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 New York City Kiss Head quarters, Important Updates / Information
played by MeGoddess338 posts
Old years
126 points
death is only the beginning
I don’t know how to stay tender with this much blood in my mouth

When choosing to play as a vampire character you should definitely check out the available information in the powerbook section of the site; which can be found , you should direct any &/or all questions to @sakaira as the player in charge of the only officially recognised Kiss in the local area. She can be contacted either via the site OR through the messaging service Discord, and everyone is welcome to chat or discuss plots and ideas as much as they want or need.

Welcome to the Kiss- You've been turned into the undead, the need for blood is strong and guidance as to fit into you're new life. For Kiss related information on how things are run, you may come to me Sakaira on all things to sink your teeth into.

The New York City Kiss is a collective of vampires that span the entire city and each vampire would belong to such a group. Any that have not presented themselves to the Master of the City to join the Kiss, is considered a rogue. They must ask permission to even come through the city before arriving.

Because the city is so large, it is divided among the ranked in order to govern as a sorts but all report back to the Master of the City. This is to ensure no rogues slip past their purview but let's face it, it's a big place. Most will sleep at our establishment known as Rhapsody in the underground of the Hotel. It is a secret to the public and not to be shared. Room and board are provided along with servant to feed from.

We drink blood and cannot go out in the day. All blood drinking my be consensual within the Hotel and outside of it as drawing attention to the vampires for human feeding will get you punished. More is in the rules. You don't have to stay in the Hotel but it is recommended for safety. any mishaps are to be reported immediately so as the MOTC can do cleans ups and yes... we do get them a lot. Keep our noses clean as we've been given status and rights only within the past 25 years, people still fear us so be careful with interactions of the newly formed RPIT and rolling your feeds.

obedience or the true end
there is no room for negoiation & little for mercy

Within the Kiss there aren’t many laws. However there are a few basic rules.

Do not get caught breaking any human laws.
Do not kill or harm another vampire- unless it's rogues
Do not kill or harm a member of any allied groups.
Do not kill or harm another vampire’s pomme de sang.

Internal affairs. The world doesn't now how the Kiss operates, and we'd like to keep it that way. Outing a vampire in front of other is rude so be discretionary about your chat about being what you are in public settings and who might over here. What happens in the Kiss stays in the Kiss. We encourage mingling with other groups, just please no sharing of it all to total strangers and outing yourself is fine.

Rogues. Rogues are not tolerated in the city. Should any be found, they are to be reported immediately. If any want to pass through, they should contact Nova first before entering the City. It's a large city and it's hard to police but staking our reputation with the public in rogue attacks are not good, thus handling them to run them out of town or sending them to the Master is a good idea.

Show Respect. This especially applies to the Master of the City, or ranking members of the Kiss. The same goes with our Allies but they do not require to be bloodpointed to, that's reserved for our ranks and leadership. You follow us, not them. Politeness is required and not killing their own to prevent disruption. To bloodpoint to a ranked is slight of wrist or neck. To the Master of the City, due to blindness, she will still expect this act to be shown in gatherings as other vampires will need to visually see this, for her knowledge he will be able to tell by voice but hse also would prefer to kiss or gently touch the offered flesh in return.

Pomme and Servants. You treat your servants how you want. Although Nova understands cruelty to your animals to call, she would prefer this not to be the case as alliance's could very well be jeopardized by a cruel Master. If any complaints arise of cruelty to the local groups, you may receive a visit from your beloved leader... and don't you be touching her wolves. No no. Pomme's though, if anyone touches another's Pomme without permission, there will be hell to pay.

Don’t draw attention. This is mainly in terms of humans. Don’t draw negative attention to the Kiss in any way. The Vampires are pretty open about the fact that they are in town and they are here to stay. Most of the Vampire owned businesses publicize the fact that they are owned by the Kiss and should the public enter, we still keep a low key. Displays of biting with consent are made for acts and to appeal to the customers but we are to be exclusive with our displays.

No Rolling/Biting without consent. while this rule is upheld within the public's view, we all know it happens on the occasion. Nova has done it a number of times too, just be sure that you aren't caught and to cover your tracks if you do so. Roll the victim to high hell and leave it at that, if you cannot roll them... well... we have other options.

