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  • FEB 04 The Annual Sinsomnia Smut Contest has started! Information on the contest can be found here. With the lust prompt in effect in Manhattan you have plenty of canon and non-canon options.


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 Annual Smut Contest, Closes March 4th
played by JoThe Lazy Admin143 posts
24 years
The doer of many things
321 points
The one you've all been waiting for

Here it is! You've asked for it, so we're giving it: The Smut Contest. This contest is going to work a little differently as you will have to have a partner for this contest, but we'll go over the rules in a second, you want to know what the contest is right? Well here it is: you will be starting a smut thread, but here's the deal this can be canon or non-canon which means that it can either be a things that really happened between your character and someone else's or not.

This means that everyone can participate in the contest, even if you don't have any characters that are close to having sexy times with anyone else. So if that is thee case then you can opt to do a smut thread with someone that didn't really happen. Now, on to the rules!

    For the thread

  • You must put Smut Contest in the description of your thread
  • Along with that you must also include the characters in the description
  • Obviously this is rated M, but let's keep certain triggering things out of it. I don't want to have to spell it out for you but this is meant to be fun so let's keep it that way. (BDSM along with violent smut is okay, but topics like rape shouldn't be used for threads in this contest.)
  • You may enter more than one thread, but you can only have one entry per character.
  • The thread you enter must be a new thread - you cannot enter a thread that has already been going on, however, it can be a continuation of a current thread you have (one that hasn't gone to smut yet).
    For the contest

  • Once you have started your thread either you or your partner must post in this thread using the code provided
  • Since when this was suggested the first time it was demanded that the staff participate the winners of this contest will be chosen by a vote. A poll will go up with the links to each thread on the 4th and it would be very nice of you to read through all of them and not just vote for yourself.
  • Your thread MUST be completed by March 4th by 11:59 pm (refer to countdown clock)

Isn't smut prize enough?! I'm giving you all access to the Mature thread with at least one charrie, be grateful! But, no, seriously, it's a surprise.


[b]OOC:[/b] Name & Name
[b]Who:[/b] (full names please) Character & Character
[b]link to thread:[/b] [url=HERE]NAME[/url]
[b]triggers:[/b] List those that apply
[b]Completed :[/b] Y/N
(once completed edit this to yes and reply to your smut thread with an OOC account with "end")
played by ToothlessOverlord362 posts
24 years
969 points

OOC: Leelan & Samantha
Who: Gavin Walker & Avery Sloan
link to thread: Face Down
triggers: Violence
Completed : Y
played by YvonneQueen of All243 posts
30 years
Pain in Sammeh
916 points

OOC: Soulo and Yvonne
Who: Areum Rhee and Eoghan Ó Cathasaigh
link to thread: [M]Take Me Home
triggers: Mature? Lol. No other triggers
Completed : N
played by JoThe Lazy Admin143 posts
24 years
The doer of many things
321 points

OOC: Jo-Jo and Locke
Who: Dean McFarland and Benjamine Martel
link to thread: Training Urges
triggers: Light Domination
Completed : N

OOC: Jo-Jo and Ames
Who: Toby "DT" Miller and Dillion Marquis
link to thread: DTTM
triggers: Domination, light-blood play, scarification,
Completed : N

played by Mr. Nobody67 posts
35 years
443 points

OOC: Mr. Nobody & Stefne
Who: Dorian Blackwood & Rosalia Shaw
link to thread: Spider & Fly
triggers: Mature, BDSM
Completed : N

OOC: Mr. Nobody & Yvonne
Who: Rulian Senrah & Kadence Luvalle
link to thread: Anniversary Traditions
triggers: Mature, Exhibition
Completed : N
played by HanSouloSinsomember77 posts
19 years
Student | Bedroom Singer
12 points
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