to nose with a greasy looking male. He flashed a set of rather angry looking fangs, already stained in red, and poorly cared for, as he leaned in closer to her to take a whif of her body. This caused her to pull her arms in close to herself and shrink back a bit.

"I am not. I know exactly where I am, and you better back off." This brought a dark little laugh to the males lips, but Areum herself was doing her best to hold her backbone straight, her eyes darting between looking at his fangs and anything else in the room. Don't look in the eyes, don't look in the eyes. That was when someone's hand slid against her back, and she jumped to look up at the female beside her.

"Are you bothering my guests again, Jared? I've warned you about that, haven't I?" The woman's slender brow rode high over one brown eyes as she tilted her head to the side, and Areum just stared up at her in wide eyed disbelief as she lifted a hand to the male stumbling explanation, flicking her wrist to dismiss him. "Off you go now, before I change my mind and have you removed from this room."

Her head turned, than, eyes moving and softening towards her, a smile dancing over her lips. "It is time for you to go home, young one. This is no place for you." IT was just a slip, a second and her eyes were locked with the older creatures. A moment and she felt her lids drooping as her body became heavy.

Areum woke with a start in her own bed, frowning in confusion at the potted plants on every shelf in her room. What the hell had that been? Had she been dreaming up the whole thing?


user posted image

Quick, quick like a bunny, Alexis’s feet padded in her slippers. Across the floor and over to her headset. Slipping it on over her head, she placed the call. It was a shame her gestures woulcn’t be translatable but FaceTime reception wasn’t so good. Savannah..hi. I know it’s a bit late to be calling, but you won’t believe it!! I was up late because the Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake was calling my name and it’s rude to ignore ice cream. Well, I was halfway to the kitchen when I heard this noise that seemed to shake the whole house! A brief pause, and she nodded knowingly. Yes, exactly! It was Manny! I thought he was hurt so I temporarily forgot about the ice cream and went looking for him. You know, after what happened at the Coven Christmas party I wasn’t going to take any chances. But Manny had been there for her afterwards, and so if he needed her help, she was certainly going to return the favor for such a dear friend.

The sound was coming from the basement….and you know I don’t go down there very often. I heard more growling, so I opened the door, and Manny was tied to the bed! Well, not tied, because you’d need Wonder Woman’s lasso to do that but chained and Persephone-- Alexis stopped midsentence and just nodded. Yes! And let me tell you, that was no small feat. She’s definitely gonna feel that in the morning. Another pause and Alexis couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled up and over the phone. See me? Oh honey, they wouldn’t have noticed if the building collapsed around them…Picture? No!! You can’t be--Well, I didn’t really think so but you never know. I mean, he’d probably show you if you asked but what would Orion think?


user posted image


Location, location, location, if Quinn heard those words one more time she might actually have an aneurysm. Yes, she had said she wanted to be more involved in the financial side of the Kiss, especially since she used their money on a regular basis, but she hadn’t realized that part of that meant fighting over a building that was going to need to be knocked down and built back up again. The New York City Kiss damn near dominated the nightlife in the city and there was more than one reason for that: the first was that they were smart, they knew what people wanted and they gave it to them; the second was easier - they were vampires, and humans had a weird fascination with them so they would spend their last dollar just for the possibility of getting face time with one.

Quinn sat in the chair at the head of the conference room table, leaning back with her designer heel clad feet up on the table, crossed at the ankles as she rocked back in the chair. The other people at the table were lawyers, accountants, and one real estate agent and the voice coming out of the speakerphone in the middle of the table was another real estate agent. Truth be told, she had zoned out about a half hour ago and she really didn’t want to be there any longer so in one fluid motion she put her feet back on the floor and stood up, cutting off one of the lawyers as she spoke, ”So there’s another buyer and the owner isn’t a fan of vampires. That’s the gist, right?” she raised her eyebrows and looked around the room at the men who had just been strategizing.

They nodded, apparently surprised she had rejoined the conversation, ”Okay, I’ll deal with this,” she pushed the papers on the table in front of her around until she found the one with the owner’s business address on it. After swiping the paper along with the proposal she smiled at the men and then left the room. She made a quick stop at her room for a quick change into something professional, but low cut before going to the garage where she took the keys for her usual SUV.

Outside the man’s office, she reapplied her red lipstick before making her way into the building, her heels clicking against the floor with each step. At the front desk, she told the woman who she was there to see and was directed to his office. Now, it was against the law to use vampiric powers in matters like these - not that she would have minded if she didn’t think she was going to get caught, but alas, with so many people involved she would have to do this the old-fashioned way.