Turning Must be done with consent by law, we all know this can change according to circumstance. That being said, just be careful with who you turn and should you do so, it's a big no no to just up and leave your Childe. Make arrangements if you have to with another to Sire in your stead but to abandon them when freshly turned is a crime punishable by the master of the city should this become out of control. No one under the age of 18 is to be turned.

'outing' a vampire - it's polite to keep ones vampirism a secret in public settings. It rude to out them.

The unspoken law - Clean up your mess. accidents happen, and they should not be often accidents. That being said, the Kiss is gracious enough and slightly evil enough tot turn a blind eye to some actions of mortal deaths. So long as it hasn't drawn attention through RPIT, media or other vampires, so long as it's cleaned up and not heard of, Nova will have plausible denisablity until it is brought to attenion, then expect punishment.

vampire sanctuary (place of power)

Contact: NYC Kiss
Located in Manhatten
Master of the City
Ranked Members

Wolves || Master

Belle Morte
Merrow || Master

Marmee Noir
Tigers || Non

ATC || non

Foxes || Master

Avian || Master

NA || Non

Foxes || Master

unRanked Members
current roster

Thunderbird || Master

Marmee Noir


Leopards || Master




Morte d'amour

Mort'e D'amour





friends of the new york kiss
the sweetest kiss before dying, a promise bound in blood

Furry Coalition

Nova has made an arrangement for the Furry Coalition. The Kiss will deal justice to her people, Rogue or Kiss member within the walls of the sanctuary. The offending party that has a grievance with the vampire will run the risk of being within that justice as well seeing as no term were given at the summit.

The Pack

With the attack of HASC, she has allied with the Pack in order to help them hunt down their attackers. Everyone is put on the alert to watch out for these Hate groups and to report to Nova or the Enforcers. As of right now that alliance might be strictly for this or there after it yet to be seen.

The Pard

A meeting with Dean has brought the alliance between the two groups. Blood donars on a rotating schedule for the Kiss in return for aid, help or information when the Pard needs.

All other Groups - not currently part of Allied

The other group will not be within the jurisdiction of the Kiss and all vampires are ordered to be away from their respective places of power. Interactions are sill allowed outside of their place of power. No other group will be allowed to kill a vampire, rogue or kiss member. Justice will be dispensed by Kiss or RPIT alone.

click images for more details

the sweet flash of fang, a lick of desire


Non-Master - Bloodline
Blurb goes here Connection
History and Traditions
under a moonlight sky, all is pale and cool

The Kiss here was hidden for many a year before the laws came out to free them. There was a period of adjustment to being open about themselves and slowly came out of the wood works. Some lost their jobs as a result to 'coming out'. The Master of the City was rather a tyrant with his rule over those in the years until his end in Feburary 2016. He held secrets well and while he was fair, he was very in control of the Kiss. Things were not let go of lightly, and punishments were severe. He held onto his reign through harsh cruelty and yet, things were peaceful even if from a fearful perspective. No rogue entered the city without knowing and he was strict his punishments for them. He care not for other cities and their relations, keeping a tight hold only on his own.

Their allies were the Leopards only, having a beef with Wolves and the Rats were forced through compulsion to obey as he called them. He allowed those with Animal to call, to do how they wished, which was why the dislike between wolves and rats were so strong. One of his Masters called wolves and was more than a little cruel to them. All Pome De Sangs were free reign to him only except the Master's beneath him.

The moment his death and those of his Master's occurred, there was immediate an exhale of relief, but then those that needed raising were weaker or could not. Rogue ran rampant, those that couldn't contain themselves had begun to form little groups of themselves. Mini Kisses that had their own rules and little territory wars were had. It wasn't until that Kura came back that those flocked to him for bloodoathing and security once RPIT came in to handle those rogues. Safety was offered once more under him yet there were still groups that stayed from the Master of the City, liking their freedom and terrified of another tyrant.

