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Hugo Burke
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Ah, but verily...
In here is a tragedy---
art thou player or audience?
There is nothing which cannot
become a puppet of fate or an
onlooker, peering into the cage.
Born in Perth, Scotland

Works at the Preternatural Hospital

Pretty much hates his animating power

The Scottish lilt has eroded over time living in America, to the untrained ear easily mistaken for English.

Is a hardcore bibliophile.

His favorite hangouts include Walsh's Books & Cafe Purrk.

One of St. Paddy's pard cruise survivors.

Marked by a runt kelpie he named Li Ban
Would Like

A plot that drives him to use his ability for some dire need, and forces him to confront the root of his fears, ultimately making him reconsider what his power means to him. Ideally the end result being that he finally embraces his power at some level at least.
Cash Ryker
Although he initially hired him to null his power, they're fast becoming friends. Plus he's got the Excalibur!

Apryl Weather
Met her on the shores of Staten Island on that same fateful cruise and is absolutely delighted to have a shared love of Monty Python.

Naomi Van de Berg
Met her, you guessed it, on the same cruise, and more recently ran into her again a few days after. She's delightful company, perhaps enjoying her openly flirtatious nature more than he should.

Benjamine Martel
The Tea Goddess from Cafe Purrk. He's known her by face and name only since he's been frequenting the Cafe, only until recently surviving the St. Patrick's cruise together has he gotten to know her a little more.

Dean MacFarland
Barely knows the man, only that he's Benji's boyfriend, probably owns Cafe' Purrk, and seems to be the leader of the pard.

Celeste Morgan
Met in the St. Patrick's Day pard party where she helped save his life.
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