She gave Mr. Bruner a handshake and apologized for the visit when he let her into his office before explaining why she was there, ”The kiss is very interested in the property, Mr. Bruner,” she said, her voice low and she leaned forward in the chair to slide the proposal across his desk, suppressing the small smile that almost showed on her face as she watched his eyes leave her face and lock onto her chest. ”We’re already offering you more than your asking price, and I think that’s very fair,” she leaned back in the chair, crossing her legs strategically so the fabric of the skirt rode up slightly. ”I thought if we met face to face you might see how fair it was,” her fingers played with the chain at her neck which brought his focus up from her legs back to her chest again before he cleared his throat and hastily opened the proposal.

Ten minutes later she was stalking triumphantly back through the lobby with a written agreement to the price of the property, along with Mr. Bruner’s personal number, which she didn’t actually ask for, but maybe it would come in handy in the future. Twenty minutes later she was back at the Rhapsody, and two minutes after that she was back in the conference room where all the men were still talking. ”There’s a written agreement to the price and it’s even notorized. Now you guys handle all the legal shit, I’ve got other things to do tonight,” she said as she threw the leather proposal book back on the table.

As she turned to leave to of the men stood up, blocking her path to the door, ”Miss Cole, you know you can’t roll people to get things like this,” then the other one nodded before speaking up, ”Yes, Miss Cole, no disrespect meant, but how did you get this? We’ve been negotiating for weeks.

”I have something you don’t,” she said she with a smile, ”And everyone loves boobs,” she added nonchalantly, using her forearms to boost them up in her dress before pushing past the two men and pulling out her phone to send Nova a voice text to let her know everything had been handled as she walked away.


user posted image

He wasn't entirely sure how it had come down to this. How had he gotten here?

Kyle had absolutely no bloody idea whatsoever.

From a completely logical standpoint, he had somehow managed to put one foot in front of the other (repeatedly and effectively, if he had successfully covered the distance from the bar to Kim's apartment) until he had arrived here, his physical destination. But how had he gotten here? How had he reached this point? "How did it happen, Glitter? What happened?" Well aware of the fact that he was considered to be a little bit of a cold-hearted arsehole - there was a reason that Kim referred to him as 'bitch-faced boy' - Kyle wasn't entirely sure at which point he had started to develop... feelings. His saving grace was that Kim wasn't home and thus wasn't able to see him in his current state of inebriation.

Sitting at the bottom of Kim's wardrobe with his legs stretched straight out in front of him, there was a (mostly) empty bottle of red wine cradled in the crook of his arm and one of Kim's scarves draped around his neck. Both of them were probably very expensive and well outside of his usual price-range. The perks of batting above your own social level, he guessed. Glitter, which was a frankly ridiculous name for a bulldog (and he would maintain this opinion until the day he dropped dead in the bakery from over-work), was sitting at his feet looking at him like he had lost his goddamn mind.

Which Kyle was beginning to think that he actually had.

"I mean, it's not like we're nice to each other, is it?" Holding the bottle by the neck, Kyle took a heartfelt swig. Just as he had no clear idea how he had managed to get to Kim's apartment (he must have walked, surely?), he had no recollection of just how much alcohol he had consumed. Judging by the fact that there might be two Glitters at his feet - Kyle closed an eye for a moment to see if this was definitely the case... maybe there were one-and-a-half bulldogs since they seemed to be moving? - it was probably quite a lot.

Setting the bottle down on the plush carpet with a forceful-if-muffled 'thud', Kyle started to wave his hands expansively as he spoke to the dog(s), nearly ranting in earnest; the clothes rustling faintly and hangers clinking quietly with the movement of his hands as the telekinesis leaked out. "And she drives me absolutely crazy. She knows exactly which buttons to press to get a rise out of me. She knows exactly how to get under my skin."

Kyle's tone turned beseeching as he picked up the wine bottle once again, draining it completely. Glitter, hearing the repeated use of his name, took this to mean that the drunk and disorderly human wanted him to approach and the canine lumbered over to lie across Kyle's lap. Not much of a dog-person and yet in a curious fit of tolerance, he started petting the animal with his free hand. Glitter was heavy and warm across his legs, and Kyle rested his head back against the wall, eyes closed. "No one else does. Nobody else speaks to me the way she does. Why, Glitter, whyyyyyy?"

There was something cathartic about patting the dog - even if he was a slavering, slobbering creature - and Kyle passed out altogether, dog in his lap, Kim's scarf draped around his neck, and the empty bottle of wine by his side.

"Get out of my apartment, you drunk ass."


user posted image

Story: I have woken from a dream, holding a key
staring through unopened doors
at the sleeping dragon curled up inside of me.