Kura needing to leave the city brought on more fear being left to the mini groups and RPIT until Nova stepped in and her being blind has left a bit of underestimation of her ability to control them or raise them. Those coming out of the woodworks might doubt her, or think themselves superior. Some would come to her thinking they will still get away with their ways. Those that support her ... would know different.

for those who would dare
break my bones, drink my blood, there is no need for a heart

Signed in Blood - There are bodies showing up at the morge with mutilations women only that looks like the womb is removed each time and the bodies are getting worse in the scalpel like cuts that appear to be surgical. They are drained of blood with initials carved into skin JR. Why this is a vampire mission is because each victim was last seen around Carotid. Look into it, see if there are any vampires with those initials. - prompt lead 2ppl

Fresh meat - We need fresh blood in the Kiss now that we've lost some servants. It shouldn't be hard to find some willing to be rolled and obedient right? You and another are tasked with finding us some... suggested route is the homeless. It's not a pretty job but it's giving those home, health, care, and those that are crazy... sanity. It's pretty much a snatch and grab, kidnapping but so long as your not caught and finding healthy ones to boot. What you have stumbled across in this recruitment is that someone is already feeding off the homeless.... ew right? Deal with the rogue and bring us our new slaves while not getting caught for snagging off the street.... - thread 2-3 ppl

For those confused people

Rank explaining
Master Of the City Leader – All vampires are under the protection and ruling of this person. Being the strongest in the city and most powerful by most standards. Brooklynn and Queens fall under this person

Stalking Horse Decoy MOTC – This is the position that holds the most need for a Master. This role would be to meet anyone in place of the real MOTC where real danger is possible. Often given with instruction on how to act, respond and what outcome may occur. The decoy for those that might harm the real MOTC. This position does not have high authority over others, but is a more a security role but to be respected for what they do in the face of danger. They would be envoy to other groups as well and attacking this person no matter the message is considered an attack on the Kiss and declaration of War. You don't shoot the messenger.

Témoin - Second In Command - This person is next to follow should the MOTC be unavailable and takes over in duties. They speak for the MOTC when the leader is not around. Also they run Manhatten and the Bronx. master required.

Titus - Third In Command - Is in charge of Staten Island and handler of funds. They Report to the second and MOTC. 3rd handles finances and business dealings to extend our reach in the city. Both legal and illegal. Master required.

Astraeus - Public Relations - Is going to be our liaison to the RPIT, the public and getting the clean up crew to handle messy eaters. Master not required

Perses - Evil Doer - This will be when we need something done the MOTC or higher ranked cannot do themselves. Normally killing someone and not always a vampire rogue. Disciplining another may be left up to this person as well if the MOTC see's fit. master required

Spathí/Lepída - Enforcers The thugs of the Kiss. Like the guards that watch over events, keep and eye out on the room and if any commotion is started they are the ones to come up and drag you down to the dungeons. They flow orders from MOTC, 2nd and 3rd, but command all other enforcers beneath you. Yup you two are like the captains of the guard and security with NPC enforcers under you to direct and train. Master not required

Menoetius - Bodyguard/Assassin - Normally this would not be required, but seeing as our MOTC is blind and requires some additive protection. They would be by her side almost constantly and obey without question. Loyalty is a must and yes she does send them out to take out those that have become... troublesome. master required.

Vampire terms

Animal to Call - Each Vampire when becoming a Master has the chance to be able to connect with an animal and 'call' this creature to them with mental summons. They have to obey when called. Sometimes this animal translates into the Lycan community and the vampire can call the group as a whole.

Bloodpointing - Required by all vampires. A turn of the or neck to an upper vampire in show of respect or when having to make amends for a slight. This will be done to the Master of the City upon meeting and Nova will touch the inside of the wrist in greeting for formal occasions.

Bloodoathing - This is a sharing of blood between two vampires to 'blood oath' to the Master of the City. This allows the Master to give strength and take strength from those beneath them. Some vampires cannot rise without this bloodoathing if their sire is dead or are otherwise drawing off their 'bloodline' Sourdre de sang. This is not required for all Vampires, but without this Bloodoathing, the Master is not as powerful to protect their ilk. Non-masters as a rule do this and all NPC's are considering having done this.

