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  • JUL 28 We hit the site goal! Congratulations to everyone who contributed to completing the post push goal! As a prize for getting 5,000 posts in two months our first ever Sinsomnia Original Species has been released! The Muses! all of the information on them can be found in the PowerBook and the Parnassus Apartment Block in Manhattan.
  • JUL 14 We have 17 days left of the post push - we need 1,107 posts to meet our post goal and release the new species! So get those fingers moving and let's get these posts knocked out!
  • JUL 13 The Board Wide Plot continuation is in full swing! Thread invasions will be coming periodically and they will continue until next year when this BWP comes to an end. Remember to mark your threads with the orange post box if you don't want your thread invaded.
  • JUN 16 There's 46 days left until the post push is over! Work hard to reach your goals, and if you haven't signed up for it you can still do that here! We also only have a cumulative 3,833 posts until we reach the site post goal and if we reach the goal we'll be introducing a Sinsomnia Original Species to the site!!
  • JUN 3 The board wide plot is up and running and magic is officially lose in the city. So fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night!
  • May 4 Sign ups for Sinsomnia's next Board Wide plot have been posted! Sign ups will close May 20th! Get your characters signed up and buckle up for one hell of a ride!
  • Apr 14 The Vampire event is under way! A silent auction with real bidding along with a twist of murderer mystery. This will lead into the Vampire plot for the species that will have prompt throughout the year as well. Those that signed up, we hope you have fun in the event. Thank you!!
  • Apr 10 Our bi-yearly board cleanup is underway. You can find the list of the boards to be deleted as well as a detailed explanation here. Any board not claimed will be deleted on the 14th!
  • Mar 21 Early sign up for the Vampire Silent Auction in April. Want to meet vampires? Become a Pomme? Win some prizes? Sign up and get your character in, all are welcome to this public charity event run by the vampires
  • Mar 11 OTM winners have been posted! And the Leopard event is well under way!
  • Feb 28 OTM Nominations have been posted here and March contests have been posted here! Make sure to get your nominations in by the 7th and enter the contests for prizes!
  • FEB 22 Announcing the Non-Master Incentive Program! Take a look at the details here!


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 Non-Master Incentive Program
played by Mother of SinOverlord428 posts
24 years
1029 points
Non-Master Incentive Program

We really want to encourage people to make non-masters and develop plots and their characters without having to make them masters to feel like they’ve gotten to where they want to be. So we’re introducing a Non-Master Incentive Program.

Joining the program requires no effort from you outside of making your character: you’ll make a non-master vampire, let the staff know that you want to put the character in the program and they’ll be given an award badge for it so no one forgets, and be active with them - that's it! You’ll get the extra 15 points for making a needed species, but on top of that when your character reaches 50 posts they’ll get a unique power written by the staff that will be specifically tailored to the plots you wish you do with the character.

Now we understand that there are some things that Master Vampires can do that Non-Masters can’t that are generally big plot opportunities and we understand that’s why many people might want to go for Master status and this is where that unique power comes in. You’ll tell us what you want to accomplish with that character and we’ll figure out a way to make that happen. Maybe not exactly or just in the way you wanted it, but we’ll try our hardest to write a power that will allow you to get those plots with that character.

The only catch is that by agreeing to the incentive program, you agree that your character will always be a Non-Master, they will not be able to get Master status, even if slots open up and you can afford it. However, this opens up more opportunities for interesting histories. Most vampires are made young on the site because vampires generally cannot obtain Master status over a hundred years old or so, but having the knowledge that you’ll still be able to go for the plots you want and you won’t have to go for master status means you can make your vampires as old as you’d like. Want to make a character based on Cleopatra? Go for it! Want them to be Cleopatra? Do it!

Basically, what this all boils down to is that we want to make it clear that Non-Master vampires and characters that aren’t necessarily that powerful can still be extremely fun and worthwhile to play. Not to mention, you can always buy powers from your vampire’s bloodline or other basic vampire powers for them down the line.

Enrolled Vampires
  • Rajnish - Gian Avur - claimed
  • Harley Carpenter - Kit - needs 50 posts
  • Asha Candace - Gian Avur - claimed
  • Lucille Bathory - Vixen - claimed
  • Vincenzo Belloni - Soulo - needs 65 posts
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  • Flynn Carlisle - Wake - needs 50 posts
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    *] Crescens Messer - Nyx - needs 50 posts
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played by Mother of SinOverlord428 posts
24 years
1029 points
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