The mission was a haze, a vision amidst the fog within the mind. Dorian rose, slowly, from the floor, the room cast in darkness save the glimmer of moonlight from the porthole on the right side. From its light, beauty was illuminated. Rosalinde lay in a heap, just as he had likely been a moment before. Stirring himself from his own vague thoughts, he moved to her, placing a hand upon her shoulder, to give her a shake, to see if she would wake.

Where they were was just as much of a haze as the thoughts in his mind, but then, that was often the case. Dorian had never been known to have that much of a grasp on anything that required intelligence. It was a matter of remembering the previous days events, though, and that seemed like something he should know, but try all he might, Dorian could not. It would be up to Rosa, if she would wake. No sooner had he had the thought, that she stirred from whatever daze she'd been put in.

to my chest I hold her baby born
as the dawn breaks, the black in stains
my name...
her name...
in the name of love,
in the flame of love,
the dragon rose and spawned her wings.

Everything came back to mind, once Rosalinde explained it all. In bits and pieces, the way the deal went down... it seemed to be a pattern now, that there should not be any trouble, yet there always was. And Dorian and Rosa would be the ones expected to foot the change in plans. Last time, it had been handled, simply. If it could so be called simple, when it took a lightning bolt shot through the chest of their counterpart, to settle things.

Dorian could not blame Kain for these common occurances though, for he was always there to help out the moment he could. Soon, a small boat pulled up beside the freighter he and Rosa were stuck in.

Gunfire echoed, such as would be expected. Bullets plunging into the water, and of course, the hollar and clamor of other voices. They needed to get out, or they would die, surely. Why they weren't already was a mystery, but in time, they would be, surely. On top of which, Dorian was not about to abandon those that came to aide him and Rosalinde, both. No one would die on his account.

within my heart, wordless art dances there,
a delicate state of trance i dare to share.
yet in her eyes,
where i stand a thousand kisses deep,
i weep not for loss, nor lack, nor lust alone,
but for love alone... tender
sweet feeling of home i grow in her warmth
my knees feel weak

The fire came from deep within. It burst through steel, wall and door alike. Into the cargo bay they went, and with no care nor worry for what else they were carrying, what destination they were heading, or any other logical notion that would flow through one's mind, he continued on his most unstealthy and uncareful means of escape. The cargo door flew off its hinges, launching into the air, taking a few people with it as it spun and sailed into the water.

Dorian was not entirely stupid, he had guns in hand, and he used them to fire off a few shots at those in their way and too startled to actually do the easy thing and gun them down. But then Dorian simply grabbed Rosa around the waist and hauled off into the sea. Thier rescuer had to make their own escape. It would have been suicidal to try and pick them up from the sea, and sail off. They would have been gunned down like fish... well, fish in a barrel, but this was a large barrel, not made of wood, and... let's just leave the failed analogy behind.

as i was yours before our lips did meet
before our eyes did see the sultry stars
our hearts...
they beat...
a thousand kisses deep

Upon the shores, of the nearest isle, they washed ashore. Where they wound up being was anyone's guess. They could be out at sea, still, they could be on some little landmass in an inlet or river, or they could be right where they needed to be, on the mainland again. Standing up, Dorian peeled the burned, torn, and wet shirt from his body, though underneath, the bandages that covered his scars and tattoos alike was also shredded. The tattoo of the dragon on his chest was bare to the world. Something he would have been disappointed about, but right now, he was elsewise focused. He turned and looked around with more fervor than he'd done anything else in life. Where was Rosa? Had she made it to the shore as well? He saw no sign of her, not shreds of her own clothing, not any scrap of her being. He began pacing, panting from the whole of the endeavor, but mainly from the mounting concern within him.

Then... "Yoohoo!" came her voice. It would have sounded like a dream, but it was just such an odd thing to say in the circumstance. "Over here..." Dorian sighed, once he'd turned around, to see Rosalinde just floating there in the water. "I say, the water here is so rough, it seems to have washed my bathing suit away. Could you bring me a towel?"'

Dorian shook his head and a few muttered curses under his breath, but still felt a pang of relief. "I have no towel to give, but I'll be sure to carry your unfortunate self all the way across this beach till we find one." and so he stepped back to the sea, to pluck her from its waves.


user posted image

Story: The day before leaving for New York, Mariah was out with the few friends she had. She wasn’t old enough to drink liquor but beer was just as good. The club was packed and Mariah was enjoying the music and the company. It wasn’t often she got to cut loose. Mariah’s adolescence was spent training her power and taking care of Miguel, school and friends were a distant second.

She was already a few drinks in and the night was still young. Mariah was up next to go to the bar. She took the empty pitcher and moved through the crowd. She was stopped by a tall man who had to be at least 6 years older than her.

“Look at you… You must be the sweetest little thing I’ve seen all night.”