Chylde - You were turned by someone, that makes you their Childe and subject to their slight control - reason being.... a baby vamp needs helps and cannot always stop themselves. This power may relinquish after a time.

Human Servant - When a master vampire 'marks' a human or Lycan as their 'servant' but which they share powers and extended life, this is a connection and not done lightly. See the vampire guide on being marked.

Partagé - Those that share or offer blood up for all vampires and not just to a single one like a Pomme.

Pomme de Sang - “apple of blood”, a person that is a vampire's regular blood source and treated much like a beloved mistress. When you talk to a Pomme de Sang, you are pretty much addressing the vampire themselves.

Renfeld - A human that wants to be bitten, enjoys it and serves a vampire out of the hopes that they will be turned. They do not need to be rolled and serve with their own will in an almost fanatical way.

Rolled - Hypnosis on a person that makes them complacent or forget something. The hotel has staff of rolled that are too far gone to re-enter society and are merely servants made to obey.

Sire - The vampire that turned you. Its also considered bad form for turn and then abandon our Chylde.

Sourdre de sang - “fountain of blood”, the vampire at the head of a bloodline. It is considered bad form to attack one. Their power animates other vampires tied to them.

Stalking horse – a pretend leader that prevents people from knowing the true identity of the actual one. A front or trick.

Trimavite - When a Master vampire 'marks' their animal to call and a human servant into a tri-old of power sharing.

Adding to Member list

Fill out the below to be added to the member list - fill out the RED with your OOC account

<td><center><img src="IMAGE LINK HERE" class=gpimg3 style="border: 2px solid #D10000;">
<br><rank>FIRST NAME



<a href="LINK TO PROFILE HERE"><img src="IMAGE LINK HERE" class=gpimg3 style="border: 2px solid #0B6100;">
SPECIES: _____________


<td><center><img src="[color=red]IMAGE LINK HERE[/color]" class=gpimg3 style="border: 2px solid #D10000;">
<br><rank>FIRST NAME


<a href="LINK TO PROFILE HERE"><img src="IMAGE LINK HERE" class=gpimg3 style="border: 2px solid #0B6100;">
SPECIES: _____________

Applying for a Mission


Character: __________
Mission name: _________
Link to thread: _________
Short reason for wanting the position: ________
played by Mr. Nobody64 posts
35 years
274 points
Character: Kyo Aramaki
Mission name: One-Shot for Perses Rank
Link to thread: Two Pounds of Flesh
Short reason for wanting the position: Kyo thinks nobody seems willing to get to the dirty deeds. He'll do them dirt cheap. And have fun while doing it.

Character: Kyo Aramaki & Ethan Belmont
Mission name: Empty Graves
Link to thread: Empty Graves
Short reason for wanting the position: Kyo must get to the bottom of it!
played by WonderLandRogue42 posts
27 years
75 points
Character: _Lucja__Thora_______
Mission name: __Escapee______
Link to thread: ___TBL______
Short reason for wanting the position: Lucja thinks she could help find out what has happened. She is also wanting to prove herself to be useful and not just a member. It will also keep her from being bord and give her something to do.
played by HanSouloSinsomember67 posts
19 years
Student | Bedroom Singer
39 points
Vincenzo's Blurb

<img src=https://i.imgur.com/l9e1ctF.png="Vincenzo Belloni" alt=CHARRIE align=left><b>

Vincenzo Belloni
<br> Member | Vittorio

</b> - Now a dirt old vampire, Vincenzo started out as a boy who had an illness about him, inflicted by magic. To have that magic lifted, his parents had to give him up to the evil crone that did it to him. But, by luck, a Vittorio came in and took him away from that. Now, he stands a meticulous and artistic Vittorio who would rather let someone stir about what he's going to do to them for slighting him than going for the jugular hastily.
played by Soulo

Master: N

Character: Vincenzo Belloni
Mission name: Escapee
Link to thread: N/A
Short reason for wanting the position: In his younger years when he was rollin' with his maker and lover Sofia, they were mercenaries by night in Italy. He did a fine job then and he can do so again.
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