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Naomi Van De Berg
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  • Fitness Trainer
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played by Vee
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Persephone had it right.
If you must go, might as well
take all of spring with you—

Naomi is a fitness trainer and an adrenaline junkie - so to speak. She loves a good rush, and hates sitting still. It just isn't who she is. She's a recent transplant from South Africa, only in the states purely to check in on her cousin, Carlien.

Naomi is very straightforward and honest. She doesn't see the point in beating around the bush in the least. If she wants something, she'll tell you. And the same goes for her flirtatious nature. If she's attracted to you, she lets you know.

She's a very open relationship kind of girl, too. Naomi isn't one who likes to be tied down unless she has a true connection with you. You really have to wow her, essentially, and work at an emotional connection with her that goes past the physical attraction.
Naomi needs more friends and interactions with Pride members. She's new in town so she doesn't know many people. So I'd like to see her expand in this area.

That said, with her interaction with Dean and Benji of the Pard I'd love to see her expand her connections in the Pard, too.

Naomi will start working at Strikers as a fitness trainer, so it'd be nice for her to get to know her co-workers as well.
Carlien Van De Berg
// Cousin

Dean McFarland
// TBD

Benji Martel
// TBD

Henny Pavoni
// It's Complicated

Hugo Burke
// Friend(?)

Jenna Beaumont
// Friend

Percival Grimm
// Ex-Boyfriend

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