She rolled her eyes and tried to push past him but this time she was stopped by his portly friend. She stopped dead and crossed her arms. She wouldn’t be in the mood for this shit sober so dealing with it now was not something she was looking forward to.

“You guys sure seem nice… You’re going to move or I’m going to have to remove your balls from my heel.”

“Ooh little girl has spunk!”

She tapped her foot impatiently. It was times like this that she wished she had power over the living too.

“Move or be moved assholes.”

The big guy went to grab her and she shattered the pitcher on his face. He went down in a bloody heap while the other man was left with his hands in the air. She waved the broken picher at him like the weapon it was.

There were whispers throughout the club as the music stopped.

“Nina Mal!”

She ignored them, she had heard it all before. Evil girl… Everyone knew her mother, they knew what she could do and so they feared her. She didn’t care anymore, tomorrow she would be far away and maybe someone would call her Mariah for once. She approached the bar and people gave her plenty of room.

“Sorry, I seem to have broken my pitcher.”

Her phone started to chime and she froze. Her mother had a specific ringtone and thats what she heard now. If her mother was calling it couldn’t be good. With a shaking hand she swiped to answer and brought the phone up to her ear.

“Yes Madre?”

There was silence on the line for a moment and then she heard the whimpering sound of her brother over the line. She inhaled a sharp breath and began to tear up. Miguel was all she cared about. Her mother would hurt him to get to Mariah that much she knew. If she was Nina Mal her mother was Muerta Materna.

“Hermano! I’m coming… I’m coming!”

She hung up the phone and pushed her way out of the club and onto the streets. Her friends would understand, she had disappeared many times before. What was one more time. As soon as she was out of the club she was running, it was a mile home and she didn’t have time to wait for a cab. Tears streamed down her face as she ran. The closer she got the faster she ran.

When she got there she was tired but her adrenaline was pumping like fire in her veins. All the ligts were out in the house and the night air was still. She pushed the door open and found her mother sitting in the dark painted to look like a skeleton in a flowery dress.

“You’re late princessa.”

“Mama… Where is Miguel?”

Her mother held out her hand. Mariah had fire but she knew better than to anger her mother. She took her hand and kissed it softly.

“Your brother is sleeping princessa. You are leaving tomorrow, off to live your life. Do not forget who you are, who you belong to.”

Mariah swallowed hard. She would do whatever she had to do to make sure Miguel was safe.

“I won’t forget mama. I swear I’ll come back. You know I will. DON’T HURT HIM.”

Her mother just smiled.

“Don’t give me reason and your brother will not be harmed. Now go see him and finish your packing. I expect you in the cemetery in one hour.”

The party was over.


user posted image

Story: Kaige knelt down to take a closer look at the… thing, face relaxed in cautious curiosity. He had gone out for a swim late at night, a relaxing time to himself in the inside pool that helped make him less and less sad and worried for his missing friend, William. But he had stayed as a human because there had been humans around. The one secret he had, from the pod, was to not let everyone know that he was not human. He would have liked to change, to feel even more free, but he did not want to be more sad from Benn being mad at him. Benn was very nice to him for letting him join his pod, but he could be very scary when he was angry. So, Kaige stayed in his human form, and even wore his favorite swim shorts –all bright colors and swirls– during his swim, and that made him very happy. He wished it was not so cold outside so that he could swim in the ocean, but there had been ice everywhere and it did not feel good to swim in the cold.

But now, done with his swimming, climbing out of the water on a ladder, his eyebrows pulled down at the thing he was looking at. It was a very bright color, maybe purple or pink, and it was long and thin, and very smooth. Except one side of it had something sticking out. Moving in closer, it looked like a rabbit on the side of it with pointy ears. He could not tell how big it was because he did not have a ruler with him, but it seemed almost as long as one. Because it was late at night, and humans were mostly sleeping, he was alone at the pool. But maybe someone had dropped it? He had never seen such a thing before, but… as he knelt down for a closer look, he poked the side of it. There was a click under his finger and suddenly the thing came to life! Kaige jumped back, slipping against a chair as the thing rolled around in a circle, the top of it moving around to push it.

Oh, no, what happened? It had felt like a button he pressed, knowing what it felt like to press a button, but what was it? He watched it rolled around, sounding like it was a machine. It rolled around and around and around… until it fell into the pool. Kaige quickly moved to watch it fall down to the bottom. Oh, no! What if someone came back to look for it but never found it? Climbing down the ladder, he found the thing still moving around. Not liking the feeling of it moving in his fingers, he was rushed out of the pool –slipping and falling on his back– and set the thing on a chair. He left, grabbing his towel, and slipping again before reaching the door.
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